Tuesday, October 16, 2012

arnie langberg - convo at idea

great conversation with Arnie at IDEA camp.
thank you much.
[we'll try to clean notes up later]

high recommend: schumaker - small is beautiful , economics as if people really mattered,
pattern research - laffe smith and pat wagner

sr high principal determines who gets a diploma

how arnie wanted to be judged as principal:

at the end of 4 yrs, oeeevery student swim with the current, and swim against the current

graduate when the advisor and kid feel they are ready
present to committee (kids included on committee so they can see how it works)

dick craft - us boulder - doctoral program for experiencal ed

advice?.. know the law, know the budget

orignal charter school bill - john erwin and arnie

dick draft - school board - what are the policies that are keeping you from innovation

cities in school - nation  http://www.lehigh.edu/~rnn0/cities_in_schools_program.html
city as school - http://www.city-as.net/

experiecial school

arnies axiom - never do more unto yourself than they would do unto you...

for diploma - demonstrate

competence -
experience -
exposure - varies with kid and advisor

not taking the test - then they can’ ignore him- russ bowman


posner, kids of power schools of passion
http://rickposner.com/people-and-organizations/about-arnie-langburg/passages  - to show how you can use s

doug schlipman - slic

maurice gibbons - self-directed learning - walk-about

help a kid find/describe his/her strengths