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ny times on college

The goal is not to foment for a mass exodus from the ivy halls, Mr. Stephens said, but to open people’s minds to a different set of opportunities.

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rafeef ziadeh

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isaac graves et al - brooklyn free school


"What I think is happening is that as the system becomes ever more standardized, with more control at the top from government, corporations, another grassroots movement is coming," said Miller. "What you're seeing now with Brooklyn Free School and others is families and educators wanting to get out from under the thumb of this standardization agenda."

"So many kids going to these alternative schools have really thrived," Miller said. "Because they've been freed from the rat race. They follow their own path. They're happy. And that's what this is about: not having to be successful in conventional terms."

Isaac Graves, a former Albany Free School school student who now writes and researches free school programs extensively, said he took from his experience a startling, "legitimate passion to learn," and appreciated how few constraints there were on what he was allowed to study. He remembers being 13 and reading about acid rain, how it was killing all these fish in the Adirondacks, so he and a group of students decided to try and stop it. They became so passionate that they contacted Eliot Spitzer, who was attorney general and "fighting coal plants" at the time, and asked him to speak to students. They also brought in a government biologist.
"Nobody told us to learn about these things," Graves said. "We wanted to."



Alternative Education Resource Organization | AERO and 3 others shared a link.

8 mo deaf baby cochlear implant

  • this warm your heart ,,,
    If you have not yet seen this it will melt your heart ♥ This 8 month old baby was born deaf. Watch the moment as his cochlear implant is activated and he hears sound for the first time, and his mother's voice. Feel free to share around and be sure to join us at Brio Birth
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seths behemoth book

all i want for christmas - besides world peace.
: )

seth godin on chartering to be innovators

Seth's Blog: Non-profits have a charter to be innovators

huge - getting at the root cause..

too important to not be daring and bold....

ongoing convo (mostly in my head) after seth's post:

via david: Trying to answer without understanding the difference between social entrepreneurship and social innovation is difficult. This piece is still RT'ing and pushing 300 since it appeared.

maybe there is none.. maybe we manufactured that.

let's try wiggling our way into betterness...

clay shirky's ted 2012 - getting to me - as always.
the 10 day care centers for sure.. how to get the 3 back to a human relationship rather than a market.
then his 2012 ted - the people experimenting have no power.. the people with power are not experimenting.
and his reference to martha payne - that it's - prior to now..

add on - the 800 unis now taking you w/o act sat.. because if you have a low score - that lowers their ratings. - amy's wiggle-ness is primed to go.. as is zak's and cristian's

so a crazy take..
the 3 day care centers - still believe money is power... so let's use that, rather than spinning our wheels on permission. we are living after the - prior to that.. no?

we've been spending the last four years seeking permission for people to be in spaces of permission with nothing to prove. because we believe that is the ticket - to the breathtaking-ness, to haque's betterness - we all seek. proof is killing us - and it's not even provable.
amy and i talking mission hills yesterday at a 20% entry point. well.. let's not. let's not dabble.. we know to much to do that. let's trump it with money. let's get the 20 mill. then - as per our write-ups et al... offer 1 mill each to one elem and one middle school and one high school. we were worried about everyone playing - if they had their day job pulling at their time/attention/energy.. and our closed door locally ends up being the school board (to a huge degree) - so how to get the school board to free them up. 
say - we now have 20 mill - they'll make allowance. just like 800 unis are making allowances with sat act - just to get more money. because - unfortunately - right now - we are all the 3 day care centers - confused about the relationship, believing that money is power.
so - let's not whine or wait for permission - let's use what we have.. the mentality of people as they are now..

let's make prior to now... visible.. in one short year. city as school.. no?

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imtiaz majeed



act sat

Zak Malamed (@zakmal)
11/29/12 10:03 PM
@monk51295 Unfortunately, the truth is that these schools only do this to boost their ranking. @HuffPostEdu @MrsLauer@nikhilgoya_l

Zak Malamed (@zakmal)
11/29/12 10:15 PM
@monk51295 Ratings go up w/ high average SAT/ACT scores. #Students who choose not to submit scores likely would've lowered school's average.

Zak Malamed (@zakmal)
11/29/12 10:15 PM
@monk51295 Of course, it's a part of a (typically) comprehensive formula, but SAT/ACT scores do usually play a significant role in rankings.

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so - 

school to prison

Not to be harsh, but if you didn't realize our public schools have become feeding grounds for the prison industrial complex, it's time you woke up.
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  • Monika Hardy just listened to Clay Shirky 's 2012 ted. in it he references Martha Payne - and how people tried to keep her quiet about school lunches. then Clay said this: what made them think they could get away with something like that?
    all human history prior to now..... prior to now. no?

roger schank - learning

The problem with big companies is that they set up training sessions that last for a week instead of mentoring sessions that last for an hour. Once a week everyone should meet with their mentor for an hour and talk. 

