Thursday, November 15, 2012

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Don Tapscott (@dtapscott)
11/15/12 6:15 AM
Vast Majority of Millennials are Very Happy, According to Landmark Study of Young People Across 24 Countries

John Hagel (@jhagel)
11/15/12 6:29 AM
@gapingvoid: The world will always, ALWAYS conspire to make u less than u are. Even the well-intentioned parts of it

John Hagel (@jhagel)
11/15/12 6:23 AM
You were born to pursue greatness, to unlock the code of your soul and discover your life’s work - from@justinemusk

If you were very lucky, there was an adult in your life who recognized what made your eyes light up, and lose all sense of time. That adult saw those first hints of talent as the early signs of your life’s work, and encouraged you to pursue them.
More likely, though, you will have to close your eyes and time-travel back, to visit the child that you were as the adult you are now. And to identify — on your own — those first manifestations of a calling.

In his new book MASTERY, Robert Greene talks about intensity of attention and how it allowed our ancestors to survive and thrive on the savannahs.
“The longer and harder they looked, the more they could distinguish between an opportunity and a danger.”
Our visual system is built for depth of focus. By looking long and hard enough, by refusing all distractions, our ancestors could detach themselves from their immediate surroundings, notice patterns, generalize, and think ahead.
They could access reality in a way that animals can’t.
They could understand it, come to know it – and in this way, master it.
They became better hunters. They built better tools. The body might decay, but the mind could continue to learn and adapt and pass on that knowledge to others.

Graham Brown-Martin (@GrahamBM)
11/15/12 6:21 AM
Congrats to the #wise2012 team for another triumph - once again the real inspiration was found in the margins - thanks for having me :)

icec.. the margins as focus

Jonathan Fields (@jonathanfields)
11/15/12 6:17 AM
Is Innovation Dead? @jtwinsor

write Stan. write jeff.. disrupt yourself mic