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Bringing the Internet to the Ends of the Earth via @ahumanright

tweets to apr 30 - tech & love & ..

Maria Popova (@brainpicker)
4/29/13 6:01 AM
“A one-syllable word heavy as a heartbeat … a sort of traffic accident of the heart.” A natural history of lovej.mp/10MZkBM
You can never know anyone as completely as you want. But that’s okay, love is better,” a wise woman wrote
Love is the white light of emotion. It includes many feelings which, out of laziness and confusion, we crowd into one simple word. Art is the prism that sets them free, then follows the gyrations of one or a few. When art separates this thick tangle of feelings, love bares its bones. But it cannot be measured or mapped. Everyone admits that love is wonderful and necessary, yet no one can agree on what it is.

Our long history of ambivalence towards love, Ackerman argues, is rooted in the necessary vulnerability and uncontrolled surrender true love requires:
We think of it as a sort of traffic accident of the heart. It is an emotion that scares us more than cruelty, more than violence, more than hatred. We allow ourselves to be foiled by the vagueness of the word. After all, love requires the utmost vulnerability. We equip someone with freshly sharpened knives; strip naked; then invite him to stand close. What could be scarier?

perhaps tech can help us get closer..

http://mobile.theverge.com/2013/4/30/4283288/expect-labs-mindmeld-investment-samsung-intel-telefonica - via jason silva

Dennis Sparks (@DennisSparks)
4/29/13 5:57 AM
NPR: An ingenious experiment discovers the effects of parents' arguments on the brains of infantsnpr.org/blogs/health/2…

ReachScale (@ReachScale)
4/29/13 6:00 AM
#Women I have met have common qualities: Brilliant thinkers and #activists and they are courageous. via @oguntesocialenterprise.guardian.co.uk/social-enterpr…
able to connect to the most resourceful people and structures, in order to develop simple yet very smart and impactful routes to growth.
Donna Morton, CEO and co-founder of First Power Canada and executive director of the Centre for Integral Economics, is driven by innovation and a commitment to future generations. Her venture puts clean energy, jobs and equity in the hands of communities, and she focuses on First Nations. Donna demonstrates how quadruple bottom line is a non-negotiable to make sustainability a reality.

john thackara (@johnthackara)
4/29/13 5:59 AM
enchanted to learn about "tonewoods.. that sing the song of healthy forests"windhorsewoods.com/tonewood.php

Scott McLeod (@mcleod)
4/29/13 6:01 AM
Evernote decides to make the Web less interactive | @mguhlin bit.ly/ZITaAQ#RSS #edtech

Shelly Blake-Plock (@BlakePlock)
4/28/13 1:21 PM
HP has interesting new edu lead. Expect more of this. RT @audreywatters: Maine awards HP its edu laptop contract. Wow bangordailynews.com/2013/04/27/new…

Shelly Blake-Plock (@BlakePlock)
4/28/13 1:43 PM
Hmm. MT @PeterVogel: Google Glass may be big in edu, perhaps the ultimate for BYOD. Check out reactions to it today. ow.ly/kvknU

So consider the learning you’ve planned for next week. Is it participatory? Plain? Powerful?

so perhaps too.. it can't be planned.. esp by someone else...

Inside Higher Ed (@insidehighered)
4/30/13 6:14 AM
Duke faculty vote down consortium for for-credit online courses in partnership with 2U:bit.ly/156KPub

Duke remains a member of MOOC provider Coursera and many of its faculty members are leaders in the push to use technology to teach in new ways, so the vote does not represent an outright rejection of online education but rather specific concerns about for-credit online education offered by third-parties. Faculty also expressed concern about the administration's handling of the deal and 2U's cut of the revenue.
Pfau, who is not a member of the faculty council, also said the administration’s approach kept faculty in the dark.
“It’s symptomatic of the top-down approach to managing the intellectual fortunes of this university and it’s produced – certainly among faculty in the humanities and social sciences over the last few years -- intense discontent,” he said.
Pfau said the effort would have represented an “intensification of the view that all courses are commodities” and worried the Semester Online effort would stifle hiring by allowing universities to send students to online for-credit classes offered by other universities rather than hiring faculty to teach those subjects on their own campuses. Pfau argued courses are “zero sum game” and if a student can take a class from elsewhere it won’t be offered at Duke.
oh my.
We thought that working with a limited number of high quality universities, we could provide a supplement to the curricular experience our students already had,” he said.
Chip Paucek, the CEO of 2U, said the effort “isn’t about replacing anything on campus.”
He downplayed Duke’s exit from the partnership.
Thomas Metzloff, a professor at Duke's law school, was developing a contemporary constitutional law course for the 2U partnership. He said he was working with other top scholars to offer guest lectures that would not be possible to do regularly in a traditional class.
"This is not second class teaching," Metzloff said. "In fact, in many ways, I think it is superior."
Lange said Duke will continue to explore online offerings.
“I don’t take this as a, 'Let’s not do this,'" he said. "I take this as a, 'Let’s figure out what the best way to do this is.'"

