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venessa miemis

via her post

oh my Venessa - i love this.
i love you both..
made my day.

spaces of permission

as posted on fb via Lisa Cooley shared Zia You's photo.

spaces of permission with nothing to prove... because there is never nothing going on...
let's help them find them.. 
that's the only way they will put in the 10000 hours to be the best they can be for the world.. no?

iste 2012

yong zhao

Yong starts at 55 min
any definition you set is going to drive what you do - so destination is important
i would love the standards if they were not common or not core.. we are lost with the purpose of ed - race to the top of what
bravo - to different talents than pisa
graph - of pisa scores in math - and entrepreneur activities
people confident - so pisa scores have a negative correlation with entrenpreneurial  
maybe by pushing you to get scores - your damaging... confidence..
confidence underpins creativity - if you don't have that - what's the point...
asia - says - forget about the knowledge.. let's teach less..
amer ed is liked by everybody except amer policy makers
traditional model of any school is about creating a curriculum... we make a bet - if you follow this curriculum - you will be successful.. the issue is - when we make any of those predictions... 
waterbuffalo can be harder than college alg
if you put a curriculum in - you are selecting...  
creativity and entrepreneurship are elements of the human spirit
creativity can't be taught.. but it can be killed.. american teachers can't teach better they just kill less 
test scores should not apply to everybody.. help every individual maximize their potential 
 his slides

from review of his book on his site:

This book is the result of my attempts to answer these questions with data and evidence from a variety of sources. Essentially, I reached the following conclusions:
  1. The current education reform efforts that attempt to provide a common, homogenous, and standardized educational experience, e.g., the Common Core Standards Initiative in the U.S., are not only futile but also harmful to preparing our children for the future.
  2. Massive changes brought about by population growth, technology, and globalization not only demand but also create opportunities for “mass entrepreneurship” and thus require everyone to be globally minded, creative, and entrepreneurial. Entrepreneurship is no longer limited to starting or owning a business, but is expanded to social entrepreneurship, policy entrepreneurship, and intrapreneurship.
  3. Traditional schooling aims to prepare employees rather than creative entrepreneurs. As a result the more successful traditional schooling is (often measured by test scores in a few subjects), the more it stifles creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit.
  4. To cultivate creative and entrepreneurial talents is much more than adding an entrepreneurship course or program to the curriculum. It requires a paradigm shift—from employee-oriented education to entrepreneur-oriented education, from prescribing children’s education to supporting their learning, and from reducing human diversity to a few employable skills to enhancing individual talents.
  5. The elements of entrepreneur-oriented education have been proposed and practiced by various education leaders and institutions for a long time but they have largely remained on the fringe. What we need to do is to move them to the mainstream for all children.

sir ken
his talk starts at about 45 min again
[i haven't listened to it yet]

prensky - (about 1 hr in)
what's making us better is connecting our brains to tech (schank) what to teachers do better - empathy - for students - compassion, so expansion is so that students can find their passion - this is the key
4 things - listen, respect (assume good), over expect students, empower teachers to dare - we need to be courageous and daring..
very important that every person finds the infinity group they fit into - if there's something you don't like -for god's sake don't get good at it
coach to find what's in the kid to make it better 

Mayim Bialik ( about 1 hr 15 min in) -  the heart of learning will never change

love the panel idea... eclectic voices... the calmness of a conversation..

ignites - will is about 45 min in - jakes was good - beginning ish - haven't watched all

whitney johnson

disrupt yourself

disruption is a given.. best disrupt yourself.. no?

tokiko kato

why do we harm our rich surroundings just to get hold of so many material possessions?

the smiling revolution.. no better day than today.. 

john hagel

Peter Vander Auwera (@petervan)
6/30/12 12:39 AM
The Rise of Vendor Relationship Management by @jhagel with @dsearls and @windley > highly recommended #yam

nice - ordered the book..
let me to previous post of john's … exploring-passion-what-kind-of-passion-do-you-have

esp intrigued with his revisit of passion and flow - or at least via some of the comments.. there is a difference - between working until you love something and loving something so much you can't not do it.