And what do they talk about? A good mentor knows that the mentee drives the conversation. Maybe the mentor saw the mentee make a mistake and could comment on it, but younger people know when they are struggling and are always ready to learn if they respect the person who is helping them.
Formal training really has never been a good idea. The army does it for new recruits but they do it because they are trying to create soldiers who don’t think and just follow orders. At the higher level of army training, at the Army War College for example, officers sit around and talk.

Tell everyone they need to spend an hour a week mentoring and an hour a week being mentored. Let them say officially whom they have chosen. Create a culture where mentoring is the norm.

moocs + online + whatever - choice = what?

moocs + online + whatever - choice = much less than what we're capable of..

as long as we're pushing any compulsory learning... the shininess will never get us to breathtaking.



just one example for online-ness:

They recruit for two reasons: one, to add more dollars to their bank account. Two, because they have a high dropout rate and must keep replacing students.
what really gets me is this:
This is a huge waste of taxpayer dollars. Money spent by taxpayers to pay for art classes be reduce class size is instead being paid to ad rise the wares of shoddy online schools.
what about the human capital we are losing, what about the spirits we are breaking, much more important than any money.. we are killing curiosity/creativity.. and people - notice suicide rates.

from“Perhaps for those at the bottom end, in a way their situation may seem worse in relative terms, when compared with people who are close to them or their neighbors. … For someone who is quite unhappy, the relative comparison may lead to more unhappiness and depression.”Sadly, this may mean that increasing happiness by reducing economic inequality could paradoxically produce more suicides as a “side effect.” But this is one problem we are unlikely to have, as economic inequality is high and rising in the U.S.
Read more: 

anyway - all the reports on moocs et al - are great news.. it's showing us that some of our glitz, most of our need to manage et al.. isn't the problem. the problem is choice. the solution is choice....
an example for mooc-ness
In 2011 160,000 students from 190 countries enrolled in an Artificial Intelligence course, CS221, taught by two eminent computer scientists from Stanford University and Google Corporation. 20,000 successfully completed the course. Two other similar courses were simultaneously offered on the subjects of Machine Learning (104,000 registered and 13,000 completed the course) and Introduction to Databases (92,000 registered, 7,000 completed). Udacity a for-profit start up from the authors of the AI-Stanford course started delivering similar free online courses. For example, 90,000 students have enrolled in the CS101 on computer science (Python Programming and building a Search Engine). More recently, EdX (a joint partnership between from MIT and Harvard) and Coursera (an educational for-profit company founded by professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller from Stanford University) were added to the list of AI.In addition, during the last years, online courses that don’t align with the course content nor the instructor, but to other learners and their knowledge, commonly referred as c-MOOCs (Connectivist Massive Open Online Courses) have been carried out with great success.  

roger schank:
learning happens when someone wants to learn not when someone wants to teach.
or has a shiny new way to teach

transforming a city

How this might play out.

We’re imagining crowded/stressed school buildings start emptying out as people realize options available to pursue interests within the city. As school buildings empty a bit, we restructure existing buildings to facilitate this useful notion of space - for any age - and bldgs could be combos (ie: highschool bldgs: youmedia center-ish, middle school bldgs: maker space - ish, elementary bldgs: mission hills - ish). We’d like to restructure at least one elementary, one middle and one highschool over the next year. The whole idea of community owned spaces.

more here

clay shirky - ted 2013

perhaps how we get those 3 day care centers back.. getting *enough people to believe this:
at 1:46 - huge..
q: what made them think they could get away with something like that?...
a: all human history prior to now.
Clay made this comment in regard to Martha Payne, who set up a simple blog neverseconds where she reviewed her school lunches and talked about healthy eating for children. She hoped to raise a few hundred pounds for her favourite charity, Mary s Meals.
and then she was asked to end her blog...

"This morning in maths I got taken out of class by my head teacher and taken to her office. I was told that I could not take any more photos of my school dinners because of a headline in a newspaper today.
I only write my blog not newspapers and I am sad I am no longer allowed to take photos. I will miss sharing and rating my school dinners and I’ll miss seeing the dinners you send me too. I don’t think I will be able to finish raising enough money for a kitchen for Mary’s Meals either.
After 7 million blog hits, one council led banning, being the number 1 story on every news site worldwide and having raised over £115,000 for Mary s Meals, Martha is one of the biggest news stories of the year.

*enough people - because without enough people, yes we'll get there, but in a much longer amount of time.. because without the adjacent possible of a city, we give up on what we want/crave/know to be good

what happens when a new medium puts a lot of ideas into circulation

seems everything we try is under the guise of leading to world peace
what all these ideas of world peace got right...
what they got right... more circulation (media) of ideas
what they got wrong.. more circulation - (media) more arguing...

we are a pro- printing press society

how do we square these two things... leads to more arguing - but we think that's good

i study social media - which means - i watch people argue
our invisible colleges - for better arguments - open source

open source programming - 3 parts [programmer, source code, device]

problem - keeping social chaos at bay
aversion control system - one owner.. many workers.. org

linus torvalds - everyone has access all the time
so this creates access.
torvalds said no... when you adopt a tool, you adopt the management philosophy in that tool - and he wasn't going to adopt anything linux didn't buy into

then he said - i think i know how to write an aversion control program for free people -
lives up to promise of open source

this brings the chaos back... but what git does - creates a long string of numbers and letters.. tied to every single change, without any central coordination. signature tied directly to particular change.
programmers in two places, each can make changes, and merge after the fact
cooperation without coordination
what this means to allow communities to come together.
enormity and complexity no longer sends us running.

