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daniel lamire

on alternate currency - or punkmoney

So we need a system whereas perfect strangers can make deals at a very small transaction cost. For this purpose, people use punk money:
  • You publicly promise a favor in exchange for a service, you may stipulate the terms.
  • The Web records your transaction.
  • Your public reputation guarantees the transaction.
It is a credit system, not barter. Barter assumes no trust between the individuals. Credit is founded on a trust mechanism.

via seb paquet

paul hughes

re-emphasized this (as i hear danah boyd saying in my head - quite often)
good intentions out number bad ones 20 to 1. The beauty of this logic is simple - the network magnifies good intentions exponentially faster than the bad ones - good guys and girls everywhere win.

dlight sky

intro'd me to this

and this

both seem to be resonating with a lot of people..

are we craving nature?

howard rheingold

my first intro to howard was this podcast.. i believe my first one ever.

dean shareski hosting- alec couros in there and rick
edtech-posse-5-6-chatting-with-howard-rheingold/ - 2009

7 min in - we're smarter at finding each other - howard
12:20 -  a refreshing mechanism - alec

14:20 - hangout - networked individualism - at the moment - our venn diagrams intersect - howard
15:12 - when you get ticked - you announce you are leaving.. that doesn't work on twitter - howard

15:40 - what takes place in a classroom
17:09 - wesch - the master
18:20 - a way out of the conundrum of assumed content - howard
18:45 - students expecting content -
20 - expertise lies not in content but in connection - alec
21:40 - kids in uni - 12+ years - good at being in an environment where they are told what to do - dean
28:57 - micro lecture format
29:40 - lectures are for telling students what's important in the reading you know they are not going to do - howard
30 - something in my gut tells me - lecturing students is not right - howard

30:45 - what's the value of being together in a room - dean
this is what hit me.. and i remember the podcast... and howard and dean and alec for

32:15 - kids in couros and shareski's rooms - think they are going to change the world.. fired up - rick

34:45 - i was too antsie to be in a classroom - howard - i see that person who i am out there talking them. they are either broken by the system.. or working it

35:20 - and these are the success stories of the system

40:35 - whoa sonja livingston

40: 40 - mindfulness, knowing what to pay attention to
43:20 - the meta-skill, is my  mind just wandering or do i need to pay attention to certain skill
44 - howard doing the - shut off for a minute - a probe of mindfulness - not telling you to not do things.. but to do things mindfully

47:55 - distracted by ben grey saying i'm full of crap - howard

50:45 - the community is whatever you want to project onto it
isn't about math to build a sturdy bridge.. it's about human behavior

51:50 - i think i would have to learn it with them - i think this is rick talking
54 - our minds are too fast for what we think they are - no? - howard
54:40 - having a wandering mind has gotten a bad name - howard

56 - we need to get this info out there - rick - esp what is really going on in the head of those who look distracted

so - my first intro to howard - is centered around this question.. what is the value of being together in a room. and via our learning and prototyping.. we are now saying.. create spaces of permission, with nothing to prove, spaces per choice.. gatherings that matter.
which bleeds right into the whole idea of networked individualism.

so - how important is crap detection?
good intentions out number bad ones 20 to 1. The beauty of this logic is simple - the network magnifies good intentions exponentially faster than the bad ones - good guys and girls everywhere win.
this directly from paul hughes - but i hear danah boyd saying this quite often.. our obsession with fear mongering.
others on our obsession with cyniscism...

and now - reading kathryn schulz's being wrong.. and hearing dave cormier in my head.. 
who's to say what is crap and what is not..
me - messingly thinking through all this here.

howard on net smart

my notes from reading net smart


nic askew

an uncontained life..
giving yourself permission to be you.
to be fully alive..

Sunday, April 29, 2012



give yourself permission to be you. fully alive.

detox monika

one of my detox videos. a longer one - i know..
but it geeked me out - even though i don't really like listening to my voice.

perhaps because it's so much about how rich i am..

