Tuesday, April 24, 2012

eli stefanski

i. love. eli stefanski.

i like to play with the raw ingredients
i am an impatient optimist and i know we can be doing better
1. collaborative innovation
2. experiment always
3. user centered world.. we must design for it
4. play at the systems level
collaborative innovation is the mantra

you're not crazy - you're a social entrepreneur
competition really means to come together and strive together
creating solutions that everybody else says is impossible, that everybody else says is crazy

rapid experimentation - all the time

story - i need capital, but investors think i'm crazy

binary look at entrepreneurship, either you are in it for money or you're not an entrepreneur.. helping us lose.

i could be doing better.

we will not be making tweaks... bif
where can we stop debating and start experimenting..
what are we waiting for?.. because a decade is a terribly short time to waste.

eli intro'd me to

oh my.