Thursday, June 28, 2012

colorado integration project

gosh i hope

sounds like dmi - is it lanny?

my concern - is this charter school-ish - is it facelift-ish.. as diane points out in the death and the life of the american school system and in these posts

i mean is this a feel good fix - that will leave us in the same situation in a couple years, because we didn't get to the heart of the matter.
if we want people to put in the 10,000 to become expert, because we need them, their expertise, because we need indispensable people...
then we need to be facilitating curiosities..
realizing that people don't really learn when it's not their choice, [they memorize and take tests well - but most often - they don't really learn/change/become]
if we're getting buy-in from people, kids/teachers/etc - that is great - but not if we're still mandating what needs to be learned.

can we just stop feeling the need to measure learning..
and start prepping for uncertainty?