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lahk is 100000
so more than 200000 per year commit suicide.

8. Despite receiving most media attention, farmer and student suicides are far more rare than suicides caused by poverty and a lack of access to treatment.

1/3 of global suicides


The reason Finland’s ultimate distribution of income is so equal is not because its great education system has made everyone receive high paychecks (an impossible task), but because Finland has put in place distributive policies that make sure its national income is shared broadly. In 2010, Finland’s tax level was 42.5 percent of its GDP, which was nearly double the tax level of the U.S. By strategically spreading that tax money around through a host of cash transfer and benefit programs, Finland’s high market poverty rate of 32.2 percent fell to just 7.3 percent. Its child poverty rate, which Finland focuses extra attention on, fell down to 3.9 percent. Overall economic inequality took a similar dive.

Proud to serve on board with these patriots Snowden documentary shows only government transparency can stop leaks http://t.co/A4RjBOATrT

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Today, the region is paying the price for the failure of top-down modernisation and the disintegration of artificial post-colonial national borders and frail political edifices. And with the evaporation of the great hopes pinned on the Arab Spring of the possibility of change through peaceful means and popular protests, extremism and violence have reared their head once more. But as disillusionment and despair descend on the region and tighten their icy grip on its throat, this deformed ghoulish child of crisis looks uglier, deadlier and more vindictive than ever.


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Ahora que todas hablan de Malala Yousafza, hay que hablar también de Kailash Satyarthi, quien comparte el Nobel de este año con Malala. Satyarthi lleva 30 años luchando por la libertad de niñas y niños víctimas de esclavitud laboral y sexual en India.
"La servidumbre por deuda es una forma de esclavitud moderna, donde la gente común pierde la libertad más básica de movimiento, pierde la libertad de elección. Niñas y niños se ven obligados a trabajar largas horas con poco desc...
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Now that all they talk about Malala yousafza, we must also speak of Kailash satyarthi who shares the Nobel Prize in this year with Malala. Satyarthi takes 30 years of fighting for freedom of the girls and boys are victims of slavery and in the workplace sex in India.

' The serfdom by debt is a form of modern slavery, where the ordinary people lose the freedom of the most basic of movement, loses the freedom of choice. Girls and children are forced to work long hours with a little rest. More than five million children are born in such slavery in India. Its parents or grandparents could have asked for borrowing a sum little money to some terrateniente local y, as a result, generations and generations to come work for the same pattern. Are the prisoners, children prisoners.'

Variety review of @citizenfour: "extraordinary documentary," "brilliantly demonstrates that information is a weapon"http://t.co/Qrt4VxG4sg

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"In his latest book, #Assange brings some much-needed transparency to one of the most nebulous global corporations."http://t.co/jxtDcGgvO6

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127,000 views in 2 days

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very happy for the exposure.
very sad that it's news. ..ie: a new idea.

Remind me, again, why it's unthinkable that we abolish the police as a mistaken path and try some different social strategies?

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Many of us have deep coping mechanisms for trauma. Our smiles do not mean that we are okay, but that we will be here tomorrow. #Ferguson

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You can check out more of what Nick's trying to accomplish at his website, Highly Evolved Human, where he states his mission: 

Will be giving plenary/keynote for BABEL group at UC Santa Barbara later this week. http://t.co/yModXU2oGw

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NYC ALERT: New York University wins court ruling allowing $6 billion expansion into Manhattan's Greenwich Village:http://t.co/vrJNxioPNR

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Erik Hersman@whiteafrican
One of my favorite tech books, “Getting Real” by 37signals is free: bit.ly/1p51XFF

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Between the By-Road and the Main Road: Birds Lifting

Between the By-Road and the Main Road: Birds Lifting: Birds Lifting (Reilly, 2012) I. I'm driving. Dev, my 15-year-old son, turns in the seat and says to me, "There's no get...

difference has never been an antonym for sameness.

Lines of flight are creative impulses that connect seemingly disconnected moments: the spaces between people & lines..

