Thursday, November 15, 2012

alive people

alive people - new defn for ap - rather than advanced placement
eric mazur (harvard)
use your head/heart

yong zhao (UO) - people with high math scores on PISA are low on creativity, entrepreneurship and happiness

denise pope (stanford) - kids saying over 90% cheat. but they see it as survival
2007 - 80% - esp those at top end 2012 - over 90% - via future of ed

UCLA admissions - if someone is coming for video - that's a talent so:
Is he interested in Theater or Film & Television?  These are talent based majors so academics is second and talent is looked at first.
Yes, any student applying to the UC system must complete either the SAT or ACT.  Even if they are already trying to enter UCLA as an Admit by Exception. 
so - talent isn't really looked at until a kid has spent a good chunk of his time prepping to pass ACT/SAT - academics (school info) first - always.

even when we have proof that most cheat - or simply memorize from cramming.. and that the end result - high math scores... aren't what we're after in the first place... if we lose creativity, entrepreneurship and happiness..

ACT innovation team: we know people hate us, we know we need to change.


imagine scaling the individual...