Tuesday, November 20, 2012

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Whitney Johnson (@johnsonwhitney)
11/19/12 9:02 PM
The Quiet Ones lnkd.in/4wKHdt

Being an advocate of quiet in our society is as quixotic and ridiculous as being an advocate of beauty or human life or any other unmonetizable commodity.

When the train came to my stop I had to walk by his seat again on my way out. “Glad we could come to a peaceful coexistence,” I said as I passed. He raised a finger to stay me a moment. “There are no conflicts of interest,” he pronounced, “between rational men.” This sounded like a questionable proposition to me, but I appreciated the conciliatory gesture. The quote turns out to be from Ayn Rand. I told you we talked like this in the Quiet Car.
We’re a tribe, we quiet ones, we readers and thinkers and letter writers, we daydreamers and gazers out of windows. We are a civil people, courteous to excess, who disdain displays of anger as childish and embarrassing. But the Quiet Car is our territory, the last reservation to which we’ve been driven. And we can be pushed too far. Our message to the barbarians who would barge in on our haven with their chatter and blatting gadgets like so many bulldozers is: #

Jeremy Macdonald (@MrMacnology)
11/19/12 9:25 PM
Honestly. Why? This isn't "Forward". Someone explain this to me.huff.to/XXREtp

no worries.really. perhaps a perfect distraction. quiet revolution. happening. no?

Jennifer Sertl (@JenniferSertl)
11/20/12 7:45 AM
In a world where information is ubiquitous, the genius comes in the timing . . . #a3r

ReporterHerald (@reporterherald)
11/19/12 9:20 PM
Larimer County proposed budget looks to future: FORT COLLINS -- About a dozen people attended a public hearing h... tinyurl.com/cjn7unr

David Holzmer (@DavidHolzmer)
11/19/12 9:24 PM
Our deepest fears are like dragons guarding our deepest treasure. ~ Maria Rainer Rilke

Sinan Si Alhir (@SAlhir)
11/19/12 9:24 PM
RT @JesseLynStoner: A real vision is lived, not framed.