Wednesday, April 17, 2013

nic askew

too few people hold a conversation - just because
people don't pay attention to random - because - where's the benefit of that
most aren't paying attention, most aren't lost in the person
not destroying the delight of meeting someone for the first time without any assumptions
if there's a space that's totally clear between the two of us..
the point is to see someone, and to see someone, you don't want to get in the way
there's no formula, no way to prepare.. just to got to listen to the ether
love 18 min in - we usually need something of explanation, but when experiencing presence, that explanation eludes you
what if all we were looking for was to fall in love - with everything
intangible experiences
i don't know what's going to be there - my job is just to give the space
you never get to anything of depth, if you've already worked out where you want to go, .. because then you can't see the person, there's no sense of wonder, and we miss out on everything, the curiosity, the wonder, all the doors that might open to us
25 min in - talking about them is no fun - it's all up here - up in their cleverness
right now i wouldn't put the camera on - we're not there - there's something in the way
so - what's going on - there's too much thinking going on - we're trying to explain what i do
what's right in front of us now - that could be interesting, but we're trying to be clever, trying to work it out 
31 min in: from interit felt safe, warm, an acceptance, i didn't need to be clever, it was easy - it just was what it was
it seems like nothing is happening, but the attention i'm getting from you is powerful, feels like i'm being listened to, doesn't matter what i say, feels like a light shining into my soul, feel a resistance, yet slightly seduced by it
it feels like someone is saying to me, you don't have to pretend, as you are, you are fine, nothing else has to happen
it's like i can't see anywhere i have to get to, for a while anyway
so we heal ourselves, if we're given the space
i can see you now - i couldn't see you before
there's a place where i can see someone's intellect (far more easy to sell, to take in,...) far less easy to get someone to pay attention to the different state, but it's far richer
everyone is capable of it
there's a whole section of this world talking about possibility, but that comes from a place that doesn't believe it
oh. well i'm here, but this isn't it. 
what i do most of the time - i just wonder about stuff..
you can't get to a definitive answer - so in a constant state of - i don't know
the ability to be there, without expectation