Thursday, June 28, 2012

steven pressfield

via chris brogan

love it - don't like to pimp self w/interviews
feel like sound bites compromises your own muse

So I had a little talk with myself. Literally. I dictated my thoughts into a tape recorder and played them back. I reminded myself that what makes a good idea good is the fact that it hasn’t been done before—and that most people can’t imagine what hasn’t been done before. What they imagine instead is a crappy version of what has been done before. Then they reject that.
detox .. no?

One of the hallmarks of a professional is the ability to be his own best friend. Sometimes when I’m driving, I’ll phone home and leave a message for myself.Steve, we’re behind you, brother. Don’t let anybody tell you you can’t do it. Keep the faith, partner. You are on course and on target!I always laugh when I get home (because invariably I forget that I’ve left myself the message). But the point is serious.Almost no one recognizes a good idea at the idea stage. And the bolder the idea, the more people will be blind to it. That’s human nature. It’s the way the world works. If you’re seeking reinforcement from outside yourself, you’re in for a long, lonely haul. The answer to self-doubt is self-reinforcement.

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