64 - noticing how rich i am - via connections, what tech wants - to help us see with our hearts, math dislikes - but exponentiation, detox gyrations - app - mic & laptop - sends out coded ndcd to match you up, zuckerman - imaginary cosmopolitanism, maryann & walking & bunker roy - phd - pretty happy day - freed from the land of having to prove yourself

audrey watters

Audrey Watters (@audreywatters)
4/23/12 12:31 PM
I've built a Twitter list of ed-tech startups. Who's missing?

what did we ever do without Audrey?.

i do love this:



via @brainpickings

oh my.. this sounds like our old stuco retreats..


lovely Jackie.. thank you..

prepare for uncertainty... facilitate curiosity...

doesn't that sound freeing..
don't we just want to give it a try..?

we have so much to gain from trying.
we have so much to lose from not..



rhizomatic learning

via @seecantrill


Seecantrill (@Seecantrill)
4/29/12 10:55 AM
Still lots to do, but some basics compiled to share re the “rhizome” in learning


RT : Lurking is to learning as knowing grammar & vocab is to ordering your first meal in a foreign language. 

oh.. the things the web can teach us.. no?

jabiz raisdana

on walks.. and such..

following Jabiz as he thinks on important matters through the course of a day..


Armed with our new  and  kit, we went outside to discover and explore our neighborhood

[interesting - when i tried to retweet the tweet above.. it wouldn't send until i took out the word armed. said reason was forbidden.]

intrepidteacher @monk51295 Will do. Thanks. A little more context- #discovery #exploration


Jabiz Raisdana (@intrepidteacher)
4/29/12 8:31 AM
@monk51295 More thoughts from our walk-

aditi shankardass

1 in 6 kids suffer from some development disorder

almost 50% of kids diagnosed with autism are actually just suffering from these brain seizures - too small to detect, and resembling the symptoms of autism... 
justin was treated and in 60 days went from 5 words to 300.. et al

Saturday, April 28, 2012

schooling the world

oh love this..

via Carol Black

youth voices

doing be you.. (detox)

love it.
thanks Paul

ellen macarthur

slammed door..
it made me think.. really think.. what do i want to do..


the circular economy


guernica 2012

Published on Apr 27, 2012 by 
Completed on the 75th anniversary of the Bombing of Guernica, "Guernica 2012" intends to honor and reflect upon the many lives lost throughout "Operation Enduring Freedom" in and around Afghanistan. Each note represents a life, arranged by month and orchestrated by nationality, using only the fundamental notes and harmonics of the symphony orchestra. Although errors and omissions are certain, none were intended.

Maria Popova (@brainpicker)
4/28/12 6:40 AM
Beautiful, chilling, brilliant – music piece commemorates the 75th anniversary of Guernica, each note a life

student voice

DML Central (@dmlcentral)
4/28/12 9:07 AM
The Biggest Student Uprising You’ve Never Heard

disrupt ourselves..
or be disrupted..

douglas rushkoff

the invention of the corporation..
our commitment to debt based system..
the distrust..

it's good for when aliens attack..
not good when we want to inhabit reality..

we need to use our heads.

occupy - not just riling up against the now.. fighting an unlevel playing field that has been building up for years..

don't let anything too particular define it

maintain cohesion without centrality..

now occupy your town.

Tim Kastelle (@timkastelle)
4/27/12 5:15 PM
Rushkoff is an interesting guy: Motherboard TV: Douglas Rushkoff in Real


Harvard Biz Review (@HarvardBiz)
4/27/12 11:00 PM
When Will this Low-Innovation Internet Era End?

.. i'm thinking.. not until we boldly decide to set people free.. esp all the brilliant minds held up in what we call now... school classrooms.

aliveness/innovation/learning/being can't be managed.. can't be compulsory. needs to be explored (not ordained) in spaces of permission.. where people have nothing to prove.
partial freedom is no freedom..  -Krishnamurti 
as cool as they are..
pbl, game design, et al.. won't cut it.
well... not to a breathtakingness anyway.



