Tuesday, November 20, 2012

adam burk - treehouse institute

Why Treehouse?

A reflection by Adam Burk:
The name Treehouse is an homage to my childhood experiences building treehouses in the woods near my home in New Jersey. Fueled by curiosity, problem solving, and an awe for nature, I spent countless hours up in the trees. These treehouses were my first experience building something outside of anyone’s rules. I was constantly experimenting, failing, and learning. My materials were recycled and salvaged, and it was one of my earliest experiences understanding the vital connection between my endeavors and the natural world.
The treehouses were adjacent places where my friends from all over the neighborhood would gather and create together. Problems and success were shared collectively.
To this day, when I see them, treehouses invoke wonder, excitement and ingenuity. And so I thought the treehouse was the perfect symbol for the kind of spaces we will create – rooted in their places, adjacent to existing structures, and inviting curiosity and experimentation.