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Maria Popova: 7 Things I Learned

alec couros at blc14

Dr. Alec Couros Keynote from November Learning on Vimeo.

irl vs afk et al..
- - - -
seemingly fitting as i'm taking Alec in..

@audreywatters the last few days have struck home for me that we need to spend time developing people, not content. Disciplines of learning

@audreywatters learning disciplines are beyond "how to use twitter". It's about intentionality, focus, habits, mindsets, empowerment

@KateMfD @audreywatters in the vein spiritual disciplines - i.e. beyond a practice. More like a way of "being"


Vinay Gupta (@leashless)
7/20/14 4:43 AM
You don't need much of a resource base: £1m would do it, if it was in a place with cheap land and no building codes. nature.com/nature/journal…

So to find time for our kind of science, we had to dump a few shibboleths. For instance, we never bother to 'publish': we just post our findings on weblogs, and if they get a lot of links, hey, we're the Most Frequently Cited. Tenure? Who needs that? Never heard of it! Doctorates, degrees, defending a thesis — don't know, don't need 'em, can't even be bothered!
There's no money and no banking here. Instead, every object is tracked by RFID tags and subjected to a bioenergetic, cost–benefit, eBay-style arbitrage by repurposed stock-market buy–sell software agents. In practice, this means that when you need something new, you just pile up the things you don't want by your doorway until somebody shows up and gives you the thing you do want. Economists who visit here just flee screaming — but come on, was economics ever really a 'science'? We're with Rutherford: it's physics or it's stamp collecting!

Common Futures (@CommonFutrs)
7/20/14 4:43 AM
@leashless agreed - we need distributed anti asset-locked vehicles (networks) evolved explicitly for depoliticised #wealthshare

Bert-ola Bergstrand (@ContChange)
7/20/14 6:36 AM
Why the internet of things could destroy the welfare stategu.com/p/4v2bg/tw

To see algorithmic regulation at work, look no further than the spam filter in your email. Instead of confining itself to a narrow definition of spam, the email filter has its users teach it. Even Google can't write rules to cover all the ingenious innovations of professional spammers. What it can do, though, is teach the system what makes a good rule and spot when it's time to find another rule for finding a good rule – and so on. An algorithm can do this, but it's the constant real-time feedback from its users that allows the system to counter threats never envisioned by its designers. And it's not just spam: your bank uses similar methods to spot credit-card fraud.

Bert-ola Bergstrand (@ContChange)
7/20/14 6:36 AM
Why the internet of things could destroy the welfare stategu.com/p/4v2bg/tw
driverless cars regardless... much like Ed 

#BLC14 Building Learning Communities: Sharing My Notes: Alan November‘s Building Learning Communities in Bosto... http://t.co/hsnqwpLnft

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Facebook Experiment Manipulates Emotions Of 600,000 Users - ANIMAL http://t.co/6mPWbBGLHZ

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A Classroom Leaves the Syllabus to the Students http://t.co/KUUUk7NYFr @nytimes via @ryanbretag #edchat #edreform

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Thought of the day: “There is no final, satisfying way to balance our need to be known with our need to be alone.”http://t.co/FpPQQ53MWt

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perhaps - prior to now..

"From 2007 to 2012, the federal government made $66 billion in profits off student loans. This is fundamentally wrong." - #Warren at #NCLR14

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Duany Plater-Zyberk@DPZandCo
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Free Download: 'A General Theory of#Urbanism' Draft. Feedback encouraged.bit.ly/1lqi4zm #urbandesign #planning#cities

Strong Towns@StrongTowns
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If we want to make roads/streets safer, we need an understanding of human psychology, not more efficient engineering.buff.ly/1nxFT8Z

Julie Smolyansky (@JulieSmolyansky)
7/18/14 7:05 AM
More reasons to ditch your germ phobia.m.medicaldaily.com/growing-farm-a…

Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan)
7/21/14 6:50 AM
Our doctor @terrysimpson says quitting is good for your health. But what? -ow.ly/zmslF

Christopher Mims (@mims)
7/21/14 6:47 AM
What does it feel like when our phones anticipate our desires? This week I tried a heap of apps to find out.on.wsj.com/1lk4M3n

Steffen Konrath (@StKonrath)
7/21/14 6:48 AM
76 days (8 hrs/day) = time needed to read all privacy policies you've agreed to (goo.gl/iz6B6g) context:huffingtonpost.com/2014/07/21/fac…

David Armano (@armano)
7/21/14 6:51 AM
(Great points here. Accurate) “@geoffliving: 7 Signs of the Post Social Media Era buff.ly/1qWGBvT Has innovation moved on?”