also intrigued with his distinction - esp - between the passion of the believer and the passion of the explorer..

the fine line of finding the thing you can't not do - yet not trying to define it.. but rather - being free enough to truly explore it.. daily ..


lisagansky (@instigating)
6/29/12 1:12 PM
Making our vacant buildings available for the homeless@AtlanticCities
#cities #community #waste #themesh @shareable


Neighborland (@Neighborland)
6/29/12 1:09 PM
Thanks to @thomasknoll for getting @Neighborland off the ground in Vegas

Seth's Blog: What's scarce?

Seth's Blog: What's scarce?

Friday, June 29, 2012

steven pressfield

oh my. reading turning pro..

here's some of it:

horses understand the whip, but i don't want a racer that runs that way. a horse that loves to run will beat a horse that is compelled, every day of the week. i want my horses to love the track. i want my exercise riders to have to hold them back in the morning because they're so excited to get out and run. 
never train your animal to exhaustion. leave him wanting more..

horses.. people.. let's leave them wanting more.. no?

Seth's Blog: Do we have to pander?

Seth's Blog: Do we have to pander?

ewan mcintosh


    1. The people making the decisions are no smarter than you are.
    2. The harder I work the luckier I get.
    3. Vision is a process, not an away-day, a statement, or a project.
    4. The world moves faster through projects.
    5. Teaching needs learning, not the other way around.

    prepare for uncertainty


    via Diane in link above: 
    This article reminds me that the role of the schools is unchanging: to equip young people with the skills and knowledge to be good citizens and help to sustain our democracy into the future. They need a grounding in science, mathematics, history, literature, the arts, world cultures, and foreign language. They need to learn the social skills of sharing, cooperation, and courtesy. The adults in charge need to encourage the development of good character, which is fundamental to good citizenship.

    what if ....the only grounding we need – is a prep for uncertainty. what if we just focus on – do you know how to learn/do things, do you know what to do when you don’t know what to do. ..

    Thursday, June 28, 2012

    steven pressfield

    via chris brogan

    love it - don't like to pimp self w/interviews
    feel like sound bites compromises your own muse

    So I had a little talk with myself. Literally. I dictated my thoughts into a tape recorder and played them back. I reminded myself that what makes a good idea good is the fact that it hasn’t been done before—and that most people can’t imagine what hasn’t been done before. What they imagine instead is a crappy version of what has been done before. Then they reject that.
    detox .. no?

    One of the hallmarks of a professional is the ability to be his own best friend. Sometimes when I’m driving, I’ll phone home and leave a message for myself.Steve, we’re behind you, brother. Don’t let anybody tell you you can’t do it. Keep the faith, partner. You are on course and on target!I always laugh when I get home (because invariably I forget that I’ve left myself the message). But the point is serious.Almost no one recognizes a good idea at the idea stage. And the bolder the idea, the more people will be blind to it. That’s human nature. It’s the way the world works. If you’re seeking reinforcement from outside yourself, you’re in for a long, lonely haul. The answer to self-doubt is self-reinforcement.

    reading turning pro now...

    colorado integration project

    gosh i hope

    sounds like dmi - is it lanny?

    my concern - is this charter school-ish - is it facelift-ish.. as diane points out in the death and the life of the american school system and in these posts

    i mean is this a feel good fix - that will leave us in the same situation in a couple years, because we didn't get to the heart of the matter.
    if we want people to put in the 10,000 to become expert, because we need them, their expertise, because we need indispensable people...
    then we need to be facilitating curiosities..
    realizing that people don't really learn when it's not their choice, [they memorize and take tests well - but most often - they don't really learn/change/become]
    if we're getting buy-in from people, kids/teachers/etc - that is great - but not if we're still mandating what needs to be learned.

