Saturday, April 21, 2012

adam braun

heard him livestream yesterday at skillshare's penny conference.
amazing. love what's he's doing. how he's doing it.
do hope we can get that archive..

some notes i took:
about adam - on pencils of promise
here he is at next gen - what is next gen - innovation w/in the realm of personal revolution
(somewhat similar to the livestream)

some quotes from talk at skillshare's event:
the most stupidly solvable issue of our time (quoting someone working on malaria, on ed)
big dreams start with ridiculously small unreasonable acts
i'm not special - just unreasonable
my experience - almost dying on a cruise ship - made me fearless
traveling.. asking if you could have anything.. kid in india - a pencil
not the value of ed, but that you can be a part of the solution
67 million live w/o access to basic ed
1. find your passion
2. live life only once
3. metaphysical presence - emanate the truths w/in soul
4. breathe your fire
5. you're ideas don't just matter, they have matter
1. non-profit to for-purpose
2. 100% giving
3. digital transparency - focus on social
4. invest on local ownership - people educate each other

hopelessly idealistic
follow your gut - don't get caught up in compromise
look for that that makes you feel most alive.. if we all do that together... whoa.

if your dreams don't scare you - they're not big enough