Monday, April 16, 2012

dave cormier

rhizomatic learning
prepping people to embrace uncertainty

most of best practice for social media - is about not being dumb.

making that decision at the moment of uncertainty is critical - and no best practices can prep you for that.. need to learn to use your head - in the moment

rhizomatic learning - how do you learn enough to make good decisions..
slowly grow your ability to make better decisions.
i realized we were learning, wasn't sure why or what it was.. but i was learning..

when you look at other best practices, etc.. usually just seeing end result.. not seeing the thinking... learning that went on to get there.

32 min in.. see how important video is.. dave seeing jeff's face
agreed - go dave go

spot on jen - the more we tidy it up.. the less effective it can be

we have a narrow view of what collaboration is
reading a book is a collaborative process - someone wrote it - on the other end

when not in the classroom - rest of life is like this.. messy.. it's not all laid out for you.

pull stuff together, negotiate, imprint yourself on it - that's rhizomatic learning...