Sunday, April 15, 2012

kony 2012

yeah.. so this is where my heart is with kony..
my ignorant heart.. via gary stager..

it's worth a read through..

so - i'm wondering.. who's to say what people should be doing. we perceive things so differently than they actually are, we assume so much.

wasn't some of the bashing for invisible people that they spent so much on travel and filming? isn't that they thing that got the video to go viral? isn't that making people aware of something important.
my friends in the middle of this - in uganda seem to think so..

i don't know.
saul kaplan's new book is packed with wisdom.
in particular - we need to stop playing the cynic.
imagine all the time and energy and money.. if we could just assume good.
if no one had to prove anything.. and we just assumed good.