    can we just stop feeling the need to measure learning..
    and start prepping for uncertainty?

    jason silva

    "RADICAL OPENNESS" - for TEDGlobal 2012 by @Jason_Silva from Jason Silva on Vimeo.



    diane ravitch

    lessons from apple

    And one other thing: As more and more people go to college, more and more of them are landing in jobs that do not require a college degree and/or do not pay what they expected when they made the decision to go to college. As you hear "reformers" saying that everyone should go to college, note that they say nothing about how all the new college graduates will find worthy jobs. Earning $12 an hour selling stuff isn't what most people had in mind when they incurred all that debt.

    via david warlick - vision of future
    talk to yourself.. be mindful.
    we're talking about the human spirit. about our youth.. about us. about you.

    the end of the interview, when he refers to NCLB and the SAT as the “gold standard.”

    whimsy matters

    InĂªs Silva (@isss111)
    6/28/12 6:01 AM
    What multitasking does to our brains…

    this is great stuff... insightful.. helpful..

    but i do wish people (i'm sure me included) would stop talking in absolutes..
    we are all different..
    while - again - this info is insightful - it's not all things to all people all the time. no?

    ie: changing places in the room - to me that's what i'm doing when i switch from one thing to another - it's like i'm giving myself a little vacation to another thing - because i was starting to lose focus.. i've found i do more (of what matters to me) when i listen to my gut. if i need a break i break. for me - that happens often. i'd be running around the house switching spaces/rooms.. instead.. i go check something.

    maybe - i would be more focused.. more coherent if i didn't do it that way.
    maybe - i'm not supposed to be more focused.. more coherent.

    who's to say.. no?

    whimsy matters.

    heart beat

    Brian G. Fay (@brianfay)
    6/28/12 6:00 AM
    I walk morning Manhattan. Carry coffee. My family sleeps. Love like the skyline. Heart a steady drum. Morning Manhattan. #poetweet


    Global Voices (@globalvoices)
    6/28/12 6:06 AM
    Electricity woes in #Yemen voiced through

    julien smith

    MichaelBungayStanier (@boxofcrayons)
    6/28/12 5:49 AM
    Julien Smith, The Flinch

    talk to self

    Diane Ravitch (@DianeRavitch)
    6/28/12 6:07 AM
    A culture of silence at LAUSD?


    PermanentCultureNow (@PermCultureNow)
    6/28/12 6:08 AM
    Busting the immigration myths, we are world citizens and you are all my people :) -


    janet blaha (@janetblaha)
    6/28/12 4:51 AM
    Every man has his own courage, and is betrayed because he seeks in himself the courage of other persons ~ Emerson #courage

    perfect - just watched - we bought a zoo.

    20 seconds plus no?.. we can do that.

    Is it the courage of others he seeks or is it a cultural influence that squelches his courage like putting out a fire...                                        - jp

    dale stephens

    teds - inspire or action

    Wednesday, June 27, 2012

    be you

    Seth's Blog: Take this simple marketing quiz

    Seth's Blog: Take this simple marketing quiz

    you are far more likely to do your best work if you are willing to delight a few as opposed to soothe the masses.


    thanks Shelley


    George Siemens (@gsiemens)
    6/26/12 11:14 AM
    Google goes #mooc

    yong zhao


    Is it true that Race to the Top is the most meaningful reform of public education in a generation? 
    Again, it depends. It depends on how one defines “meaningful.” If defined as the scale of impact without questioning whether the impact is beneficial or not, it may be true but considering the actual consequences, Race to the Top is neither meaningful nor flexible. It does not focus on “what’s best for our kids” nor spark “creativity and imagination of our people.”

    mary ann reilly

    RT : A9. If our choices are not embodied, are they ours? 

    higher ed

    Deb Mills-Scofield (@dscofield)
    6/26/12 6:56 PM
    RT @skap5: BIF & @LuminaFound partner to bring the student voice & experience to the heart of higher ed transformation.