Dark social is the movement towards conversations that are not public anymore. Private social network communities and newer networks like WhatsApp and SnapChat thrive on people saying what they think without the repercussions of public data, ad retargeting, attention from customer service nazis, and helicopter actions from bosses and parents.
When discussing the above thought leadership trend with Rich Becker last week, he said one of the primary drivers is the commoditization of social media content. I had to agree with him. To be clear we’re not talking all content, rather content about social media and how to use it.

John Nichols (@NicholsUprising)
7/21/14 6:38 AM
From @haaretzcom: Seven Nobel peace laureates urge "a comprehensive and legally binding military embargo on Israel." haaretz.com/mobile/.premiu…

Bill Ferriter (@plugusin)
7/21/14 6:51 AM
"School stinks. It's often do what we ask you to do over and over and over again."@chrislehmann #GCCC14

Kristen Chick (@kristenchick)
7/21/14 6:06 AM
Interviewed members of the Abu Jamaa family in Khan Younis today. At least 24 members of the same family killed in one strike. #gaza

SciencePorn (@SciencePorn)
7/21/14 6:48 AM
An average person sheds their skin at the rate of around 500 million cells per day.

to stay alive.... no..?

so. yeah. that.

in the city.
as the day.

Jeff Speck (@JeffSpeckAICP)
7/21/14 6:55 AM
I had forgotten about this. .. thanks @ResArchitectmag for this video interview about the Speck house.architectmagazine.com/videos/detail/…

John Grinnell (@leedership)
7/20/14 4:07 PM
@tom_peters @InstantBI @rbarraud Makes sense yes, but then why is it STEM and not STEM+Civics? Foundation is missing!!

see how the great intentioned adding (of basics) happens.

maybe we let go..
let the individual decide..

Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald)
7/21/14 7:25 AM
Amazing: Since when is "kidnapped" the word used to describe soldiers of an invading army who are captured? twitter.com/Ramisms/status…

Nilofer Merchant (@nilofer)
7/21/14 7:26 AM
"The answer isn’t to just cut jobs en masse, [Larry] Page said. People want to feel “needed, wanted and..."tmblr.co/Z6BGYq1M5Dm7C

"That’s how much power the social media has put in the hands of people, and taken away from governments."http://t.co/8KLjnbpeDL

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Indigenous people ARE ALREADY EDUCATED: "Cultures have evolved in a particular environmental context, so they have an extraordinary amount of traditional ecological knowledge — knowledge of the local species, plants, animals, the medicinal uses of them, the migration patterns of animals behavior:"
posted on fb by carol

It doesn't get more dehumanizing than this: "Others". http://t.co/HLgpBnGPaV

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The long day wanes: the slow moon climbs: the deep/Moans around with many voices. Come, my friends,/'Tis not too late to seek a newer world.

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Seven years a journalist and this is the week I have seen the most colleagues and friends just plain break down. Too much, world, too much.

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This WSJ editorial is sickening.
Gazans have forfeited the "right to be called civilians" for voting the wrong way.

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/_RichardHall/status/491368452318584834

I want to build a global research center on culture design for human civilization... wanna help make it happen? ;-)


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(The famed Russian composer Tchaikovsky, who some scholars have speculated had symptoms of schizophrenia, articulated those “flashes of insight” spectacularly in his 1876 letter on the “immeasurable bliss” of creativity.)

Sara Ittelson (@SaraIttelson)
7/21/14 6:25 PM
Measuring outcomes in edu could/should mean measuring collective success at addressing world hunger, global warming... @mbrownz #knewton2014

odysseanproject (@odysseanproject)
7/22/14 5:00 AM
Large Genome-wide Association Study finds 108 loci on genome cnctd to schizophrenia:nature.com/news/gene-hunt…

Harvard University (@Harvard)
7/22/14 6:15 AM
The @broadinstitute receives unprecedented $650 million gift to support research on psychiatric disordershvrd.me/zrtne

Mozfest East Africa (@mozfestea)
7/21/14 7:41 AM
Listening to the change we made for these kids & the participants in this video youtube.com/watch?v=jCMKms… is so fulfilling @msurman @mozilla

Maha Bali (@Bali_Maha)
7/22/14 6:17 AM
MT “@tanyalau: 5 posts worth reading- appreciating context in education> edcontexts.org/uncategorized/…via @EdConteXts #rhizo14 w/ @Bali_Maha

Mike Briercliffe (@mikejulietbravo)
7/22/14 6:17 AM
We All Know Argleton Is Fake... So Why Would Google Leave It On Maps All This Time? ift.tt/1tuC7Ot#mjbRSSselect

Will Richardson (@willrich45)
7/22/14 6:18 AM
Minecraft as “A generative, networked system laced throughout with secrets.” buff.ly/1r1GT4v #edchat#gamechat Great read.

