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Maria Popova (@brainpicker)

3/18/15 7:32 AM
"Every single life matters equally and infinitely.” @daveisay buff.ly/1O4NKY5 #TED #TED2015

GlobalHigherEd (@GlobalHigherEd)

3/18/15 7:32 AM
Look how easy it is to livestream keynotes: lak15.solaresearch.org/streaming #lak15 Time for disciplinary/uni associations to normalize this practice.

Austin Kleon (@austinkleon)

3/18/15 7:37 AM
Why have people on our money at all? People all suck somehow. Let’s feature lakes or birds or trees or something we might run out of one day

why have money on our people at all...

Apparently you don't get it: studying caged things tells you nothing about their natural abilities and behaviors. @Classcharts @Sisyphus38

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Confidence is silent. Insecurities are loud. #truth via @DrDaisyS

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@leashless A community built village of @hexayurts using @OSEcology tech and #Permaculture model as a jumping off point feels powerful.

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France decrees new rooftops must be covered in plants or solar panels http://t.co/tEzQRgNIA9

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33% Of Millennials Don't Think They'll Need A Bank Five Years From Now http://t.co/mAePu8yyF3 cc @arnoldbeekes

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Displaced by Israel, Palestinians make homes in caves on outskirts of #Hebron (Al-Khalil)

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@leashless @iang_fc @SKiNNYiLL the problem of our age is having a small wealthy class define what counts as productive, and screwing rest.

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Made this storify out of some really awesome tweets @leashless did earlier, highly encourage you to check these out

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RT @brainpicker: Reality-check – the *true* hierarchy of needs http://t.co/P6440w0740 http://t.co/hERmVjaPVY#ds106 #makeartdamnit

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"Half of the young Americans surveyed between the ages of 18 and 29 viewed socialism positively."http://t.co/T2XmgH2p1d

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sandy pentland at santa fe institute

nikola interviewing hertling - singularity

.@AltRadio interviews @NoamChomsky about nuclear weapons and climate change for #LannanFoundation lecture series  http://t.co/CtmmqYqANR

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Pen pals in a data age: 2 girls get to know ea other thru small data-driven self-portraits they send each weekhttp://t.co/ZC5etXwxW4

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My 11 year old daughter's film about being an introvert. https://t.co/Nex9sTWc0Q #proud

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Kevin Carson provides superb summary of my latest book: http://t.co/KrC4PhwIAN

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We learn--have been conditioned, really--to applaud the hollowed concessions of institutions that routinely misrepresent or marginalize us.

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Silicon Valley reformers promoting techno-utopian ed models refuse to submit their own children to anything like it.https://t.co/dvtG0VXN7u

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Today & tomorrow, follow the @HumanBrainProj workshop on public engagement w/science centres & museums from around the world at #HBPmuseum!

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You owe it to yourself to read "A Schoolmaster of the Great City" - http://t.co/pDc0vznXWz http://t.co/aab73bjKEF

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Must-read article about how #Blockchain is rebuilding the Internet. Transforming power & #privacy @ethereum @vinayg @timoreilly @jowyang

These kids @restoreint in Northern Uganda  are in their new science lab! They're one of the top…https://t.co/1Uz5WyFfFE

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No, Finland isn’t ditching traditional school subjects. Here’s what’s really happening. http://t.co/gyO7hGTI2l @HGSE @FinnEmbassyDC

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What will change in 2016 is that all basic schools for 7- to 16-year-olds must have at least one extended period of multi-disciplinary, phenomenon-based teaching and learning in their curricula. 

Education reform & leadership looks like this: @estebanbullrich “mobile phone minister halts strikes”http://t.co/6Rf62wsZvJ cc @YGLvoices

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George Haines (@George_Haines)

3/25/15 2:42 PM
Costa Rica Has Only Used Renewable Energy For Electricity This Year | IFLScienceiflscience.com/environment/co… #scichat

Although what Costa Rica is achieving is something to aspire towards, it won’t be easy for many countries to follow in their footsteps. The tropical country is adorned with a string of active volcanoes.... Furthermore, the country is able to invest substantial amounts into environmental issues due to the fact that it ditched its military back in 1948.
While Costa Rica’s dependence on renewables is commendable, it also has its drawbacks and leaves the country vulnerable to the effects of climate change. A drought, for example, would impede their ability to produce electricity from 
so.... antifragile...

Tony Wagner (@DrTonyWagner)

3/27/15 7:22 AM
Finnish schools to introduce "phenomena-based" interdisciplinary units of study to counteract student boredom.bloombergview.com/articles/2015-…

Atenea Rosado (@atenea_rv)

3/27/15 7:41 AM
It’s time to stop sending children to die behind bars


How the sharing economy can become a real SHARING economy http://t.co/bj3S0C102u via @@crowdexpedition

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Admirable: Apple's Tim Cook will give away all his money -- Fortune http://t.co/5A8v9bXZpw via @YahooFinance

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Universal basic income: the bipartisan poverty solution we need. A world changing idea: http://t.co/D8wnxXGqzThttp://t.co/TlaT8CZaDV

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My feeling is you can’t justify burdening students with more debt for longer into their lives to subsidise research.