Roger Schank (@rogerschank)
4/28/12 6:42 AM
finally someone at the NY TImes has the guts to say the truth about testing; its about money money…

dave cormier

dave cormier (@davecormier)
4/28/12 6:41 AM
Every talk i put together is starting to say the same thing. either i'm starting to understand something or i'm getting boring :)

i'm thinking it's just time.. the time of obscurity has come..
and people need a bit of a jump start into that uncertainty.. that our souls.. our inner curiosities.. are craving.

been missing them since we were .. dang.. maybe 5...

you go dave cormier.

mark harvoth

Mark Horvath (@hardlynormal)
4/27/12 10:57 PM
even though I was homeless, homeless service agencies would not hire me because I didn't have enough experience with homelessness #honest

steve wheeler

Mark Barnes (@markbarnes19)
4/28/12 9:19 AM
Absolutely brilliant -- Cultural hegemony and disruption | Learning with 'e's via@timbuckteeth

to survive - we will need to avoid complacency..

use our heads.. no?
talk to ourselves..

ethan w

oh my.

thank you Jackie..

press pause play

Jabiz Raisdana (@intrepidteacher)
4/28/12 9:09 AM
@HeidiSiwak @MaryAnnReilly Just watched @presspauseplay Amazing film. You will love it.

my first glimpse of them from seth


saul kaplan

Saul Kaplan (@skap5)
4/28/12 9:16 AM
Dismissing an idea is easy. 
The hard thing to do is protect it. 
The right idea often starts as a wrong one.@jasonfried

could it be..

been thinking about practicalities playing out next year if/when we do get more people freed up to play this incredible game.

 a lot of the ..what would we do.. is just get out of the way.

older kids and adults know what to do if given time space resources.. better than any planning ..prepping committees could set up ahead of time.

so.. was thinking just now about the younger kids.. that's what many people often ask about.. ie: i see this for hs or higher ed .. but what about younger kids..

could it be... that younger kids simply need more adults freed up to hang with them.. to hang with...?

and perhaps even more important/intriguing.. esp in this interim..
could it be.. that adults simply need more time freed up to hang with younger kids.. esp.. 5 yr olds.

 arent we just curious..?
it could be that simple.


Between the By-Road and the Main Road: Imagining A to Z: Y is for Yell and Be Silly


Between the By-Road and the Main Road: Imagining A to Z: Y is for Yell and Be Silly: Y is for Yell and Be Silly  At the center of this post is one word: verb. I. Be a verb. Yell. Be silly. Out of that, imagination...

Friday, April 27, 2012


via what-will-be-obsolete-in-2020/

gosh - hoping way before 2020...
but yeah.

ted ed

we live in the time of and..

only thing that matters is compulsion

personally i believe that perfect unschool situation provides the betterness we seek
but who am i to say..
it's about choice.

this is public ed.
you love school as is, great.. we can facilitate that for you.
you want to deschool.. great.. we can facilitate that for you.
you want whatever in between or beyond.. public equitable ed - will be at your disposal..
if so needed.. desired..


number line

davidwees (@davidwees)
4/25/12 9:55 PM
Only 20 participants but interesting => MT @courosa: "Study finds twist to the story of the number line" #mathchat

danah boyd

Alec Couros (@courosa)
4/25/12 9:54 PM
"How a culture of fear thrives in attention economies, and what that means for "radical transparency" 

putting everything out into the open will make people more honest...

rests on the notion that the long term gains of radical transparency out weigh any short term costs..

bullying is not on the rise..
bullying is much more visible..
kids report that bullying at schools happens at higher degrees
issue of perception and visibility

we usually imagine the worst

"protect the kids" becomes justification for regulating the net in any way you could possibly imagine
us attorney general whoa.. 27:25 ff


Alec Couros (@courosa)
MT @mscofino: Love this Twitter connection story... Woody and Guthrie play catch:

Seth's Blog: The story of money is not a straight line

Seth's Blog: The story of money is not a straight line

Thursday, April 26, 2012

bassam tarazi


colipera on the declaration of interdependence
[our dec of inter]

the accountability affect

all from Seth..
some reading


imagine all the time, energy, people, ... we spend today in the land of proof and validation.
imagine all the minds freed up - in spaces where they don't have anything to prove.

there's my phd. you?

thank you Mary Ann... walk about


Wednesday, April 25, 2012


the_problem_is_bigger_than_a pineapple

but - it's bigger than testing as well.

illich - it's the publicly prescribed curriculum..
it's the compulsion..

let's be about facilitating the curiosities within.. no?


howard rheingold

presentation slides..