Toxic Lex (@the_lombz)
4/30/13 5:31 AM
This boy is in Grade 12. He's brilliant at Maths and Science but his English barely functional. Dear Government, fuck you. #Zambia

Toxic Lex (@the_lombz)
4/30/13 5:29 AM
So this boy was asked what they learn at school in English class. They do nothing. The teachers tell them to "go and research". #Zambia

Monday, April 29, 2013

Seth's Blog: Getting picked (need to vs. want to)

Seth's Blog: Getting picked (need to vs. want to)

finding a path that doesn't require you get picked in order to succeed.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

tweets - life, love, writing, rights

Define American (@DefineAmerican)
4/26/13 4:36 PM
10 quotes from @joseiswriting speech at today's @BCRIorg symposiumbit.ly/15YGgRV

Ryan Bretag (@ryanbretag)
4/26/13 4:37 PM
What the NFL Scouting Combine Can Teach Us About Teacher Eval zite.to/13zCGcO - sure, when you treat employees like live stock
Numbers might matter for fantasy leagues and fantasy schools, but in real life, the victory happens together.

bacigalupe (@bacigalupe)
4/26/13 4:38 PM
Who Is Happiest At Work? Probably Not Who You Think ti.me/Zv4eSd via@TIMEBusiness
In most organizations, low performers are pretty much left alone. They are happy as clams because no one notices or bothers them. They can just sit there quietly and won’t be discovered as long as no one does anything to alter the terrain.

Ryan Bretag (@ryanbretag)
4/26/13 4:42 PM
5 Myths About Writing With Mobile Devices zite.to/10FEAMk#gbnlearning

“Every time I would turn around, she would just be deleting everything on the screen.” My friend told me. “I bought her a bluetooth keyboard and that has helped.”
How does the purchase of a keyboard magically improve the writing process? It doesn’t – though it may help with typing.

“…this study seems to illustrate an important point: adults who have spent decades typing on a traditional keyboard, find it very difficult to imagine that students can be successful typing efficiently on a virtual keyboard. The evidence here, however, does not support this bias.”
Once we disconnect the process of writing from the mechanics of typing, then we can begin to look at the potential of mobile devices.

Many adults have come to associate writing with Word – as in Microsoft Word. In fact, one of the most common questions that we get at EdTechTeacher when talking with schools who are moving towards iPad programs is “What about Word?” While a host of Word-like apps exist, thinking beyond the traditional word processor opens up so many other avenues. For example, Drive allows for collaborative writing, while AudioNote (iPad or Android) syncs recorded audio with typed or written words, and Evernote makes written content available on any device.

Imagine a group of students working on a writing assignment…. what do you see as a final product? In a traditional setting, we envision words on paper (or on screen) – a text-based output.
With mobile devices, we have instant access to cameras and microphones as well as the ability to write, type, draw, capture images, and create videos. As a result of these tools and capabilities, the writing process no longer needs to be limited to solely text-based output. In fact, by leveraging these capabilities, students who would otherwise be labeled as having “output issues” suddenly have a voice.
“With writing on iPad – students who HATE writing to actually do it without thinking they are writing at all. They actually think we haven’t had “writing” in a day or so when iPads have been used.” – Suzy Brooks
If the writing infers a process used to generate and communicate a coherent idea or concept, then why do we make the assumption that the communication has to occur solely through text? By expanding upon our definition of “writing” with mobile devices, then the possible becomes redefined.