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Between the By-Road and the Main Road: Omphalos, Omphalos, Omphalos

Between the By-Road and the Main Road: Omphalos, Omphalos, Omphalos: For Whom the Bell Tolls (Reilly, 2012) I. Seamus Heaney tells of the effect of saying the word,  omphalos,  aloud   again and agai...

Between the By-Road and the Main Road: This Moment

Between the By-Road and the Main Road: This Moment: Bob Geldof screenshot from film, This Moment

"The paradox of the heart of individualism is that it only works when we act in concert for the common good."   
Bob Geldof


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An interview w/Yong Zhao, warns that America on “suicidal quest for educational excellence” @EduShyster @YongZhaoUO http://t.co/CoNhOrKSsb

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SO brazen! The Governor and other elected officials caused Philly's school budget crisis, and now they're expecting teachers to pay for it. This morning, Philadelphia's unelected version of a school board voted in a secret meeting to cancel the teachers' contract, with no notice or input from the teachers. If you can stomach it, here's an article full of their Shock Doctrine rationales and blatant double-speak.

#Ebola is a short-term crisis with long-term implications. How I think it will play out: http://t.co/VFUQ0V3bCBhttp://t.co/Z6i3HrPYGI

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malaria (which kills 400,000 people every year and leaves many more too sick to work for long periods)

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@leashless You might like this .. crops germinated in half the time & a drymass yield up to 74% using bacteria. http://t.co/sqDiGoIoc3

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seems amazing to me how much we invest in this.. when we are in so much need of a cure for our planet.. no?

"Hierarchies are a form of structure that we embrace for comfort in a chaotic world." —@SilverJackethttp://t.co/vzbKw4BRIY via @nilofer

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Though you declare that hierarchy is unfair, deep down you’re drawn to it — esp in times of uncertainty. nilofer

The Next Great Internet Disruption: Authority and Governance | David Bollier http://t.co/6qSX9NbYwI

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WATCH: Lets HACK THE FLOW STATE by "turning our passing illuminations into abiding light" -http://t.co/gv20pvc96d  @kotlersteven @goodnews

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New by @ggreenwald: Democrats, Led by Hillary Clinton, Leave No doubt that Endless War is Official U.S. Doctrine - https://t.co/PdgdqLIDYm

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Junot Díaz on the Israeli occupation of Palestine: "If you are occupying other people’s shit, guess what, you are fucked up."

Utopia is a combination of three greek words; Eu (good), Ou (not), and Topos (place). Utopia translated is “good not place”. It is important to remember, as a “not place,” it is impossible to arrive at utopia. The reason we imagine utopias is to provide a point on the compass that orients us on our travels. Without utopia, we’re lost – we are traveling without direction, guessing and hoping that we are moving forward. The purpose of utopia is not a destination, it is to give us direction so we can progress.

More American women killed by partners than all Americans killed in 9/11 plus the wars since?  @PolitiFact says yes. http://t.co/0dDAantNKn

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“@Sadiesniece:  from earlier this year Capitalism: A Ghost Story - An Evening with Arundhati Roy and Siddhartha...: http://t.co/a1pltApDw0

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Colorado Springs Teen Court http://t.co/L3DdlFyyCS the recidivism rate of former Teen Court defendants was a remarkable 7%.

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Yes! @KirkleesCouncil (@BloombergCities EU winner) launches Comoodle, taking sharing economy + cities to next level. http://t.co/zvFhEtsoN0

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.@Salon: "Ivy League’s #Rape Fiasco:
.@JesselynRadack's Personal Reflection of Progress & Sadness"

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"Pedestrian Check"

Sounds like an unlawful, unconstitutional, racial profiling.. #shawshooting

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John Lennon born Oct 9, 1940
What would he be telling us now?