Come talk about +Howard Rheingold's Net Smart: How to Thrive Online Join us on +Teachers Teaching Teachers this Wednesday, April 25, at 9:00 PM Eastern / 6:00 PM Pacific / World Times:

Join us at

Seth's Blog: Don't expect applause

Seth's Blog: Don't expect applause

find your art..
the thing you can't noy do.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

what's up with this?..

we need to be together to dream together.. no?

thanks Pam..

eli stefanski

i. love. eli stefanski.

i like to play with the raw ingredients
i am an impatient optimist and i know we can be doing better
1. collaborative innovation
2. experiment always
3. user centered world.. we must design for it
4. play at the systems level
collaborative innovation is the mantra

you're not crazy - you're a social entrepreneur
competition really means to come together and strive together
creating solutions that everybody else says is impossible, that everybody else says is crazy

rapid experimentation - all the time

story - i need capital, but investors think i'm crazy

binary look at entrepreneurship, either you are in it for money or you're not an entrepreneur.. helping us lose.

i could be doing better.

we will not be making tweaks... bif
where can we stop debating and start experimenting..
what are we waiting for?.. because a decade is a terribly short time to waste.

eli intro'd me to

oh my.


katie salen

Katie and Howard:

hrheingold: More resources about Katie:

notes from this session
1. creating a need to know
2. game design as creating spaces of possibility - through design of rules
    start with content.. but then give space for learners to push the edges
3. flat classroom - expertise and authority is shared and distributed

multiplicity and overlap of ideas
games - constantly giving you shifting opportunities to do work under a core set of mechanics

game designers job is to design a space where player can be successful..

q2learn curric

all their work starts with the standards.. and common core

if game designers job is to design a space where player can be successful..
let's design a game .. where there's nothing to prove...

why are we so obsessed with measuring.. why are we not creating spaces where that doesn't exist..

question: How do you know which part of your curriculum or lesson is not working when so much is integrated?

what is it one must do to be successful in this space.. multiple choice test.. decodes a system - to be successful
taking a test is a part of everyone's life..
don't to send kids into standardized tests with no pre

vision -

scott cowen

president of tulane uni

reading about him and tulane in wagner's creating innovators..

talking about changing the mission of the uni - after the hurricane - to include more community engagement... how people were like - what is the uni united way now.
applications have more than doubled in the last four years and in entrance essays kids write how they chose tulane because of the community engagement (kids are not insubordinate or lazy.. they crave hard word.. but hard work that matters.. not the tedium of how we do school today)

tony asks scott
what about studetn admissions criteria. i know that the ranking of a uni is highly dependent on the average sat or act scores of the students who enroll, but in my experience, these score tell us nothing abou tstudents' abilitites to contribute meaningfully to social innovation and community service. how are you dealing with this?
scott responds:
it bothers me every single day, i know that these test scores do not have great meaning, but that's one of the metric that us ews and world reports uses and so we can't ignore it. i have this constant dilemma about the testing and how we use it here, and i haven't found a solution yet.

what are we doing.
what am i doing.

we know too much.
people are dying.. their creative, brilliant souls are dying... as we're continuing on.. under the guise of ..
in time, and ... that's the way it is.



Seth's Blog: Needs and wants are often confused

Seth's Blog: Needs and wants are often confused

so... needs are easily bullied..?
if so.. we ought to be very careful with that. no?

witnessing too much bullying, no? . over assumed .. but totally engrained as.. needs.