    alain de botton

    Alain de Botton (@alaindebotton)
    6/27/12 5:58 AM
    Before silently taking offence: unless you spell the problem out clearly, people won't generally be able to guess/mindread.


    grit: passion and persistence - [i heard it first defined that way via james paul gee]

    Antonia Clare (@antoniaclare)
    6/27/12 5:59 AM
    My Taekwondo teacher reckons you need to practise something 100 times before you can even start to get it right ;) #eltchat

    so .. a good thing to love it then, no?

    how do we get to the 10,000 hours if it's not us pushing ourselves.. daily... because it's the thing we can't not do.
    let's be about finding that .. doing that..
    believing we can keep changing our mind - till we find that.

    quinn bradlee

    Aron Solomon (@aronsolomon)
    6/27/12 6:02 AM
    RT @ymcaacademy: Entrepreneur creates website to help support others with learning…

    so - a site to support everyone.. no? don't we all have disabilities/differences...

    greg satell

    Greg Satell (@Digitaltonto)
    6/27/12 5:59 AM
    3 Fundamental Shifts in the Basis of

    incredible insight.. want to dig into the links more..
    absolutely love - that it's more about emergence than deduction..
    that rings of perpetual beta to me.. prototyping.. doing.
    becoming - ongoingly.
    the iterations creating the emergence - as the gold.

    Greg Satell (@Digitaltonto)
    6/27/12 6:26 AM
    The Changing Game of

    love the quote from zuckerberg in this one:
    it's not about working to get the money - it's about getting the money to work.

    smacks of gansky's mesh - future of business is sharing.

    talking with kids - some of them see the term fundraising - as truly - time/talent share.. where most of us older people see it as selling butterbraids or whatever - things we don't really need - and you don't really get all the money for.

    we are in a hotbed currently.. the timing is just so.. the tech, the youth, the dissatisfaction - we can turn this on a dime if we start asking the right questions.. if we start being about freeing people up - to start using their heads.. thinking for themselves... being mindful.. being..


    thank you greg.. craving a skype or hangout with you..

    Tuesday, June 26, 2012


    love knowmads gathering as a visual for a collaboratory space

    Knowmads (@KnowmadsNL)
    6/26/12 6:15 AM
    Great working together at #missionU #berlin #Yip #knowmadsnl

    jabiz raisdana

    Jabiz Raisdana (@intrepidteacher)
    6/26/12 6:12 AM
    Just took the bus to a random part of town and bought a table off Craigslist. I am local baby. Local.

    you're so cool Jabiz.

    and oh. 
    there's more:
    Jabiz Raisdana (@intrepidteacher)
    6/26/12 6:22 AM
    @cogdog check…


    Jason Silva (@jason_silva)
    6/26/12 1:46 AM
    Yes RT @paragkhanna: ‘Technik’ and the City: How Urban Centers Like New York and Tokyo Are Becoming Info-States…

    Richard Florida (@Richard_Florida)
    6/26/12 6:26 AM
    Building a sense of place RT @urbanophile@wespodell: WSJ: Parks, Plazas, and Playgrounds

    SeeClickFix (@seeclickfix)
    6/26/12 1:27 PM
    On the SCF Blog: We Need To Create Collaboration Between Citizens And Governments To Make Cities Best Serve Everyone

    umair haque

    umair haque (@umairh)
    6/26/12 9:20 AM
    Don't worry. It'll all be OK. I promise.

    open ideo

    Weezie posted this on my fb wall: youth-employment/concepting/lab-21-co-learning-labs-with-21st-century-guidance-counselors/

    which i absolutely love...

    so i then posted this.. not sure what it even means.. my bad

    Seth's Blog: Quick shortcuts (in search of)

    Seth's Blog: Quick shortcuts (in search of)

    Monday, June 25, 2012

    Ghost Story: Lost self

    Ghost Story: Lost self: Moments come,  where it feels gone.  Looking and seeing something else, something unrecognizable. How could this want be so huge and yet a c...