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TOR for UK govt.’s upcoming (EOY) independent review of the sharing economy. Hopefully, a milestone:https://t.co/OiQvVGJU8K

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Not notable primarily as a study in tech-bro douchery, but as a cautionary tale for the design of space-as-a-service. http://t.co/8Q87CFWSgw

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Upcoming Documentary: Sharecomy the Movie http://t.co/lUZ4D45l7H

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“Coming to the End of a Long Journey”: Legendary Detroit Activist Grace Lee Boggs in Hospicehttp://t.co/Tiih4QHGRg http://t.co/nweg9Zy9g9

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Hack Education Weekly News: Malala Yousafzai Wins the Nobel Peace Prize http://t.co/WPUZXjkSg2

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In action great lecture will tweet the stream when I get it pic.twitter.com/RJOZIfHLhf
 12:23 AM - 08 Oct 14

Nassim NicholنTaleb@nntaleb
The easiest proof of: *what is fragile is what doesn't like volatility/uncertainty/variability*, illustrated.pic.twitter.com/ktqucaKrCI
 01:27 PM - 08 Oct 14

in other words, how can we have positive community outcomes instead of just measuring contests?
 04:58 PM - 10 Oct 14

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Revolution of the Present HD


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Finishing up this intro to Aaron Swartz's unschooling writings. Love that he was influenced by The Teenage Liberation Handbook. Anyone else?

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what if..
beyond 6 yrs - beyond hs to college ness - ie: city as school/uni ness
what if ..
documentation/declaration ness - ie: trail of whimsy (of noticings, dreams, connections, doings.. via talking to self)

Almost calling for a new alternative payment structure @billgates #sibos

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Protesters in Hong Kong are downloading this off-the-grid chat app in an effort to organize themselveshttp://t.co/X4qf9YHFbc

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This curious mind is what leads us to pay attention to the world around us, 

Hong Kong protesters making tough choices about what tools to use for communication, coordination:http://t.co/xwFJAn6mvh

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Instagramming dinosaurs: @mmmooshme interviews me about my book. Part 1: photography's impact on memory -- http://t.co/EuBD51qjFa Very fun!

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Here's _The Play of Man_ available to download and read. https://t.co/HhlZrTGwHZ #isf14

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"Other People's Utopias" my piece on the @edgeryders trip to #belarus https://t.co/FU074RLYuh digs into some thorny issues, has perspective

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Hong Kong protesters beaten and bloodied as thugs attack sit-in http://t.co/ATJFkoa2px via @guardian

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"Web culture’s increasing tendency toward anger as an end in itself" http://t.co/JV21pWRsAn

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“Historians have spent a lot of time talking about whether African-Americans resisted. In forced migrations, survival was a kind of resistance in finding ways to stand in solidarity with each other and to write stories about themselves to say: This is a crime.”

“Southerners created numerous financial innovations that were essential to the process of the domestic slave trade. Slave owners put mortgages on slaves as they bought them. Britain had abolished slavery, but you can essentially buy slaves by buying one of those bonds. It shows the linkage.”

takes apart the myths that our society has created to make us more comfortable with our slave-owning past.”
His own journey into that past was intellectually satisfying but sometimes emotionally challenging, Mr. Baptist said. He recalled reading an interview with a woman whose enslaved mother toiled in the fields of a small Kentucky farm in the 1850s, sometimes returning home to discover that another child of hers had been sold away.
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NYT review of a new harrowing book on capitalism and slavery:
"The idea that the commodification and suffering and forced labor of African-Americans is what made the United States powerful and rich is not an idea that people necessarily are happy to hear. Yet it is the truth.”

To Police and Politicians: “Hands Off Goddard College!” http://t.co/oKY4MVn4Pt

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Now this is cool. Let's do a lot more stuff like this. http://t.co/Q8PGiJ2ixC

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Peoples Climate March - Report Back: http://t.co/YHhZmE1opf via @YouTube

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Love the long term thinking on @evernote's part. The line at the end is also priceless http://t.co/NNi27nwC2W

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Once over lunch, Microsoft’s then-CEO Steve Ballmer asked Libin about his opinion of an acquisition. Libin’s answer: “I don’t think we’re big enough to buy you yet.”

