Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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Sam Chaltain (@samchaltain)
11/26/12 7:29 AM
A grassroots approach to school reform in Indianapolis nuvo.net/indianapolis/a… A growing trend?

while i have trouble with assumed verbiage such as this
A report released Aug. 15, "Local School Councils: Can Democracy Save IPS?" suggests hyper-localized control of schools can "more consistently raise test scores, and promote remedies to 'social toxins' such as poverty, alienation, unemployment, violence, inadequate housing and health care" better than plans offered in other reform strategies.:
Our focus is to ensure all Indianapolis Public Schools" children have access to all the resources our schools, teachers, parents and community can provide so each student reaches their full potential," Althardt wrote in an emailed response to a request for comment.
because i don't think we'll dig ourselves out until we do scale the individual.. [within an eclectic space such as a city, where people are no longer beholden to assumed schedules]..and let people decide what success or full potential is to them.. rather than handing out standardized success quotas.. et al.
i do love this quote:
They contrast their approach to reform to philosophies that stoke competition among schools, referencing a quote from journalist David Moberg, who wrote: "While competition improves efficiency in a business model, nowhere in human history has competition led to equity."

competition, compulsion, conformity for efficiency sake... is killing us. [1 every 40 sec]

Richard Florida (@Richard_Florida)
11/27/12 6:15 AM
Very much looking forward to this: @centreforlondon / @IPPR London Policy Conference w/ closing keynote by moi |bit.ly/TrzIUr

imagine we do all this amazing man is pushing for (as well as many others) in a city, but not just do it after hours.. imagine we do it during the day, call it our work, call it our school..

Richard Florida (@Richard_Florida)
11/27/12 6:29 AM
MT @AreaDevelopment
Businesses Concentrate R&D in a Small Number of Metros - (NSF data)1.usa.gov/UZhXZE

Marlo Thomas (@MarloThomas)
11/27/12 6:24 AM
"Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can."– Arthur Ashe

Michael Josefowicz (@toughLoveforx)
11/27/12 6:25 AM
@transarchitect Thanks fo RT. What I see is the price for online mass highered in the States will gravitate to GWU 's $3000 per semester.

Bert van Lamoen (@transarchitect)
11/26/12 3:59 AM
Work should be love made visible.

Joel Runyon (@joelrunyon)
11/27/12 6:34 AM
Something to keep in mind when you're convinced you're "right"buff.ly/V3eJo8