Kevin Hime (@coach57)
4/26/13 4:37 PM
Where is the $$$ going to come from to implement CCSS in #oklaedazsba.org/docs/filelib/C…
holy crap cow

DML Research Hub (@dmlresearchhub)
4/26/13 4:59 PM
The Drop In/Out: Sierra Goldstein Is Using Mobile To Hack Her Own Education bit.ly/12vJUi5 via@BoryanaDz

ReachScale (@ReachScale)
4/26/13 5:02 PM
Next 5 Billion: Majority of humanity will come online 1st time, in areas ridden w conflict/instability/repressionhuffingtonpost.com/eric-e-schmidt…

The world is not perfect, and with more connectivity we have greater visibility into the challenges that exist in every corner of the globe. There's room for optimism and there's room for pessimism, but above all we must start with understanding. So we're publishing a book, The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business. It looks at the good and the bad that awaits us, and describes some ways we might navigate these challenges.

As you think about the next five billion to come online, what makes you excited and afraid? What stories do you have of surprising twists on the front lines of this new digital age? Leave a comment; on Monday, April 29 we're giving signed copies of our book to the 15 most insightful comments chosen by The Huffington Post, and we'd love to hear from you!

syamant sandhir (@syamant)
4/27/13 7:21 AM
For tech to develop in emerging economies, the first obstacle is trust -@ecuamatt


WiredAcademic (@WiredAcademic)
4/18/13 3:18 AM
Brown University Creates Online Course for High School Students nyti.ms/YuzSu9 Innovative & thoughtful #edu idea from Rhode Island
via Wendy Drexler

Schooling the World (@schoolingworld)
4/27/13 2:21 PM
"Delusions of Development:" new collaborative blog that "aims to explore and expose dominant mindsets, and...fb.me/22lO8mIac

Helen Walters (@HelenWalters)
4/28/13 7:26 AM
Great story on New Delhi's "unauthorized colonies," home to some 5 million people.nytimes.com/2013/04/28/wor…
Tapan Kumar Chowdhury, 62, a retiree now working as an activist in the colony, said legalized status would be likely to improve sanitation and local health standards through installation of a true sewage system. But he remained skeptical about whether the election-year promises would be carried out, noting that politicians preferred to keep colonies vulnerable so that residents remained more beholden to them for even incremental improvements. “They have a vested interest in keeping us illegal and unauthorized,” he said, “so they can use us as a vote bank.”
“Where will the poor man go?” he asked. “That is the problem.”

Donald Miller (@donaldmiller)
4/28/13 7:26 AM
New post: "Sunday Morning Sermon: A Renowned Scientist Tenderly Explains His Faith"bit.ly/183HibT

Jennifer Borgioli (@DataDiva)
4/28/13 7:18 AM
@gadfly1974 I agree the system has become unkind. It would seem, though, that it would behoove us to be kind to each other. @rratto

Jennifer Borgioli (@DataDiva)
4/28/13 6:39 AM
@teacherken startled by your comments and links, on Diane's blog re: Allison. Bringing in personal info like that seems way over the line.
Jennifer Borgioli (@DataDiva)
4/26/13 3:10 PM
@1momzer I absolutely do not. We're talking here in #140. Talking about the science of teaching/learning does not do a disservice to art.
John Spencer (@edrethink)
4/28/13 7:28 AM
@DataDiva @MWStory @tgwynn What she did was cruel, vindictive, personal and based upon something public.
Brad Ovenell-Carter (@Braddo)
4/28/13 7:30 AM
Socrates would blanch: "Seesaw App Could Bring "Wisdom Of The Crowd" To Moral Dilemmas" #tokafe11feedly.com/k/ZrGe1s good read
Peter Vander Auwera (@petervan)
4/28/13 7:30 AM
Ignore all hatred and criticism. Live for what you create.chng.mk/e3862/tu

right in the midst of it..

Mark E. Weston Ph.D. (@ShiftParadigm)
4/28/13 7:30 AM
"If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking."
George S. Patton #thinking #satchat

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tweets - joi, mooc take, etc

Joi Ito (@Joi)
4/26/13 5:36 AM
My Freesouls story features on Fotopedia Reporter!fotopedia.com/reporter/stori…

love - what i'm trying to do is free someone's soul from his/her image

Steve Collis (@Steve_Collis)
4/26/13 5:37 AM
Amazingly worded school mission statement, and fascinating school - 'Avenues' HT to @markliddellmarkliddell.wordpress.com/2013/03/18/stu…
Avenues intends open up other global sites so that students can change from one school to another seamlessly. I came away with a sense that students will face great challenges in their learning at Avenues and this is precisely what they need in order to become effective global leaders.

