Monday, November 26, 2012

choice not proof.. no?

Will Richardson (@willrich45)
11/26/12 6:08 AM
"Students need a reason to learn, and we shouldn’t just assume they will be able to learn something for its own sake."

or.. the brain.. via app to facilitate curiosities.

people dropping out is a good sign.. a sign we are starting to give choice w/no strings attached. we re missing one of the best aspects of moocs/audits/learning even when these vast numbers are screaming back at us.

now .. if we could get away from spending all our time proving things.

that's what tech wants (kelly):

1. get rid of time spent proving. ie: intentional trail via being/doing/connecting aggregated by messiness king.. the web ie: the brain-ish, rather than (or along with if you must) - documenting linear - very questionable- proof/credentials; (see bunker roy-community as curriculum and even as measure - if you must)

2. hasten connecting and grokking and ... being.
this will only exponentiate in a timely fashion (also in a -blowing us away -fashion) if we scale the individual in such an eclectic place as a city, one where people believe they have nothing to prove, that there is never nothing going on.