Thursday, December 18, 2008

life snaps

here's the site i was telling you about....
for those i haven't told....
the photographer, simon hogsberg, photographed 150 people on the street and asked them what they were thinking right before he stopped them. the photos - partnered with the snapshot bio - become mini day-in-the-life experiences. click here to check it out.
interesting what we think about...what occupies space in our brain. i'm thinking the world would be a better place...more about peace...if we could get into each other's heads. (with the exception of that girl that thought faking blindness would be a great cover for a robbery.)
how about you? what were you thinking right before you checked this out? what occupies space in your brain?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

what does it mean

sorry guys - couldn't get the video to attach.
if you're here - i'll assume you saw it in class.

please add your comments/thoughts/questions....what intrigued you the most? what does it all mean? for you? for us? for the world?

try to keep the conversation alive - by not just posting. come back to read other's comments and then respond to them if you're so inclined.