Greg Satell (@Digitaltonto)
4/26/13 5:43 AM
4 Principles of Marketing Strategy In The Digital Agep.ost.im/p/dC3ayQ
However, strategy is fundamentally different from innovation.  As noted above, a good strategy is one that achieves specific objectives.  Innovation, however, focuses on creating something new and new things, unfortunately, tend to not work as well as standard solutions (at least at first).  The truth is that innovation is a messy business.
So failure must be an option, which is why venture capital firms expect the vast majority of their investments to fail.  However, failure must be done cheaply, so resources (and therefore senior executives) must be kept to a minimum.
The primary focus of marketing promotion used to be to create compelling advertising campaigns that would get the consumer’s attention and drive awareness.  Once potential customers were aware of the product, direct sales and retail promotions could then close the deal.
That model is now broken.  Today, effective promotional campaigns are less likely to lead to a sale and more likely to result in an Internet search, where consumers’ behavior can be tracked and then retargeted by competitors.  Simply building awareness and walking away is more likely to enrich your competition than yourself.
Successful brands are becoming platforms and need to do more than just drive consumers to a purchase, they have to inspire them to participate.  That means marketers have to think less in terms of USP’s, and GRP’s and more in terms of API’sand SDK’s.  Focus groups are giving way to accelerators and creation to co-creation.
In the digital age, brands are no longer corporate assets to be leveraged, but communities of belief and purpose.

GothamSchools (@gothamschools)
4/26/13 5:43 AM
RT @JulieLanoe: Inflicting the third and final book of the NYS Math Assessment this morning. I am sorry, my 10 year olds.

Rhett Allain (@rjallain)
4/26/13 5:43 AM
RT @physicistdanny: Your World is Your Labflip.it/gB9hZ

“Your World is Your Lab” is a different type of MOOC because it contains a home laboratory component. Students go out into the world, take video of some phenomenon, analyze it, and construct a video report of their observations and analysis. These reports are graded by their peers (i.e., other students taking the MOOC) and these laboratories constitute the major portion of the “grade” in this MOOC.

Participation will vary greatly, and it’s unclear how many students (and how often they) will perform the laboratories. This is an ambitious undertaking; porting an entire introductory physics course to the MOOC format. That is why the research is so important.
perhaps where the staleness comes in... calling it intro physics.. rather than lab of world.

what if lectures were others' -peers as everyone, prof et al - conversations .. via hangouts..

then decide at end .. who wants credit for what.. or start a brain..?

Seth's Blog: Competence vs. possibility

Seth's Blog: Competence vs. possibility

Thursday, April 25, 2013

tweets - ted, open, onlyness

ReachScale (@ReachScale)
4/24/13 9:10 PM
#Women are 52% of pop., create 66% of output, 10% of income & own 1% of property-what's #wrong w this pic? ow.ly/iyTQM

love this phrase: let's do it in our watch.

Edudemic (@Edudemic)
4/24/13 8:15 PM
10 Ways To Use Offline iPads In Educationedudemic.com/2013/04/10-way…

nancyflanagan (@nancyflanagan)
4/2/13 8:20 AM
@MsSandersTHS #SandersTHS if your students would like to explore this question, I recommend Jon Haidt's TED talk: ted.com/talks/jonathan…

Distance Education (@onlinecourse)
4/24/13 9:11 PM
Will Your Student Loan Forgiveness Program Last? -dedu.org/1FPN68

Venessa Miemis (@VenessaMiemis)
4/25/13 4:32 PM
Reply to Chris Anderson, TED and the TED Community: We're Halfway There, But... huff.to/179eoISvia @HuffPostMedia

"The scientists who pressured TED into censuring Sheldrake are afraid that accepting his perspective invalidates their own work and that they'll be pushed aside. They don't realize that there's room for everyone in the Multiverse."

Over the years, I've come to realize that no amount of argument, no matter how coherent or robust, is likely to ever change someone's basic metaphysical beliefs (more so, when their livelihoods depend on defending those beliefs). It seems we adhere to a set of metaphysical assumptions not because of either scientific "evidence" or philosophical "argument," but because of some deeply unconscious emotional or aesthetic preference

This is exactly the situation for a class of consciousness-related phenomena. They are labeled telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition and psychokinesis. These phenomena do challenge naive assumptions about the relationship between mind and matter, but there is no rational justification for continuing to exclude this line of research if TED is really interested in promoting genuine science. Empiricism must trump theory, otherwise it's no longer science that's being defended. It's dogma.