1. waiting in line at the store.. a mom talking to a friend about mtgs at school she's had to endure.. about her child's progress. she said it was intimidating.. they used big words and acronyms. an hour mtg.. listening to how poorly her child is doing in school. ( those were her words). then she said.. I haven't had anyone to compare him to. the other person .. well now you do. the mom.. but I think so and so is going to be really smart

2. kids this week prepping for act. not sleeping. worrying about ridiculous things.. I have to have a watch.. ihave to have two pencils. listening in on study sessions ( our school started an act academy last yr.. scores went of the reasons gates is giving our district money.. the session was filling kids in who missed the academy. it was all about strategy.. how not to be creative, or to think too much. we've taught them act test design.. and scores go up. and we get rewarded.

3, reading wagners creating innovators. having trouble with some of the thinking we boldly print.. without realizing what we're saying.. ie: unboxing.. to box.. but tony has gathered some incredible personal insight..and the thing we want most.. alive people.. are getting shut out, squashed.. daily.. one that ESP grabbed me.. ok there's too many.. but.. "disadvantaged kids need to find their passion in order to get thru the tedium of school"
and.. uni profs that will never get tenure., why.. because they aren't focusing on assumed academic research..and filling kids up.. but rather.. facilitating curiosity.. creating alive people.
another prof talking about act/sat - he can't figure out how to get rid of them

we're so focused on bullying .. when of course., we're modeling it quite well.. no?

aren't we just a bit curious what might happen.. to a person, a city even.. if we freed people up in spaces of permission.. where they didn't have to prove anything..?
when did we decide proving ourselves was a need?

lady in line. your child is perfect..don't compare the. that's an assumed need. no reason to be bullied about it..

what am i doing about this..
i'm so sure it shouldn't be happening.. why can't i do more..
we need to do more. there's got to be a way.


Monday, April 23, 2012

kosta grammatis

catching up with Kosta again.
certainly not sitting idly by.


ignite talks

DML Central (@dmlcentral)
4/19/12 7:32 PM
DML2012 Ignite Talks are up! We've synced up each IGNITE speaker's slide deck alongside their #DML2012


we can create more of this - networked individualism - barry wellman


yup - we worship pisa
ed about cradling happiness

more to watch when i have time..
esp chad's.. : 0

leigh blackall

tomorrow's phd  to go with Kirsten's hack diss a few posts down


so intrigued by what we keep choosing to focus on..

@InnovativeEdu The bad pineapple question is not the problem with standardized tests

Doug Peterson (@dougpete)

4/23/12 4:27 AM
What the U.S. can’t learn from via @zite
i'm hearing equity - and free ed in this article.. liking that..

we keep reacting.. we're in competition mode.. which is not boding us well.. it makes us cynics.. in order to defend ourselves.. it keeps us busy.. busy to stay ahead.

so busy - that we're not using our heads..

Between the By-Road and the Main Road: Imagining A to Z: T is For Talking When You've Not...

Between the By-Road and the Main Road: Imagining A to Z: T is For Talking When You've Not...: T is for Talking When You've Nothing to Say Talking About Malcolm X, II (M.A. Reilly, 2008) John Cage  (1967) wrote: ...

talk to yourself daily... does what i'm doing matter? listen to yourself. listen to your gut..

Sunday, April 22, 2012

kirsten olson

lovely fun..
hack the diss

zac chase is involved. need we say more..

Saturday, April 21, 2012

global data

George Siemens (@gsiemens)
4/14/12 7:27 AM
Want an analysis of the education sector? most comprehensive that I've seen:

nick potter

leading from the heart and making peace with the stories in our minds

tony wagner

JackieGerstein Ed.D. (@jackiegerstein)
Educating the Next Steve Jobs via @WSJ

currently reading tony's creating innovators..

examples/interviews very insightful.
love his work..

just very curious why we're holding on so dearly to prescription and control:
Teachers need professional development to learn how to create hands-on, project-based, interdisciplinary courses. Larger school districts and states should establish new charter-like laboratory schools of choice that pioneer these new approaches.

and the need to measure..
The solution requires a new way of evaluating student performance and investing in education. 

so why can't we just do this.. community as curriculum..  encourage convos w/self (be you.) and convos w/others (be us.)
They valued having their children pursue a genuine passion above their getting straight As, and they talked about the importance of "giving back." As their children matured, they also encouraged them to take risks and learn from mistakes. There is much that all of us stand to learn from them.