Libin is unambiguous about both. Being a public company, he says, is part of Evernote’s mission. “We have a moral obligation to be a public company,” he said. “We’re asking people to trust us for a long time and that means becoming a publicly held company. I just don’t think we’re ready yet.” Translation: Don’t expect to be talking about an Evernote IPO before 2017 or so.
But don’t fall — at least not easily — for the steady steam of acquisition rumors. “I don’t want to sell the company,” he said. “It’s not a mathematical certainty, because if someone offered us some ludicrous amount of money, we’d have to take it to our investors and shareholders and evaluate it. … It’s not entirely up to me. But there’s no amount of money that would make me happy about it.”

85% of people at rikers - not conficted
95% of cases are plea bargains
a ki - 16 yrs - after 2.5 yrs - 2 yrs in solitary - gets a plea offer - and he declines - he could not have been greater pressure to plead.. he says, "i'm all right.. i'm not guilty." 
over and over - prosecutors: "people not ready.. request more time"
slipping worksheets under door - not always picking up

Watch: The growing movement against the 4-year college degree http://t.co/1BldLZBGaH cc @UnCollege @DaleJStephens http://t.co/2FxyfHBm8A

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Math homework: “It demolishes your spirit. You become lazy.” No, we must do better w Community College  http://t.co/j4R2BoZ6ZI #FuturesEd

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Morning @NasrinFazal you might enjoy this by @sheldrake The Future of Organizationshttp://t.co/T0Pu4hpdY4 #futureofwork

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“@jackiegerstein: The maker movement' creates D.I.Y. revolution http://t.co/iG8ccGtaDI”@monk51295 @StudyGateway @MarkSBabbitt @ozge @nytimes

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What’s Wrong With The Internet? http://t.co/LwveobJBSF

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Jerry Seinfeld brings new meaning to truth in advertising as he accepts Clio: http://t.co/n6TzDDrLcu (tx @davegray!)

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.@intel embraces the #MakerMovement http://t.co/32xSE8MBYZ via @CNET

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nic askew - lighter or darker

Lighter, or Darker from Nic Askew on Vimeo.


Noam Chomsky (2014) "Surviving the 21st Century" [FULL SPEECH] http://t.co/58NEnroZWx via @youtube

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Powerful to see the protestors choose someone to speak for them. @Blackstarjus is a lawyer and they trust him. #ferguson

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Remembering Jacob George, Afghan War #Vet Turned Peace Activist Who Took Own Lifehttp://t.co/cXLekxevf7 @IVAW http://t.co/is5ZxokC66

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"RT @urbandata: 425,000 people worldwide sleep in @Airbnb every night - rapid rise of "sharing economy" #CityLab2014 #collcons" via @JohnWo

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It costs $2 billion a year to send drinking water to the International Space Station. http://t.co/PrpoErrUwi

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NEW: Poll shows Americans think the CEO-to-worker pay gap is 30-to-1, even though its actually 354-to-1:http://t.co/qhbKUDNXu0

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.@jonhusband: the shift from traditional hierarchy to emergent wirearchy #Sibos #Innotribehttp://t.co/oZusa9q9R0

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wirearchy - based on inclusion and the diversity of inputs - @CelineSchill #innotribe

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  • Every day every member of the community receives X units of inactive currency into their account. This is how the currency is created into existence. Inactive currency has a demurrage rate — some percentage of all inactive currency sitting out unused in accounts “evaporates” or is pooled back into some commons pool. More on this later.
everyday anew ness

Next Thursday. 7pm. Bushwick, Brooklyn. I'm doing an event w @ggreenwald & Laura Poitras:http://t.co/cFGoJGuNzE

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How Did We Get Here? (Islam in Europe, Talk I/5) - LIVE Shorts http://t.co/9PbiOu6oRx via @youtube

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parent interviews - common core documentary 

Check out "Made In the Neighbourhood (ft. a clothing printer, OpenKnit)" on Vimeo http://t.co/UpIzeH4pcj

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Why the Latest Approach to Learning Math Is Driving Students and their Families to Tearshttp://t.co/eDZ0AByDQI #edchat #edreform

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/EduIntegrity/status/517296733001625600

$5 million Knight Cities Challenge open for ideas http://t.co/Bwj60tDn3c  @knightfdn

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/kvonjan/status/517322465316708353