Monday, July 21, 2014

ADHD As A Difference In Cognition, Not A Disorder: Stephen Tonti at TEDxCMU

We are Attention Different, not Attention Deficit. But because it is misunderstood and treated as a disorder, it's treated as something that needs fixing. So the idea seems to be that we need to get rid of my ADHD. But there's no getting rid of it. There's just sedating it.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Seth Godin, "Art and Science and Making Things" at World Maker Faire 2012



7/18/14 6:10 AM
Change your most disruptive student’s behavior with the Two-by-Ten strategy:ow.ly/zbxHT

title.. so crazy

Frank Sonnenberg (@FSonnenberg)
7/18/14 6:40 AM
A government afraid of its citizens is a Democracy. Citizens afraid of government is tyranny! - Thomas Jefferson via @RichSimmondsZA

Robert Kelchen (@rkelchen)
7/18/14 6:46 AM
.@npr_ed Some great up-and-coming higher ed doctoral students are @minhtuyen@EriqFelix,@marielpagan@ninascia, and @joannafrye#ff

Peter Monnerjahn (@PeterMonnerjahn)
7/17/14 1:53 PM
“There is a weird competition going on between countries about success at #PISA.”—@rogerschank#Education #School

Teny Oded Gross (@tenygross)
7/18/14 6:50 AM
Check out this article from The Providence Journal: R.I. to require warrant to hold detaineesireader.olivesoftware.com/Olive/iReader/…

DML Research Hub (@dmlresearchhub)
7/17/14 9:55 AM
.@jadedid talks about trust and #internetprivacy in her first DMLcentral blog postbit.ly/1seLUdC

Chris Lehmann (@chrislehmann)
7/18/14 6:53 AM
.@courosa says social media has increased our intimacy and compassion - used the map of who consoled him when his dad passed. #blc14

Julie Vincentsen (@jvincentsen)
7/18/14 6:52 AM
@courosa #BLC14 "The global outreach of the compassion of people...can not be taken for granted in the world we are living in"

Harriet Wakelam (@hwakelam)
7/18/14 6:53 AM
A wonderful ? @DoctorYasmin: How do we measure how much a person has done for humanity? I would love this q on my KPIs cc @Capco_FinServ
by not measuring...  ?
getting out of presumptive way.. so fittingness speaks...plays... dances

call that enough

Chris Odom (@chris_m_odom)
7/18/14 6:54 AM
We use IRL (in real life), Kids use AFK (away from keyboard). What does that say about the way we view the world? #BLC14

.@Richard_Florida's New @nyuniversity Course Aims to Put a Blue Collar on the Creative Class http://t.co/u7IP59jxVG

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/NextCityOrg/status/490165626405535744

He's right: We aren’t really buried in information. We’re just really bad at sorting/filtering our way through it.http://t.co/hazsF1RvBx

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/plugusin/status/490468818159149059

@royanlee : With standardized tests breathing down my throat and 2 class computers, it's tough to make the space for curation.

Hostels Embrace Airbnb in Effort to Escape Rising Booking Fees #technology http://t.co/AJxzftzTuB

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/techdelight/status/490471813034426368

George Siemens (@gsiemens)
7/18/14 7:04 AM
youth and political instability: businessinsider.com/young-males-ma…

James Eaton Tyler (@jameseatontyler)
7/18/14 11:50 AM
"@oneyearroadtripu.pw/1zN7tV8 pic.twitter.com/ggHrZB4lKp” @jackandraka IS CHANGING THE WORLD! U can too"No matter what your age..""

fitting with top of page... no? instability.. disruptive youth.. set them (all of us) free

Zeynep Tufekci (@zeynep)
7/19/14 6:20 AM
Email. To do lists. Productivity tools. RT @Medium “Learning from the things we make over and over” —@ftrain medium.com/message/doomed…

Maria Popova (@brainpicker)
7/19/14 6:21 AM
Sartre on why “being-in-the-world-ness” is the key to the imagination j.mp/1qPSDqNpic.twitter.com/76l8AxCthE

Saul Kaplan (@skap5)
7/19/14 6:23 AM
$10 a month for all you can read. The book industry transformation isn't close to stabilizing. Let new business models fly!

all you can read.. from the 600000 they pick..
not much transformative...

