Friday, November 30, 2012

seth godin on chartering to be innovators

Seth's Blog: Non-profits have a charter to be innovators

huge - getting at the root cause..

too important to not be daring and bold....

ongoing convo (mostly in my head) after seth's post:

via david: Trying to answer without understanding the difference between social entrepreneurship and social innovation is difficult. This piece is still RT'ing and pushing 300 since it appeared.

maybe there is none.. maybe we manufactured that.

let's try wiggling our way into betterness...

clay shirky's ted 2012 - getting to me - as always.
the 10 day care centers for sure.. how to get the 3 back to a human relationship rather than a market.
then his 2012 ted - the people experimenting have no power.. the people with power are not experimenting.
and his reference to martha payne - that it's - prior to now..

add on - the 800 unis now taking you w/o act sat.. because if you have a low score - that lowers their ratings. - amy's wiggle-ness is primed to go.. as is zak's and cristian's

so a crazy take..
the 3 day care centers - still believe money is power... so let's use that, rather than spinning our wheels on permission. we are living after the - prior to that.. no?

we've been spending the last four years seeking permission for people to be in spaces of permission with nothing to prove. because we believe that is the ticket - to the breathtaking-ness, to haque's betterness - we all seek. proof is killing us - and it's not even provable.
amy and i talking mission hills yesterday at a 20% entry point. well.. let's not. let's not dabble.. we know to much to do that. let's trump it with money. let's get the 20 mill. then - as per our write-ups et al... offer 1 mill each to one elem and one middle school and one high school. we were worried about everyone playing - if they had their day job pulling at their time/attention/energy.. and our closed door locally ends up being the school board (to a huge degree) - so how to get the school board to free them up. 
say - we now have 20 mill - they'll make allowance. just like 800 unis are making allowances with sat act - just to get more money. because - unfortunately - right now - we are all the 3 day care centers - confused about the relationship, believing that money is power.
so - let's not whine or wait for permission - let's use what we have.. the mentality of people as they are now..

let's make prior to now... visible.. in one short year. city as school.. no?