Saturday, June 23, 2012

venessa miemis

Venessa Miemis (@VenessaMiemis)
6/22/12 11:11 AM
the "platform" of the future is in your head. #freeyourmind#culturehacking

love this..

Roberto Greco (@rogre)
6/22/12 2:08 PM
“the fantasy of "the cloud" creates an obfuscation that threatens the health and future of the real, physical network”…

Nilofer Merchant (@nilofer)
6/24/12 5:18 AM
.@fmbutt It's not that everyone will but that anyone can.Perhaps, we can all solve our own problems if given chance.

Aron Solomon (@aronsolomon)
6/23/12 9:44 AM
Sad, because no one sees this, very cool innovation/innovators in small-town/rural America. They continue to be overlooked by investors.

lots of things change... depending on how we look at them.. no..?
let's start looking/listening .. with our hearts.. no?

hier is mein geheimnis es ist ganz einfach: man sieht nur mit dem herzen gut. das wesentliche is fur dia augen unsichtbar..
der kleine prinz - antoine de saint - exupery