    don't lose you...

    allow no situation to control the beating of your heart.

    ernest hemingway

    love this.. posted on fb:

    community as curriculum (agenda)

    via iste:

    From the  tweets so far, it's clear that Ed Techers simply need an annual, massive group holiday vs. an actual conference.

    via iste - sir ken robinson_political_attention:
    Robinson followed his remarks by moderating a panel discussion with Shawn Corvell, vice president of Qualcomm's nonprofit Wireless Reach program, TV actor and neuroscientist Mayim Bialik, and digital learning author Marc Prensky.
    The four agreed that among the biggest benefits of technology integration is the ability to increase academic communication between students.

    via kids:
    going to school/college - because that's where people are - their friends, et al.. like a right of passage. they don't want to miss out on the community

    so - can we just notice this trend toward community.. can we just focus on setting people free to use their heads, and to gatherings that matter - to them...?

    because now - instead -

    • we are paying tons for conferences, where people often can't wait for the sessions to end so they can hang with people
    • we are paying tons for school, where people often can't wait for the sessions to end so they can hang with people

    [Sugata Mitra style, Kim Scheinberg style - supply resources and get out of the way, listen with no agenda]

    how do we get to the 15% that can change the direction of the flock of birds, the school of fish.
    if this is what most everyone believes is better.. ?

    Sunday, June 24, 2012


    Maria Popova (@brainpicker)
    6/23/12 9:00 PM
    "Let each man exercise the art he knows." Aristophanes, 4th century

    find the thing you can't not do..
    do that.


    Seth's Blog: Doing the big work (at the little table)

    Seth's Blog: Doing the big work (at the little table)


    you decide.


    bianca hewes

    Thomas Steele-Maley (@steelemaley)
    6/24/12 7:23 AM
    Heartfelt critical reflection: “@BiancaH80: Why my sons won’t go to high school” cc@rogre @monk51295 @MaryAnnReilly

    boldly - we can... no?

    drunk with wonder


    Andrea Kuszewski

       posted on fb by john hagel

    I was stunned. He didn’t know? How? Why? In my young schema of the world, my father knew everything there was to know. I looked to him to be The Teacher of All Things Important in Life, and I was watching my reality crumble away in one unanswerable question. Realizing for the first time that my father was not a god was life-altering enough, but my world changed in an even more profound and quite unexpected way: in that uncomfortable moment of dissonance, when my thirst for knowledge went unsatisfied—I was exhilarated. There was a scientific mystery, and neither one of us knew the answer. It was ridiculously exciting, and I didn’t quite know why, but I was drunk with wonder.

    Ghost Story: Love flooding

    Ghost Story: Love flooding: Rolled up my jeans today... well, sure we could be "bullies" and call people out on characteristics that they cannot change. We could have s...

     - a mindfulness and a deep longing to connect

    still that girl

    i do like it.
    thank you han.


    Maria Popova (@brainpicker)
    6/23/12 3:20 PM
    If you are in love…don’t let anyone make it small or light to you.”

    johnmaeda (@johnmaeda)
    6/23/12 6:55 PM
    We meet to depart (2007)

    umair haque (@umairh)
    6/23/12 10:21 AM
    Beautiful. “@Razarumi: "What did I know, what did I know of love’s austere and lonely offices?" v @ejazhaider"

    roger schank

    via delight directed learning:
    Success no longer means being able to do. Success comes to mean “academic success,” a matter of learning to function within the system, of learning the “correct” answer, and of doing well at multiple-choice exams. Success also means, sadly, learning not to ask difficult questions. When we ask how our children are doing in school, we usually mean, “are they measuring up to the prevailing standards?” rather than, “are they having a good time and feeling excited about learning 

    Saturday, June 23, 2012

    the porcelain unicorn

    Celebrating Berlin and Gross National Happiness today also made me want to share a favorite short clip about #compassion. The Porcelain Unicorn
    via Jennifer Sertl

    venessa miemis

    Venessa Miemis (@VenessaMiemis)
    6/22/12 11:11 AM
    the "platform" of the future is in your head. #freeyourmind#culturehacking

    love this..

