Monday, October 1, 2012

what matters most

John Hagel (@jhagel)
10/1/12 6:47 AM
Are we really serious about learning? Some hard questions from @cdnorman via@JenniferSertl

serious learning means non-doing....

Deborah Kauffman (@DSKauffman)
10/1/12 6:20 AM
Love this list… via@marcandangel

umair haque (@umairh)
9/30/12 6:27 PM
What Kind of Misfit are You? - Umair Haque -

David Truss (@datruss)
10/1/12 6:22 AM
Updated with Slide show & links to the recorded session~7 Ways to Transform Your

so this is one of my dear mentors.. that pushed us OUT of the classroom three-four years ago.

he is one of the edge thinkers on the edge of teacher movement..
we can't seem to let go of the content. the compulsion of a content.

kids aren't asking... where is this content used or seen in the real world... they are asking... do I need it now?

I had amazing mentors coming into the classroom.. from all over.. ie:showing where logs are used in the real world, et al. not satisfying. they just wanted to do stuff.. then ask how or why or .... in the middle of their doing...

so anyway... his post is the shiny thing to a lot of school people.. with one of our biggest roadblocks, compulsion/assumption of a said content, still.. right at the core of all energies.

bacigalupe (@bacigalupe)
10/1/12 6:37 AM
Treat the Children Before Treating Their Diseases @TheAtlantic… #medx