Thursday, April 11, 2013

tweets - impossible is irrelevant

if it  (whatever people are saying is impossible, or hopeless), was about your kid, that would become irrelevant to you. you wouldn't accept it. you would do all you could.

we know too much - to keep ignoring - the things we can do.

Harvard Biz Review (@HarvardBiz)
4/11/13 6:54 AM
Fixing the World's Infrastructure

Just a few examples illustrate some of the pressing issues: South Africa's power distribution network has an estimated maintenance backlog of $4 billion — equivalent to half of the country's total investment in electric power generation and distribution in 2011. The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that 15% of the country's roads are in an unacceptable condition and says that road congestion costs the U.S. an estimated $100 billion per year. In Jakarta, from 2005-2009, the number of cars rose by 22% annually, while the distance of usable roads actually declined (PDF). The UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean estimates that investment equivalent to 7.9% of GDP (PDF) is necessary to raise infrastructure in the region to the standard of developed East Asian countries.
This isn't an overly radical thought — Chile, the Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, and Taiwan are all developing frameworks for giving private players greater roles in project and portfolio plann

imagine 7 bill

i thought learning was agile.
so did you.
let's get back to what we know. do/be that.
talk to self daily - quickest way there.

Skoll World Forum (@SkollWorldForum)
4/11/13 6:30 AM
RT @SkollFoundation: We are delighted to be standing in solidarity with Festival of Exile in their epic quest for peace tonight @...

Skoll World Forum (@SkollWorldForum)
4/10/13 7:21 AM
Fair Trade can and must do more - we need 'people-centred sustainability': #skollwf@AlertNet

JackieGerstein Ed.D. (@jackiegerstein)
4/10/13 7:21 AM
Save the date: April 10 rally for commonsense immigration reform…#timeisnow

Dana Bennis (@DanaBennis)
4/10/13 6:25 AM
Beautiful reflection on school & student engagement, seen thru the eyes of a parent at…

But here is an aspect of these situations that is self-evident and, to me, remarkable: the kids perceive themselves as part of a communal endeavor, their school, on which they expect to be afforded a comprehensive vi

self evident.
and remarkable.

My son loves school. He looks to every school day as an adventure, and to his teachers as trusted, vibrant guides. The success of his experience begins with small classes and unstinting adult presence; it begins with being known

The academic ground my son must cover

in love with all of this..
but this one phrase.

what if.
that simple phrase.. is the elephant in the room...

calling on pluralistic ignorance.. let's not accept that anymore..

perhaps that's the key to becoming a narrative for every soul.
via public Ed.. 

Ashoka (@Ashoka)
4/10/13 6:25 AM
Bill Drayton, Beverly Schwartz & Henry deSio kick off workshop on Framework Change #AshokaAtSkoll