Wednesday, November 28, 2012

google & microfinance

hacking away..

Larry Ferlazzo (@Larryferlazzo)
11/28/12 6:49 AM
@BBC_Future: How Google plans to find the unGoogleable. (via@Techmeme)”

pretty huge.  (i know i say that weekly/daily - but this is - they all are - have been)

so - wiley is planning to launch a beta in the fall at texas uni. connecting people at uni working on same assign.
we are planning to do that within an entire city. connecting people with like curiosities. with a global launch in aug.

i think connecting to wiley... would be more than huge.

also - esp to david - connecting with dwight d jones - super in vegas.. he has colorado history.
re: potential for vegas as city alongside doing city as school

monika hardy (@monk51295)
11/28/12 7:33 AM
@Larryferlazzo: “@BBC_Future: -find the unGoogleable. (via @Techmeme)”” -imagine this w/no assign cc@dscofield be app

Harvard Biz Review (@HarvardBiz)
11/28/12 6:45 AM
Microfinance is often seen as the only path for women seeking economic opportunity in emerging

kool beans.. no..?
perfect timing.

and this isn't a rights issue.. it's an opportunity for your thumbprint issue..
with exactly a problem we re facing.. only from the other end..

let's hack it.. no?

Bonnie Stewart (@bonstewart)
11/28/12 6:30 AM
@cogdog it gets a "since the beginning of time" English 101 badge, too. was curious whether badges still cause strong reaction. i guess yes?

Alan Levine (@cogdog)
11/28/12 6:22 AM
@bonstewart just the opening of that HASTAC piece earned the Passive Voice Badge plus a "There is no doubt" cluster

monika hardy (@monk51295)
11/28/12 7:05 AM
@bonstewart @cogdog -image app to trail think/connect/do w/messy network. non-linear port. less focus on proving things we can't. just be.

Bonnie Stewart (@bonstewart)
11/28/12 7:09 AM
@monk51295 @cogdog i'd love to see learning move in all those directions and focus less on processes of legitimation.

Alan Levine (@cogdog)
11/28/12 7:08 AM
@monk51295 @bonstewart There is an app for that. It's called "being human"... with an in-app purchase to add the "dog loyalty" plugin.

monika hardy (@monk51295)
11/28/12 7:25 AM
@cogdog @bonstewart we re crafting one.. called be app. so humane.. dog loyalty is no longer a question we beg asking.. : )

Tom Fullerton (@tomfullerton)
11/28/12 6:37 AM
An update on #phoebetheoak seedling. She has sprouted a massive trunk as long as my middle finger. Her

kinda like this...
just there..showing life
rather than wasting days proving stuff not provable..
while the human spirit keeps on dying...

monika hardy (@monk51295)
11/28/12 7:12 AM
@tomfullerton: update #phoebetheoak seedling. Her roots” -what if nclb=acknowledge aliveness. too silly? how silly?
Tom Fullerton (@tomfullerton)
11/28/12 7:46 AM
@monk51295 acknowledge aliveness. Celebrate / nurture growth. Yes. Not silly at all :)

not silly at all.

godin - icarus deception:
the most rational thing to do.. is irrational art. (art = the thing you can't not do)
we are no longer fenced in.