    Roberto Greco (@rogre)
    6/22/12 2:08 PM
    “the fantasy of "the cloud" creates an obfuscation that threatens the health and future of the real, physical network”…

    Nilofer Merchant (@nilofer)
    6/24/12 5:18 AM
    .@fmbutt It's not that everyone will but that anyone can.Perhaps, we can all solve our own problems if given chance.

    Aron Solomon (@aronsolomon)
    6/23/12 9:44 AM
    Sad, because no one sees this, very cool innovation/innovators in small-town/rural America. They continue to be overlooked by investors.

    lots of things change... depending on how we look at them.. no..?
    let's start looking/listening .. with our hearts.. no?

    hier is mein geheimnis es ist ganz einfach: man sieht nur mit dem herzen gut. das wesentliche is fur dia augen unsichtbar..
    der kleine prinz - antoine de saint - exupery

    sarah peck


    it starts with

    lovely. lovely.

    Seth's Blog: Where does trust come from?

    Seth's Blog: Where does trust come from?

    Friday, June 22, 2012

    Ghost Story: snow rain

    Ghost Story: snow rain: its cold, you can see your breath, it looks crisp.  how can your life escape and return in a matter of seconds.  it is said that god made ma...

    can we use breath to make it..?


    Mike Klonsky (@mikeklonsky)
    6/17/12 2:57 PM
    RT @TeacherArthurG: 61% of working teachers leave a "miracle" charter school in only one

    dennis crowley

    Tim O'Reilly (@timoreilly)
    6/22/12 6:48 AM
    "Dennis is in the business of giving people superpowers. You use Foursquare to literally see through walls." - @cshirky on @dens, via @bryce

    we buy balloons

    Jabiz Raisdana (@intrepidteacher)
    6/22/12 6:41 AM
    a poem called "Where It Hides" by


    via 3d printer

    Mike Wesch (@mwesch)
    6/22/12 6:40 AM
    @jimgroom check out this 3D printed…

    cameron sinclair

    Cameron Sinclair (@casinclair)
    6/21/12 6:08 PM
    This is your park. Congrats @5boro @Nike @tonyhawk and P Rod for turning Coleman Oval into NYC's best skate park.

    cool jets

    jason roberts

    build a better block

    how do you change a room... no?


    Adam Burk (@adamburk)
    6/21/12 9:34 PM
    Love this. A podium and megaphone left out in public with the instructions "Say Something Nice." via @GOOD



    joi ito

    John Brockman (@edge)
    6/21/12 6:00 PM
    "Innovation On The Edges" An EDGE Conversation/Video with Joi Ito (@joi) MIT Media Lab Director & new member NYT Board

    from his talk/video
    In the old days, you'd have to have an idea and then you'd write a proposal for a grant or a VC, and then you'd raise the money, you'd plan the thing, you would hire the people and build it. Today, what you do is you build the thing, you raise the money and then you figure out the plan and then you figure out the business model. It's completely the opposite, you don't have to ask permission to innovate anymore. 
    What's really important about that is that when you started thinking about how we used to innovate was we used to raise money and we would make plans. Well, it's an interesting coincidence because the world is now so complex, so fast, so unpredictable, that you can't. Your plans don't really work that well. Every single major thing that's happened, both good and bad, was probably unpredicted, and most of our plans failed.
    What does it mean, innovation on the edges? If you sit there and you write a graph proposal, basically what you're doing is you're saying, okay, I'm going to build this, so give me money. By definition of incremental because first of all, you've got to be able to explain what it is you're going to make, and you've got to say it in a way that's dumbed-down enough that the person who's giving you money can understand it. By definition, incremental research isn't going to be very disruptive. Scholarship is somewhat incremental. The fact that if you have a peer review journal, it means five other people have to believe that what you're doing is an interesting thing. Some of the most interesting innovations that happen, happen when the person doing it doesn't even know what's going on. True discovery, I think, happens in a very undirected way, when you figure it out as you go along.
    if you apply that to what I'm trying to do at the Media Lab, the key thing about the Media Lab is that we have undirected funds. So if a kid wants to try something, he doesn't have to write me a proposal. He doesn't have to explain to me what he wants to do. He can just go, or she can just go, and do whatever they want, and that's really important, this undirected research.
    no- strings attached moneys.. collaboratory - via undirected funds via bmif

