Saturday, November 17, 2012

tweets nov 17

Deb Mills-Scofield (@dscofield)
11/16/12 6:35 AM
RT @Leadershipfreak: Clarity in the head isn't real until it reaches the feet.#leadership

Mark Oakes (@MarkOOakes)
11/17/12 7:12 AM
Daily reflection and meditation are Essential disciplines required to lead others.#Leadership

Mary Ann Reilly (@MaryAnnReilly)
11/17/12 7:20 AM
MT @budtheteacher "The search for locally situated identities and relationships."Wish I saw that in more policy language #nwpam12 >>critical

Susan Ohanian (@susanoha)
11/17/12 7:23 AM
Gates Foundation has spent $100 million --so far--to propagate #CommonCore. Feds used $4.34 billion in RTTT to bribe states to accept CCSS

Mary Ann Reilly (@MaryAnnReilly)
11/17/12 7:23 AM
@susanoha there's also misdirected in PARCC ?s given the passage focuses on Daedalus mostly.

Roderick Vesper (@rvesper)
11/17/12 7:26 AM
Notice student is visually trapped in desk with government towering over him, while they both ignore the real world.

Maureen Burgess (@mbchalfen)
11/17/12 7:26 AM
Watching livestream from TEDxYouthDoha #tedxyouth@hewitt @TEDxYouthDay so inspiring to see kids around the globe take part @hewittschool

Bud Hunt (@budtheteacher)
11/16/12 12:54 PM
"Failure, when it's an option, makes it more interesting." - student in @paulallison's #ncteignite at #ncte12. Audible wow in the room.

Jose Baldaia (@Jabaldaia)
11/17/12 7:30 AM
A portfolio with a view to the

so imagine the-brain-as-non-linear-portfoliolio.html

Whitney Johnson (@johnsonwhitney)
11/17/12 7:42 AM
“Philosophy is really homesickness.”
― George MacDonald

Carmen A. Medina (@milouness)
11/17/12 7:41 AM
One time it is really important to be good and nice person is when it is really hard to be a good and nice personMike Baldwin (@mikey3982)
11/17/12 8:23 AM
@monk51295 did you see this? @mellojonny: We need to talk about shame and forgiveness New…
Stephanie Rivera (@stephrrivera)
11/16/12 6:34 AM
Awesome infographic about @TeachForAmerica I received in my e-mail… … @garyrubinstein @KatieOsgood_ @nikhilgoya_l

Jonathan Fields (@jonathanfields)
11/15/12 6:17 AM
Is Innovation Dead? @jtwinsor

Graham Brown-Martin (@GrahamBM)
11/15/12 6:21 AM
Congrats to the #wise2012 team for another triumph - once again the real inspiration was found in the margins - thanks for having me :)

icec.. the margins as focus

Don Tapscott (@dtapscott)
11/15/12 6:15 AM
Vast Majority of Millennials are Very Happy, According to Landmark Study of Young People Across 24 Countries