Thursday, April 25, 2013

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ReachScale (@ReachScale)
4/24/13 9:10 PM
#Women are 52% of pop., create 66% of output, 10% of income & own 1% of property-what's #wrong w this pic?

love this phrase: let's do it in our watch.

Edudemic (@Edudemic)
4/24/13 8:15 PM
10 Ways To Use Offline iPads In…

nancyflanagan (@nancyflanagan)
4/2/13 8:20 AM
@MsSandersTHS #SandersTHS if your students would like to explore this question, I recommend Jon Haidt's TED talk:…

Distance Education (@onlinecourse)
4/24/13 9:11 PM
Will Your Student Loan Forgiveness Program Last?

Venessa Miemis (@VenessaMiemis)
4/25/13 4:32 PM
Reply to Chris Anderson, TED and the TED Community: We're Halfway There, But... @HuffPostMedia

"The scientists who pressured TED into censuring Sheldrake are afraid that accepting his perspective invalidates their own work and that they'll be pushed aside. They don't realize that there's room for everyone in the Multiverse."

Over the years, I've come to realize that no amount of argument, no matter how coherent or robust, is likely to ever change someone's basic metaphysical beliefs (more so, when their livelihoods depend on defending those beliefs). It seems we adhere to a set of metaphysical assumptions not because of either scientific "evidence" or philosophical "argument," but because of some deeply unconscious emotional or aesthetic preference

This is exactly the situation for a class of consciousness-related phenomena. They are labeled telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition and psychokinesis. These phenomena do challenge naive assumptions about the relationship between mind and matter, but there is no rational justification for continuing to exclude this line of research if TED is really interested in promoting genuine science. Empiricism must trump theory, otherwise it's no longer science that's being defended. It's dogma.

Josh Kaufman (@joshkaufman)
4/24/13 9:18 PM
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