Ana Maria Menezes (@anamariacult)
7/19/14 6:24 AM
I love Educreations, but I miss the possibility of exporting my recorded videos to youtube or even to download it to my computer or ipad. Ar

yeah. just like that...
spinach or rock ness..

Matt Wilkinson (@vmattx10)
7/19/14 5:36 AM
Good piece on alternatives to the outdated GDP.forbes.com/sites/steveden…

Julie (@MsIntervention)
7/19/14 4:11 AM
On Thursday #ISIS stoned a woman in a public square for adultery in Raqqa, #Syria. Makes the Middle Ages look humane. pic.twitter.com/L3ZXlhb1nT

ReachScale (@ReachScale)
7/19/14 6:30 AM
#Africa stands at brink of employment explosion—Employers desperate for talent to capitalise on boom.@TheEconomist klou.tt/9xe65z2yknuz

Lolly Daskal (@LollyDaskal)
7/19/14 6:31 AM
RT @ValaAfshar: You do not need permission to:

1 be happy
2 appreciate
3 be humble
4 respect
5 be kind
6 aspire
7 work hard
8 learn

Ozge Karaoglu (@ozge)
7/19/14 6:34 AM
Why The Future Of Education Involves Badges bit.ly/1pnAGyD via@Edudemic
 Badge-based channels must solve issues of identity, verification, validation and ongoing management to enable a secure and trusted ecosystem to emerge around credentials.

yeah.. what if all of that.. is not what we want.. in our souls.. 
ie: what if identity/verification/validation/management/security/... not fitting with our deepest ..richest... most sustainable... thrivable. .. energy...?

Colleges and universities are in an ideal position to define for the rest of the labor market the difference between serious college achievements and unsubstantiated claims, peer endorsements or gamer achievements acquired elsewhere

well... no.
people are.
we are.

yeah. here again.

offering us 600000 plates of spinach. 

or rock..

for a price..
and control..

and our days.. children's days...

Open Badges (@OpenBadges)
7/19/14 7:00 AM
Digital Badges as Curricular Building Blocks wp.me/p2WRHF-1b3 #openbadges #edtech#competencyworks #microcredentials (via @bdean1000)
Now consider a different way of thinking about a master’s degree. What if you started by listing out the program goals? From there, you created a longer list of discrete competencies that one would need in order to demonstrate achievement of these goals. For example, perhaps one program goal related to using different models and frameworks to design high-impact learning experiences. To break this down, you might decide that achieving this goal requires knowledge and skill in designing project-based learning, service learning, inquiry-based learning, game-based learning, discussion-based learning, etc. Each of these could be listed as discrete competencies, all leading to the achievement of the overall program goal.
What if these competencies then became the building blocks of the curriculum design instead of the course? You might have a list of 50-80 such competencies, each aligned to one or more of these program goals. This is where we add the concept of digital badges. Each badge is earned by demonstrating a discrete program competency.

which we ve done in curricular design.. at least the last 20 years.
read again.. see/hear all the time we are wasting toward control... 50-80.. that change next week... no..?

now mult that by 1 yr 20 yrs..

dang us.

This is where we get into unfamiliar ground, so allow me to explain what curricular elements would go into each competency-based badge design. The foundation of each badge is one of the program-level competencies. Then we must determine what criteria one will need to meet to demonstrate competency and earn the associated digital badge


This changes the way we go about curriculum revision, redesign, and customizations
what if we don't need ...want... any of that...? (via outside control.. et al)

What happens if a new skill or area of knowledge emerges for a given field? It does not require a new course, but only the development of new competency-based digital badges. 

top down
extra ..work... keeping us from us

@KevinCarson1  @Jake_Witmer @CKinstitute System isn't broken; a manufactured crisis to create opportunity to make money off of kids' educ.

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/hpfanlibrarian/status/490549259368800256

Charles Koch Inst. @CKinstitute
How do we fix our education system & open up more opportunities for our kids? bit.ly/1jLXZEN #EduSuccess pic.twitter.com/kkcJi12mmW
some obstacles obvious. some not so obvious. most not intentional. just us - not getting at the root. band aid ness.