Josh Kaufman (@joshkaufman)
4/24/13 9:18 PM
@zen_habits Galleys of my new book, THE FIRST 20 HOURS, have arrived - would you like a copy? If so, DM me. Details: first20hours.com

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tweets to apr 24 - a quiet revolution - percolating

Mitch Joel (@mitchjoel)
4/24/13 6:33 AM
3 small (but powerful) ways to think about social media. Who needs 1,000,000 followers when you have this: bit.ly/11D5obD
Once the bigger numbers and results start pouring in, the c-suite always has the same reaction: they want to crank it up even more. They want it to be bigger and do more. The caution with social media is that these connected channels are highly personal. While billions of people are connected, the vast majority of these individuals keep their social graphs to a manageable number of connections (recently, Facebook reveled that the average user has about 200 connections). 

Join the first twitter chat tonight at 7:30 pm EST! Tonight: "What it means to mobilize, and why women are leading the charge." - part of the mobilize story:
TEDxFrontRange (@TEDxFrontRange)
4/24/13 9:05 AM
Our own Sierra Goldstein in Fast Company!fb.me/2mSDi5nis

Darren Rowse (@problogger)
4/24/13 6:32 AM
“Whatever you are, be a good one.” ― Abraham Lincoln#GoodNight

WikiLeaks (@wikileaks)
4/24/13 6:32 AM
Background on the three year WikiLeaks vs. Visa case due to be decided today: wikileaks.org/WikiLeaks-decl…and wikileaks.org/European-Commi…

Lyn Hilt (@L_Hilt)
4/24/13 6:32 AM
Cutting Edge bit.ly/Zq68n6 from @djakes#cpchat #edchat

Henry Jenkins (@henryjenkins)
4/24/13 6:33 AM
Comics as Poetry: An Interview with David Mack (Part One)shar.es/JFACt
The following interview with the comic book artist David Mack appeared in a special issue of the journal, Amerikastudien American Studies, focused on “American Comic Books and Graphic Novels.” This special issue was edited by Daniel Stein, Christina Meyer, and Micha Edlich. Other co

Simple Homeschool (@simpleschool)
4/23/13 6:34 AM
The disappearance of childhood and what we can do to get it backbit.ly/17ICfgU

Author Richard Swenson defines margin as “the space that once existed between ourselves and our limits. It’s something held in reserve for contingencies or unanticipated situations.” It’s in this in-between space that the magic of childhood casts its spell–allowing our kids to fall in love with this world that will one day be their grown-up inheritance.

Angela Dunn (@blogbrevity)
4/23/13 6:33 AM
The Lowline: a creative idea for an underground park in NYC using remote skylight tech – stimulates photosynthesis youtu.be/O4xjCdiKGXk

JackieGerstein Ed.D. (@jackiegerstein)
4/23/13 6:32 AM
2013 Chicago Student's Boycott To Stop School Closings Under Resourced, ...:youtu.be/2gWjI81hpHc

Ashoka UK (@AshokaUK)
4/23/13 6:17 AM
Mobile technology surpasses rural and cultural boundaries - but to scale this must be simple. #microfinance#manndeshi

Kyle Pace (@kylepace)
4/23/13 6:31 AM
Girl Scouts Chapter Introduces Game Design Merit Badgeon.mash.to/ZelhXJ

Don Tapscott (@dtapscott)
4/23/13 6:31 AM
11 countries launch first pan-European university MOOCsow.ly/1VAFPU

Commissioner Vassiliou, together with Prof Mulder and EADTU President Swann, will launch the European MOOCs initiative in a webcasted international press event hosted by the Open Universiteit in the Netherlands on Thursday 25 April (11:00-12:00 CET). They will be joined by Xavier Prats MonnĂ©, Deputy Director-General of the Commission's Education and Culture directorate. You can view the event online: www.ou.nl/moocs. Media wishing to participate in the chat should register in advance on this site.

Saul Kaplan (@skap5)
4/23/13 6:21 AM
Psyched. Off to #Mesh2013 in San Francisco. Sharing economy business models interest me.