Sunday, November 11, 2012

tweets nov 11

Shelly S Terrell (@ShellTerrell)
11/11/12 7:09 AM
#mozfest: Open schools for open #edreform
via chad..
If the question is, “Why don’t teachers quit if they don’t believe in the work that it seems like they’re doing?”, then the question is also, “Why aren’t we infiltrating schools to turn them into design and learning studios full of day long dojos and camps
then adam suggests on fb.. change why into what if...

and tim on fb:
Number one question I get over and over again is: "but what does it look like." Most teachers only know school the way they experienced it. They need to SEE alternatives in action and that's hard to show without a) looking contrived in a video or b) spending a lot of time and money shipping teachers around the country to visit the schools of tomorrow.

this is what we're trying to do. let people see.
but not just let them see one innovation, one alternative, in action. but let them see a means to setting everyone free, to create, copy, remix their own.
no prep, no training, no micro-management needed. we have plenty of evidence that people are good and capable of incredible things. we just need to model what setting people free in a city looks like.. no?

Jacob Richardson (@jjarichardson)
11/11/12 7:26 AM
The establishment's concealment of child abuse is being revealed, so it resorts to humiliating the victims to silence them. #davidmellor

unfortunate - this happens to many degrees - everywhere.. our defense mechanism... keeping us all co-dependent..

Mark Barnes (@markbarnes19)
11/11/12 7:31 AM
Interesting story on a misguided pollicy: No Zeros uproar shows need for more accountability in

Diploma exams are marked fairly. On sections of these exams where students write long-form written answers, two teachers mark each passage. The teachers don’t know the student and they don’t know what mark the other grader has assigned. If the marks don’t align, the test is marked by a third teacher.
But when grading is left to just one teacher who knows students, as is done in every classroom, bias enters in, says Jim Dueck, a retired assistant deputy minister in Alberta Education and an international expert on the evaluation of students.

oh my..
It opens the door to an unfair assessment of what the student has provided.”
the door is already wide open.. when we vote someone who doesn't know the learner as best assessor..
..our proving people via % or grade or badge what begs accountability.
what are we getting at.. better.. more fair marks..?
or better people.. with no need to " cheat" as a survival mechanism...

oh my. dang.. i thought assessment meant - sit alongside.
how crazy are we to think that a grade, an accolade, a diploma, a badge even, is worth more than being known by someone...
what about the 90% who say they cheat - via pope at stanford. this is what happens when learning becomes less about being known, less about doing what matters to you, and more about an accolade for some prescribed learning. dang.
oh my.
perhaps - if we can even measure things.. should be a red flag that it's not what we should be focusing on..
what does it mean to be human and alive.
let's focus on that.
perhaps then.. we quit creating the problems we're having trouble solving.
authenticity. attachment.

Dibyendu De (@dde337)
11/11/12 7:32 AM
@toughLoveforx 'Change averaged over time' - I c it as big mistake. Changes, Time, Probability, Prediction r all asymmetrical @ddrrnt

and if it's change that matters... most probably unmeasureable... no?

Katie Zhu (@kzhu91)
11/11/12 3:54 AM
You don't win by changing the world's laws. You win by changing the world's culture. #mozfest

Mary Loftus (@marloft)
11/10/12 10:51 AM
#coderdojo - coding is empowering - you can create a few lines of text and change the world -@jwhelton at #mozfest