Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Seth's Blog: Needs and wants are often confused

Seth's Blog: Needs and wants are often confused

so... needs are easily bullied..?
if so.. we ought to be very careful with that. no?

witnessing too much bullying, no? . over assumed .. but totally engrained as.. needs.

1. waiting in line at the store.. a mom talking to a friend about mtgs at school she's had to endure.. about her child's progress. she said it was intimidating.. they used big words and acronyms. an hour mtg.. listening to how poorly her child is doing in school. ( those were her words). then she said.. I haven't had anyone to compare him to. the other person .. well now you do. the mom.. but I think so and so is going to be really smart

2. kids this week prepping for act. not sleeping. worrying about ridiculous things.. I have to have a watch.. ihave to have two pencils. listening in on study sessions ( our school started an act academy last yr.. scores went up..one of the reasons gates is giving our district money.. the session was filling kids in who missed the academy. it was all about strategy.. how not to be creative, or to think too much. we've taught them act test design.. and scores go up. and we get rewarded.

3, reading wagners creating innovators. having trouble with some of the thinking we boldly print.. without realizing what we're saying.. ie: unboxing.. to box.. but tony has gathered some incredible personal insight..and the thing we want most.. alive people.. are getting shut out, squashed.. daily.. one that ESP grabbed me.. ok there's too many.. but.. "disadvantaged kids need to find their passion in order to get thru the tedium of school"
and.. uni profs that will never get tenure., why.. because they aren't focusing on assumed academic research..and filling kids up.. but rather.. facilitating curiosity.. creating alive people.
another prof talking about act/sat - he can't figure out how to get rid of them

we're so focused on bullying .. when of course., we're modeling it quite well.. no?

aren't we just a bit curious what might happen.. to a person, a city even.. if we freed people up in spaces of permission.. where they didn't have to prove anything..?
when did we decide proving ourselves was a need?

lady in line. your child is perfect..don't compare the. that's an assumed need. no reason to be bullied about it..

what am i doing about this..
i'm so sure it shouldn't be happening.. why can't i do more..
we need to do more. there's got to be a way.