    I think it's got to be the opposite. You don't need to have theory. If a thing works, you sort of figure it out later. It's kind of like innovation at the seat of your pants. I don't think everybody should be using it. You can't only realize peripheral vision. You don't want the mushroom hunter to not be looking at the road when they're driving. So it's okay if most of society has plans. 
    One of the things that I'm trying to understand and trying to turn into practice is like the mushroom hunter, how do you create a practice where you can unfocus and you can start picking out those really important patterns? 

    what if people grew up with validation for their natural curiosity - aren't those important patterns natural - if we are left in a natural space ?

    imagine this: a quite revolution - media lab at a city level? because don't we need - not only the eclectic-ness of mit media lab - but of a city/village - of a people

    so yes - this:
    What I am very interested in is how do you create a group of people who are given the complete freedom to come up with these crazy ideas. Most of them, just like a venture fund, are stupid ideas and aren't worth making. But when we find those few ideas, and we can demonstrate the importance of those ideas, then what happens is those scholars and those engineers and those companies then turn those things into intellectual property and products and things like that.
      I will add that we have a healthy respect for all the other institutions that turn our ideas into stuff. But I think that people underestimate the importance of the freethinking.
    What's different now that we have the Internet is that the emphasis is no longer on man/machine; it's on the community, it's on the network. The pivot that we need to make at the Media Lab, and which is sort of happening at the student level already, is stop focusing on things and start focusing on the network. Stop focusing on individuals and start focusing on communities. Stop focusing on top-down and focus more on bottom-up. Stop focusing on single experts and start focusing on the crowd.  
    The big shift that we're doing at the Media Lab right now is to pivot from this man/machine individual thing to the network thing.
    I want it to be much more of: how do we design an ecosystem together. 
    emergent by design
     One of the key things that we say for both faculty and students is, if you could do what you wanted to do in any other place, you shouldn't be at the Media Lab. 
    The other point about this is it's not interdisciplinary. Interdisciplinary is you've got an engineer and a physicist and a designer and they work on a project together. That's an interdisciplinary project. An anti-disciplinary project is when you can't tell who the designer is and who the engineer is, and the engineer knows designing, and the person who's dancing is going to be the one also doing the molecular biology.  
    It turns out the world has a lot of misfits. I think we probably only accept like two percent of the students who apply, and sometimes even less. Some groups have 300 applicants for one position, and we benefit a lot from the MIT brand. MIT gives the parents the comfort that their student is going to MIT, but then they end up with the opportunity where they can do anything they want, and so we get a really interesting group of students.
    nice - comfort of brand - with freedom.. goes with the undirected funds.. no strings attached

    But the Media Lab is kind of a uniquely unstructured place.
    There's another group working with Sandy Pentland's group where they did, there's this thing called 'social investing.'
    sociometer - honest signals 
    Unless we get America working, the rest of the world, they're not going to follow America. 
    Carol Black - schooling the world - no?
    How could I butt myself out of my comfort zone and attack a real problem? Or do something really interesting. 
    I think best when I'm not in my comfort zone. I think most people do, but they don't realize

    now thinking Queen Noor of jordan.. et al

    the edge..
    getting people to use their heads..
    we can exponentiate... this revolution..

    bravo Joi