Wednesday, April 29, 2009

if learners see a need....oh the possibilities.

check out the hole in the wall experiment in india that shows how kids teach themselves.
some key findings:
1. children can self-teach in groups (over 300 in 6 months became computer literate)
1 operating it and 3 advising - all 4 get same score
16 around them in a circle, advising, will all get same score
2. there are no barriers if the learner sees a need
3. values are acquired, doctrine and dogma are enforced
4. learning - mostly from a self-organizing system

food cart song

everyone has a story. are you listening?

Monday, April 27, 2009

kids sing cold play with passion

check this out. inspiring. yes?

our belgium connection

here's a delicious site set up for us by steven. leave comments for him here. ask him questions if you'd like. he can hook you up with whatever you are looking for. offer great advice. he's all about school being meaningful and engaging.

he also wrote out a history of ed for us to use.

and - this incredible ebook. (i'll add this link soon.)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

we love you lucy buck

experience day 7 in uganda here.

learn to change, change to learn

gosh i thought i posted this.

click here for an excellent video on where we should be in education. (only 5:36 min)

it is however - like a year let's get going.

best stop motion ever......

you have to check this out. so many messages if you will but listen. right down to his choice of music.
gosh - a must see.
here's justin's site if you liked it like you should have.
o h m y .

dangerously irrelevant

i recently subscribed to dangerously irrelevant, (blog site written by scott mcleod.) i have found it to be extremely well done an thus extremely helpful - so i wanted to share it.
a couple days ago - scott wrote that the #1 question he gets asked is - where are schools that are doing this "21st cent" thing right. so he offered a call out, to gather up a list of schools - as resources - for those seeking advice, etc.
the list is being generated here. great find. we should start communications with all of them.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

redefining school success

for those losing interest in playing the game - look here. then offer suggestions of how to change the rules across the board so no one loses out.

the childs i foundation

lucy buck created the childs i foundation about 2 years ago. she is in uganda for the next 15ish days and videotaping it for us - so we can be a part.
she would love to hear from any of you. any questions you might have for her - or for the people over there.
see the video of day 1 here. it's the orphanage, which currently has 50 some.
follow the other videos and read about her organization here.
day 6 of the trip answers the questions about who is getting pregnant and why. a must see.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

the art of possibility

i fell in love with this book about 2 years ago.
2 years is a long time to not have picked it up again
- except to hand it to others to read.
thanks to my friend who suggested i watch zander's ted talk of 08,
my shining eyes - inspired by the words of benjamin and his amazing wife rosamund - are back.

view the talk here - it's well worth the 20 minutes.
if you're too busy - let me offer this shortened version:
1) power depends on making other people powerful
2) a good life's missions - awaken possibility
3) true success - how many shining eyes are around you.

feel good day at the train station

i'm thinking we need more interruptions like this in our day.

culture of availability

interesting look at how we interact today.

small action....big change

i love this video.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

when inappropriateness happens

i was reading from will richardson's blogs, wikis, podcasts today. he's wise and has some great advice for when you come across inappropriate sites or whatevers while on the web. and you will no doubt. it's simple, quickly hit the back button on the browser and without making a big deal about it - go on about your work.

let's share the wealth - if you have an advice for keeping safe online....please add it here.

because i don't believe staying offline is teaching anyone how to stay safe.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

new campaign

check this out

Saturday, April 4, 2009

sweet listen

click stand by me to hear. (there are actually 7 songs if you can get it to play the others, one is one love.) the organization is

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

web vs textbooks...

another great ted talk by the creator of the www, tim berners lee.