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danah body - it's complicated

high recommend...
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Honest University Commercial


All I'm saying is that big news stories lead people to debate furiously about things they don't quite get, like foreign/fiscal policy & tech

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In an untransformed world we can have magical communication devices like iPhone, but they just enable us to communicate irresponsibly,faster

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In an untransformed world we can eradicate hunger and still be starving for something.

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My hours of productivity are from 11pm to 2am. The rest of the time I'm in limbo.

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"If the brain evolved for the purpose of speech, it's odd that it evolved to a capacity way beyond speech," Limb said. "So a brain that evolved to handle musical communication—there has to be a relationship between the two. I have reason to suspect that the auditory brain may have been designed to hear music and speech is a happy byproduct."
Back in New York City, where the jazz conversation continues at 55 Bar almost every night, bartender Kirby makes it sound simple: "In jazz, there is no lying and very little misunderstanding."

So: @alexanderchee mentions in an interview that he wishes @Amtrak had writer's residencies. And then this happens: http://t.co/yklAxDOR8y

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Citymapper is literally and substantively a different proposition in a city without useful transit APIs. I'm writing about this now.

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Meeting on Sensorica's open value accounting system with the  p2pValue research group:http://t.co/uk82p71cne via @youtube

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Podcast/video of my @oiioxford Bellwether lecture on New Media, New Civics: http://t.co/FOOJohBcdk

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.@reply @smarick If #CCSS is so manifestly excellent, make it truly voluntary and find out. Force will not be needed.

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"The most important thing we ever learn at school is the fact that the most important things can't be learned at school." @harukimurakami_

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How a pair of college students persuaded their town to legalize urban farming. http://t.co/Jj8gd386ZS

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Social Privacy in Networked Publics: Teens’ Attitudes, Practices, and Strategies by <!>danah <!>boyd, http://t.co/i9SdmjbuqO

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Purpose of Research in Connected Learning Era http://t.co/erLobZSzCV

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Hearing is one of the body's five senses. But listening is an art. ― Frank Tyger via @AnnTran_

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Really enjoyed this conversation with @woodyzuill about mob programming and other things. What a beautiful and amazi…http://t.co/apAEZHkgOj

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Anti-testing groups form alliance to bring sanity to U.S. education policy http://t.co/VeLhwURb2g@joe_bower @HargreavesBC

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"In our society, there's no more damaging wound than to be found wanting in the good-mother department — no career achievement can salve it"

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“The most important quality of science or art is curiosity." http://t.co/LwU9HIYE2C

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TODAY: @Yale University Prof. Timothy Snyder on his @nybooks article, “Fascism, Russia, and Ukraine.” Stream http://t.co/fITGicJC3M 8-9am ET

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Screw growth. All Basecamp All the Time. Bravo @jasonfried. Bold move to refocus @37signals.http://t.co/D69sx7haAy

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Peter H. Diamandis - Google+ - The DIY Revolution -- How To Remove 99% of the Cost…http://t.co/sJhB2yfDYu

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The Future of Money: Driving Innovation and Creativity in Exchange Systems http://t.co/WMsLGxSArb@SteadyStateEcon @Resurgence_mag

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Do We Really Need Managers? - 99U http://t.co/yEePSUauov

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Cathy Davidson Will Move From Duke to CUNY | Inside Higher Ed http://t.co/xG88cK9M2P

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TODAY: Reporter @lukeharding1968 on "Writing The Snowden Files: 'The paragraph began to self-delete'" http://t.co/fITGicJC3M @Guardian #NSA

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At 2pm ET join today’s #openbadgesMOOC session "Assessment Strategies for Effective Badge Systems” w/ @aderryberry http://t.co/GvxpnEqLEW

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What you whisper to your friend will go around the world and come back blessing or haunting you. Make sure you know that when you whisper.

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colonialism. histories. a conversation worth listening in on. @katemfd on #FutureEd, with @CathyNDavidson: http://t.co/12fKmUDGLa

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Incubating A Worker Cooperative On A Shoestring With Time Banks: http://t.co/ns1vDIGAKn via @youtube

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Brits waste 7 million tonnes each year! #foodwaste Why do we still waste so much food at home?http://t.co/SxM2QYHeYQ @guardian

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Can backyards produce enough food to be a major food source for a city?

Here's a study from Melbourne, Australia: 'My research was about urban food production within a 70 km radius of Melbourne CBD. The data collection period ran from July 2012 to Ju
ly 2013. This was deliberately designed to capture inter-seasonal yield. In all, 15 households took part in the research and each participant contributed 12 weeks’ worth of data.

The result was impressive. The collective plot size was 1,096 sq.m. with a total yield of 388.73 kg worth of fruits, vegetables, nuts, honey and meat. A total of 1,015 eggs were also recorded. The study found that backyard food production was capable of producing a great diversity of edibles from common kitchen garden herbs to less commonly cultivated fruits and vegetables, as well as less commercially available varieties like amaranth, apple cucumber, acorn squash, butter squash, babaco, cape gooseberry, edible canna, elderflower, gem squash, loganberry, nettle, oca, orache, purslane, rat-tailed radish, viola flower, warrigal green, white mulberry and yacon. In total, 101 different types of nuts, fruits, vegetables were generated during the study period.'

lost tradition of biblical debt cancellations -by Michael Hudson , http://t.co/b3GbvZYzvqhttp://t.co/a2wJ8LrXcQ #mustread

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@zeynep Gezi changed everything: bereaved mothers of activists did not make headlines before. Now, they are writing headlines.

