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Wanna work in Silicon Valley? Hiring secrets from influential connectors like Kleiner Perkins'…

Whether she is scouring Stanford or Parsons for up-and-comers or more established candidates, de Baubigny says, “I am always very open minded about what good talent looks like.” Of course, you have to be really smart in the tech industry, she says, but she is looking beyond intellect for something she calls mental and emotional dexterity. “Funding cycles and product launches are always changing, and you’ve got to be able to go with it,” she explains. Finding such a skill in a candidate may be as simple as teasing out whether the person relocated to a job or home in a place where they didn’t know anyone and had to get by on their own merit.

somewhat different approach to matchmaking for portfolio ventures. Rather than doing active placement, she and her 10-person Talent Network are building relationships with Silicon Valley’s standouts and college students and introducing them to the right people at the right startups. Then it’s up to the company to offer a job after they make the connections

What are you reading?” It's a direct way, she says, to understand their curiosity and what inspires them. “They need to be able to form a cogent argument about where they are taking their interests. I really want to understand that,” she sa

Another rather direct way de Baubigny finds out what a candidate is made of is to ask what they see is the legacy they’ll be leaving at their previous company. “What I want to do is find out if they had an impact on the organization,” she explains. Not to worry if it’s a massive outfit like Google, de Baubigny contends. Talking about working within a small team can demonstrate if the person is ego-centric or plays well with others.

She also asks interviewees what they think are the best-designed apps or products, to determine what they see as trending. All this gives her enough insight to begin making introductions.

acontinues to be in touch as they make the rounds at different companies, offering information on the market as well as on culture and management style, always asking, “What sounds good to you?” She explains, “We are facilitating discovery

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Where will “Household Names” in Social Enterprise come from? cc @guyarceneaux@shirleyayres @ADHumlen

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