Tuesday, April 30, 2013

tweets to apr 30 - tech & love & ..

Maria Popova (@brainpicker)
4/29/13 6:01 AM
“A one-syllable word heavy as a heartbeat … a sort of traffic accident of the heart.” A natural history of lovej.mp/10MZkBM
You can never know anyone as completely as you want. But that’s okay, love is better,” a wise woman wrote
Love is the white light of emotion. It includes many feelings which, out of laziness and confusion, we crowd into one simple word. Art is the prism that sets them free, then follows the gyrations of one or a few. When art separates this thick tangle of feelings, love bares its bones. But it cannot be measured or mapped. Everyone admits that love is wonderful and necessary, yet no one can agree on what it is.

Our long history of ambivalence towards love, Ackerman argues, is rooted in the necessary vulnerability and uncontrolled surrender true love requires:
We think of it as a sort of traffic accident of the heart. It is an emotion that scares us more than cruelty, more than violence, more than hatred. We allow ourselves to be foiled by the vagueness of the word. After all, love requires the utmost vulnerability. We equip someone with freshly sharpened knives; strip naked; then invite him to stand close. What could be scarier?

perhaps tech can help us get closer..

http://mobile.theverge.com/2013/4/30/4283288/expect-labs-mindmeld-investment-samsung-intel-telefonica - via jason silva

Dennis Sparks (@DennisSparks)
4/29/13 5:57 AM
NPR: An ingenious experiment discovers the effects of parents' arguments on the brains of infantsnpr.org/blogs/health/2…

ReachScale (@ReachScale)
4/29/13 6:00 AM
#Women I have met have common qualities: Brilliant thinkers and #activists and they are courageous. via @oguntesocialenterprise.guardian.co.uk/social-enterpr…
able to connect to the most resourceful people and structures, in order to develop simple yet very smart and impactful routes to growth.
Donna Morton, CEO and co-founder of First Power Canada and executive director of the Centre for Integral Economics, is driven by innovation and a commitment to future generations. Her venture puts clean energy, jobs and equity in the hands of communities, and she focuses on First Nations. Donna demonstrates how quadruple bottom line is a non-negotiable to make sustainability a reality.

john thackara (@johnthackara)
4/29/13 5:59 AM
enchanted to learn about "tonewoods.. that sing the song of healthy forests"windhorsewoods.com/tonewood.php

Scott McLeod (@mcleod)
4/29/13 6:01 AM
Evernote decides to make the Web less interactive | @mguhlin bit.ly/ZITaAQ#RSS #edtech

Shelly Blake-Plock (@BlakePlock)
4/28/13 1:21 PM
HP has interesting new edu lead. Expect more of this. RT @audreywatters: Maine awards HP its edu laptop contract. Wow bangordailynews.com/2013/04/27/new…

Shelly Blake-Plock (@BlakePlock)
4/28/13 1:43 PM
Hmm. MT @PeterVogel: Google Glass may be big in edu, perhaps the ultimate for BYOD. Check out reactions to it today. ow.ly/kvknU

So consider the learning you’ve planned for next week. Is it participatory? Plain? Powerful?

so perhaps too.. it can't be planned.. esp by someone else...

Inside Higher Ed (@insidehighered)
4/30/13 6:14 AM
Duke faculty vote down consortium for for-credit online courses in partnership with 2U:bit.ly/156KPub

Duke remains a member of MOOC provider Coursera and many of its faculty members are leaders in the push to use technology to teach in new ways, so the vote does not represent an outright rejection of online education but rather specific concerns about for-credit online education offered by third-parties. Faculty also expressed concern about the administration's handling of the deal and 2U's cut of the revenue.
Pfau, who is not a member of the faculty council, also said the administration’s approach kept faculty in the dark.
“It’s symptomatic of the top-down approach to managing the intellectual fortunes of this university and it’s produced – certainly among faculty in the humanities and social sciences over the last few years -- intense discontent,” he said.
Pfau said the effort would have represented an “intensification of the view that all courses are commodities” and worried the Semester Online effort would stifle hiring by allowing universities to send students to online for-credit classes offered by other universities rather than hiring faculty to teach those subjects on their own campuses. Pfau argued courses are “zero sum game” and if a student can take a class from elsewhere it won’t be offered at Duke.
oh my.
We thought that working with a limited number of high quality universities, we could provide a supplement to the curricular experience our students already had,” he said.
Chip Paucek, the CEO of 2U, said the effort “isn’t about replacing anything on campus.”
He downplayed Duke’s exit from the partnership.
Thomas Metzloff, a professor at Duke's law school, was developing a contemporary constitutional law course for the 2U partnership. He said he was working with other top scholars to offer guest lectures that would not be possible to do regularly in a traditional class.
"This is not second class teaching," Metzloff said. "In fact, in many ways, I think it is superior."
Lange said Duke will continue to explore online offerings.
“I don’t take this as a, 'Let’s not do this,'" he said. "I take this as a, 'Let’s figure out what the best way to do this is.'"

Toxic Lex (@the_lombz)
4/30/13 5:31 AM
This boy is in Grade 12. He's brilliant at Maths and Science but his English barely functional. Dear Government, fuck you. #Zambia

Toxic Lex (@the_lombz)
4/30/13 5:29 AM
So this boy was asked what they learn at school in English class. They do nothing. The teachers tell them to "go and research". #Zambia