Tuesday, November 27, 2012

city as school - off greg satell's post

ReachScale (@ReachScale)
11/27/12 6:40 AM
Reverse #Innovation Revolution: "When you live in a society that doesnt fill ur needs, u find a way 2 fill them urself" ow.ly/fyM5G

now imagine .. we unleashed the *impoverished in school bldgs. everywhere, ny, la, Kampala, Jackson, Vegas, Perth, ...
and come to find out... every one of them has some neglected genius. every one.
now innovation, crazy, unthinkable, ... is the norm.
isn't that how learning goes..? authentic learning, by every person ..unleashed to their authenticity.
*ie: those labeled unfit.. or labeled.. exceptional, exceedingly bright...
yet if you listen to each one of them... each one... they are craving more.

imagine.. city as school... where no genius hides or dies, because we're finally listening to every soul..

then, perhaps, we cease to create/manufacture problems we seem to have no time to solve.. and in good health, we do/ be/become work/play that matters.


I think we could do that on a multi trillion dollar budget. no?
problem today... we're using that money to perpetuate and /or bandaid-ize problems, rather than not create them in the first place.

how to get from here to there...?
we have brilliant people in school blds, 7 hrs a day, 5 days a week... they could pull us out... back to us... if we set them free.. even just for one year.

we should try.
we should not not try.