the ruby community - doesn't look like an org chart - looks like a dis-org chart
yet out of this community, using these tools, we can create
this is huge to getting more things that matter done.
but also in regard democracy - and esp in regard to the law...

harnessing didn't happen big, quick, or fast,
have to look on the margins

us tax codes - one law dependent on all the other laws

when you go to git hub... and look around the edges - people experiment with political ramifications of a system like that
for updating and fluidity sake
used to further development of legislation

would love to say when the tools are in place - innovation is happening - but that's not true

problem is power - the people experimenting don't have legislative power, the people with power aren't experimenting

there is openness, but
transparency is openness in only one direction
being given a dashboard without a steering wheel has never been the core promise a democracy makes to its citizens
what kept her (martha payne) there was political will - the expectations of the citizens that she would not be censored..

ts elliott - one of most momentous things that can happen to a culture is that they acquire a style of prose. shirky says - new style of arguing.

are we going to let the programmers keep it for themselves..

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sidewalk trampoline


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cathy davidson - piano

piano smashing as art

sounds keri smith - ish

inside out project - japan

Between the By-Road and the Main Road: The Necessity of Wonder: Rethinking Argument

Between the By-Road and the Main Road: The Necessity of Wonder: Rethinking Argument: I. A Problem Martin Nystrand and Nelson Graff authored a critically important piece of research, Report in Argument's Clothing: An Ecol...

love: We need to stop and clear a space where we have nothing to say.

kosta grammatis - itu


google & microfinance

hacking away..

Larry Ferlazzo (@Larryferlazzo)
11/28/12 6:49 AM
@BBC_Future: How Google plans to find the unGoogleable. (via@Techmeme)”

pretty huge.  (i know i say that weekly/daily - but this is - they all are - have been)

so - wiley is planning to launch a beta in the fall at texas uni. connecting people at uni working on same assign.
we are planning to do that within an entire city. connecting people with like curiosities. with a global launch in aug.

i think connecting to wiley... would be more than huge.

also - esp to david - connecting with dwight d jones - super in vegas.. he has colorado history.
re: potential for vegas as city alongside doing city as school

monika hardy (@monk51295)
11/28/12 7:33 AM
@Larryferlazzo: “@BBC_Future: -find the unGoogleable. (via @Techmeme)”” -imagine this w/no assign cc@dscofield be app

Harvard Biz Review (@HarvardBiz)
11/28/12 6:45 AM
Microfinance is often seen as the only path for women seeking economic opportunity in emerging

kool beans.. no..?
perfect timing.

and this isn't a rights issue.. it's an opportunity for your thumbprint issue..
with exactly a problem we re facing.. only from the other end..

let's hack it.. no?

Bonnie Stewart (@bonstewart)
11/28/12 6:30 AM
@cogdog it gets a "since the beginning of time" English 101 badge, too. was curious whether badges still cause strong reaction. i guess yes?

Alan Levine (@cogdog)
11/28/12 6:22 AM
@bonstewart just the opening of that HASTAC piece earned the Passive Voice Badge plus a "There is no doubt" cluster

monika hardy (@monk51295)
11/28/12 7:05 AM
@bonstewart @cogdog -image app to trail think/connect/do w/messy network. non-linear port. less focus on proving things we can't. just be.

Bonnie Stewart (@bonstewart)
11/28/12 7:09 AM
@monk51295 @cogdog i'd love to see learning move in all those directions and focus less on processes of legitimation.

Alan Levine (@cogdog)
11/28/12 7:08 AM
@monk51295 @bonstewart There is an app for that. It's called "being human"... with an in-app purchase to add the "dog loyalty" plugin.

monika hardy (@monk51295)
11/28/12 7:25 AM
@cogdog @bonstewart we re crafting one.. called be app. so humane.. dog loyalty is no longer a question we beg asking.. : )

Tom Fullerton (@tomfullerton)
11/28/12 6:37 AM
An update on #phoebetheoak seedling. She has sprouted a massive trunk as long as my middle finger. Her

kinda like this...
just there..showing life
rather than wasting days proving stuff not provable..
while the human spirit keeps on dying...

monika hardy (@monk51295)
11/28/12 7:12 AM
@tomfullerton: update #phoebetheoak seedling. Her roots” -what if nclb=acknowledge aliveness. too silly? how silly?
Tom Fullerton (@tomfullerton)
11/28/12 7:46 AM
@monk51295 acknowledge aliveness. Celebrate / nurture growth. Yes. Not silly at all :)

not silly at all.

godin - icarus deception:
the most rational thing to do.. is irrational art. (art = the thing you can't not do)
we are no longer fenced in.