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“The politics, paperwork, meaningless “training,” waste of time and resources, and over/under-involved parents are wearing teachers out,” wrote one survey respondent.
“The workload on teachers continues to increase every year,” wrote another. “There is always extra administrative work that takes away from teaching time. There is also extra testing and reporting… on and on it goes every year.”

With the ever-amazing Hayat Sindi at @i2institute event in Riyadh on the journey from Impossibility to Impact

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Interesting story about an engineer looking to help us have full bars on our phone wherever we gohttp://t.co/pXVxJju5T1

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I admire you but you are out of touch w academics, many of us on social media.  MLA Commons, HASTAC, #FutureEd @NickKristof

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disruptive social innovations break taboos, often taboos we don’t notice, like hidden curriculum in schools http://t.co/NMU98hvL7U #joinus

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most of those taboos are about trust. we don’t trust the average human, and we’ve built society around that http://t.co/CP7lqjqX7B #joinus

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we don’t trust that people are curious, can design spaces, can drive across plazas, can govern together… http://t.co/CWsiY8EdOW #joinus

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Staying alive shouldn't depend on your purchasing power http://t.co/SUC0iP6LVw via @ConversationUK

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Wonder why the book and film are called Dirty Wars? Listen to @jeremyscahill's answer on today's @BrianLehrer Show: http://t.co/Bwl4oMcHkO

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Laura Poitras: “I would love to accept the Polk award in person…but I’m not sure I feel safe to travel to the US.” http://t.co/Bec8qf986i

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Uganda President To Sign Law That Jails Gays For Life - Business Insider http://t.co/gC4ZjDj0WD

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I had never really thought about the "triple helix": govt, industry, univ/edu. None alone has all necessary resources. #gisw14

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We need leaders who recognize that the question is not "how do I win?" but "how can we live together?"http://t.co/YkRjbqqaQO

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Steve Blank @sgblank is very well media trained #gisw14 > bridging the questions into his own key messages :-)

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@sgblank: biggest surprise of the last 5 years is that 'innovation is everywhere' (global)...silicon valley is a state of mind #gisw14

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The paradox of #innovation: it's only accepted by the public when it becomes imitation. #gisw14 #startups

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This is a VERY interesting and previously untold history. Before multimedia, raves, multi-screen desktops, they were all made possible through a concerted effort by Margaret Mead, Gregory Bateson, the Bauhaus, Black Mountain College, John Cage, the USIS, Buckminster Fuller, the Museum of Modern Art, that started as a response to fascism.

Jajamensan! MT @haxpett: #Karlstad lokal-TV har intervju med @SaraMrtsell för fler kvinnor på @Wikipedia: http://t.co/4Ptov50gak

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Brayden King @braydenk
@zeynep @alexhanna @SociologicalSci a lot of new papers on "slacktivism," not sure if this study is any better or worse than others in genre
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Brayden King @braydenk
@zeynep @alexhanna what's the study that showed that if people "like" a cause on FB they are less likely to engage in offline activism?
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Zeynep Tufekci @zeynep
@braydenk @alexhanna As far as I know, findings are generally the opposite direction: mashable.com/2013/04/25/pew…
@zeynep @braydenk @alexhanna Here's the original material ow.ly/tL0MN + archive that elaborates ow.ly/tL0Uy

jerry michalski interview


What if learning in Alberta schools looked more like this? #InspiringEd  http://t.co/1qZyiHAyYJ

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So excited about http://t.co/HXAIIGaxm9! Calling educators to join @4pt0schools and @khanacademy to reimagine learning in #NOLA. Apply now!

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Today, we have the most popular reading software in the world: Accelerated Reader. And with it, we’ve helped teachers inspire millions of children to become lifelong readers and learners. Each and every school day students pass an average of 1.8 million AR Quizzes.
But Accelerated Reader is just one of our award-winning, research-proven solutions helping educators accelerate learning for all. We’ve also created products for math and formative assessment that have been just as ground-breaking as Accelerated Reader. In fact, students completed more than 35 million Accelerated Math assignments and took more than 38 million STAR assessments via our hosted servers in the last school year.

oh my.

"The job of a professor is not the same as 'being smart.'" Very good response to Kristof from @profhansnoel. http://t.co/H6Tz72RbAF

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Google eyes fibre expansion in metro areas - http://t.co/Vk0sL9quNd http://t.co/6qtaqEj1IM. Great we need real competition to innovate.

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the FLOKSociety project with @mbauwens  an amazing project! 

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Why We Procrastinate: We think of our future selves as strangers http://t.co/nJVhxdekoZ

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Facebook wants all your messages, buying messaging giant Whatsapp for 16B http://t.co/elHLeVKJo2#NomNomNom

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I think it would be very good to have a "if this keeps you up at night, try doing this locally" recommender.

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