Sorry to repimp Monday's post, but @francesbell and @mweller have added some great comments:http://t.co/XnR2OaXfey

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Fascinated by "How the poor can save Capitalism" http://t.co/CKFG2hS18q

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Something to learn here? German universities scrap all tuition fees. “Tuition fees are socially unjust,” says senator http://t.co/MdB9hSwL4C

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MIT launches Laboratory for Social Machines with major Twitter investment http://t.co/HPupRkTWAm@MITLSM @dkroy

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It is hard for us to accept that people do not fall in love with works of art only for their own sake, but also in order to feel that they belong to a community. By imitating, we get closer to others—that is, other imitators. It fights solitude.  Taleb
perhaps why ie: th experiment and this mit & twitter - won't get us there - until we free people up to be themselves. twitter data is irrelevant - if it's not really us. no? how to make it not an imitation. every day.

RT @AP: BREAKING: Sister of US Ebola patient: He told hospital he was from Liberia on 1st visit, was sent home.

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If anyone wants to chat / needs support on #CCourses unit 2, I can jump into a hangout any point til 20:00 UK time (@ me)

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Jerome Bruner, who is 99 today, on myth, identity, “creative wholeness,” and how we limit our wholenesshttp://t.co/bHnF7Gb6Eb

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/brainpicker/status/517366091623178240

#cardboardchallenge "Take Me on a Ride" on your motorcycle to Ram On, Israel... the fun continues...http://t.co/EyXDByDr6w

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@trevortimm my guess is that FaceTime bothers the FBI much more than disk crypto, but they'd rather have the public fight over this.

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/csoghoian/status/517415285637517312

“@StudyGateway: Africa is buzzing with entrepreneurial spirit http://t.co/HUsgbUurAE”@MadeItInAfrica @newvisionwire @oketcho @monk51295

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/MosesOkumu1/status/517426373884137472

Julian #Assange interview+transcript w/ former Guantanamo detainee @Moazzam_Begghttps://t.co/w0T7KzdUdX freed from UK prison today

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/wikileaks/status/517447305650528257

@EthanZ Also amazed how one of the most beautiful acts of disobedience & rebellion is being stuffed into a "well-behaved Asian" stereotype.

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/zeynep/status/517470316797644800

Research says in most protest, occupation or disaster situations, unless attacked from outside, orderliness reigns. Hobbes is mostly a myth.

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/zeynep/status/517500488594751488

(If not obvious, I repeat, my comments are about media coverage. Hong Kong protesters have been impressively orderly, careful and coherent).

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/zeynep/status/517500970507714561

More from #lt on how Hong Kong's orderliness is surprising. I guess nobody reads sociology of disaster or protest. http://t.co/47BoEUV6yG

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/zeynep/status/517501247809925120

This message from the people is attached to HK's main government building. #OccupyHK #HKStudentStrike http://t.co/2zw0r6Vw8L

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/sarahclarkeabc/status/517501755249029121

Just learned about @MorganBaskinTO - 19 year old running for Toronto mayor. Leadership happens now. Good luck! http://t.co/7xWhVj7Uo5

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/aprilrinne/status/517511082710011904

Deeply moved by such scenes in Hong Kong - shows that dissent needn't be ugly, even revolutn can exude a quiet grace http://t.co/frBFL09H1U

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/AnujChopra/status/517248403340673024

Threatened with homelessness, a group of mothers in London occupied an empty public housing complexhttp://t.co/zC0FlqgW6R

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/CityLab/status/517530493047549952

Hong Kong's protesters don't need the Internet to chat with one another http://t.co/icNQaRTmwH

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/TIME/status/517533403433140224

shared by michelle & david on fb

we're funny. get in such a pickle about devices in last 5 yrs.. when last 100 yrs has messed with people even more. in the name of public and of public ed et al.
reminded of why i first fell in love w/danah's & dml/macarthurs work at first.. they were trying to figure out where interest was - rather than ban it.

The Case For Reparations in 8 minutes (for those who can't bother with 15k words.) Shout-out to the great @hthompsn

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