Saturday, February 20, 2016


be\cause of this essay by Brian D Earp (shared by @surreallyno )
The Unbearable Asymmetry of Bullshit – feb 2016
There will always be things that we haven’t figured out yet, and even some that we get wrong.” ...It’s about a methodology for investigation, which includes, at its core, a relentless drive towards questioning that which came before.
There is a veritable truckload of bullshit in science. When I say bullshit, I mean arguments, data, publications, or even the official policies of scientific organizations thatgive every impression of being perfectly reasonable — of being well-supported by the highest quality of evidence, and so forth — but which don’t hold up when you scrutinize the details
once you do catch on, it becomes impossible to un-see.
they end up becoming a part of the published record with every appearance of being legitimate critique.
what does published record even mean .. no?
hearing myself questioning blockchain for validation (rather than facilitation). hearing 09 rhodes scholar questioning another person’s book/narrative (not as is… but as ultimate)
As the programmer Alberto Brandolini is reputed to have said: 
The amount of energy necessary to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it.
oh the energy\ness we waste via bullshit ness
the realest thing in our lives via Seth (same day)

The realest thing in our lives

Are the stories we invent.
We live with these stories, we remind ourselves of them, we perfect them.
And, happily, if you don’t like the story you’re telling yourself, you can change it.

we sit in our stadiums (thousands of thousands of us) yelling at manufactured players..
and/or online yelling at our yelling.
while – syria.. kampala.. solitary.. suicide.. et al goes on alongside

what might happen .. if instead of our story being that of our child being a future player (nevermind the less visible dying via body/brain/soul abuse) making tons of money/popularity and/or a future politician/official person making tons of money (nevermind the less visible dying via body/brain/soul abuse) … we changed the story to be that of our child being the one seeking refuge, answers, …

would that change things