Saturday, April 21, 2012

orland bishop

thank you carol..
thinking some of this footage is yours.. no?

esp resonated with orland bishop:
every system tells them they're free. and when is that true?
how do i have to be in order for you to be free
when we do not want to share a world.. the only thing left is fundamentalism

just joined globalonenessproject

once we have a new convo.. we'll have new currencies.. (an agreement between two or more people)
people will change it, because they will come into a new sensitivity
people will overcome the forces that keep them from being themselves

see his video here: via gregory wendt

we live in a system where competition is a necessity..
shouldn't be - we are really in abundance.. oneness is abundance..
this is where he says, again... every system tells us we are free.. but when is that true.
we could do something different..if we simply decide to.
this is what we prefer to have.. and we create that..