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This doesn't have to be perfect now or ever. Just don't be one of those people who never begins because they don't know how to start. #t2t15

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jfc @bratton in http://t.co/RG3tQFJBmh http://t.co/oXvGSRuMRD

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@TurnbullChris I am! Working with @moleskine exploring the creative process in a hybrid analog/digital space #IdeasNoted

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dreamingn of a dance ness

Life's too short to make just one decision, medic's too large for just one station, love is too big…https://t.co/45gCDISsby

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RT @brainpicker: “Listening is an act of love.” @StoryCorps founder @daveisay #TED2015 #TED #TEDPrize

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Never forget we are at war. In the back of the head, I'm still counting off two a second. Those poverty deaths don't just happen: The System

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Pearson, PARCC, Privacy, Power, Surveillance, Trust… http://t.co/jC4xtUoy8L

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John Pilger (@johnpilger)

3/18/15 7:21 AM
Julian Assange's true 'crime' is to have initiated a wave of truth-telling in an era of lies, cynicism & war...bit.ly/1y9zJil


3/18/15 7:23 AM
Still in shock about the Bardo. Have been there several times; an extraordinary museum. -ac

Almost parody RT @CityLab: Take a virtual ride on San Francisco's new luxury bus http://t.co/79MeMtLbNYhttp://t.co/WBICkwUoGg

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“Setting up boundaries around work has been both a survival strategy and a huge benefit to my life…”http://t.co/3hD8gPdpPC

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I have gone from having faith in a system to having faith in my kids.


not measurement but me-assuring - not measurement by mining - to we-assuring.. to you-assuring

Walmart heirs' foundation advises hedge funds on how to profit from charter schools http://t.co/OdQ8mf3QLs

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.@uclgaspac strongly represented at #UCLGCulture in Bilbao by President & Governors of #Jeju

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Chicago police commander resigns in the wake of @attackerman's incredible reporting on prisoner abuse at 'black site'http://t.co/GZLiKq1Pgq

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Belts like this mean babies could be lifelogging even before they are born http://t.co/UUF6Hj9b67http://t.co/7WDTSIZbbE

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Join @Jimmy_Wales @lilatretikov and @JameelJaffer for their @reddit AMA on Wikimedia v. NSA live now:https://t.co/Xta7xljYwf

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The One Thing That Can Transform An Idea Into A Phenomenon - http://t.co/ftSiCBUIXH

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A1.1) I think the biggest problem is the lean development/continuous deployment faddishness. #uTestBach

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A1.2) Lots of young people have stars in their eyes about what automation can do, because of it. This erodes testing culture.

CDT, by definition, means doing what works, instead of what someone wants to force you to do. #uTestBach

Context-Driven Testing means learning your craft, so that you know how to solve problems that arise in it.
The most common other type of testing is Factory School testing. This means deskilling the craft.

BTW, Factory School is also anti-Agile, in essence, yet a lot of "Agile" projects seem to embrace it.

A real tester is someone who's primary aim is to find important problems before it's too late. #uTestBach

Testing is all about discovering business risks with respect to products. It's not about resolving the risk.

1. watch yourself test very carefully, in great detail. 2. Read Jerry Weinberg books. 3. Study technology #uTestBach

Q5) asked about the most important skill a tester can have. James: test design -- modeling.

Modeling skill means the ability to abstract patterns from experiences, and to relate different patterns together.

Computers can only manipulate symbols. Someone has to decide what symbols they will manipulate and how.

Modeling of the kind I'm talking about also is called "learning." Computers can't learn for the tester

A7.1) We're in a transition time, so it's real hard to say. But the demand for my classes is stronger than ever. #uTestBach


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How to Avoid the Curse of the Knowledgeable Instructor http://t.co/OIVol2ULfu #edchat

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Portrait of jailed Anonymous member Matt DeHart https://t.co/JWO7uwZPOd http://t.co/3NQKFcD7sM

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"The tool for starting a revolution is sitting quietly in the pocket of millions of learners everywhere."http://t.co/J1WoTgp2B3 #edtech

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For personalized learning, community involvement, and digital integration to full occur, it will have to be in the hands of learners, with re-considered roles for teachers, community mentors, and academic institutions.
do agree with this...

well... never mind..
personalized and integration.. ugh

Make Something that Makes (almost) Anything: @creativeapps on the cardboard #CNC built by Neil Gershenfeld's class http://t.co/ySMklrLzde

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LabGov Pioneers the Paradigm of City as Commons http://t.co/zacla1jCy8

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Who's attending #ConnectedLearning with @mizuko at #SXSWEdu -- CL is at the heart of #dmltrust Trust Challengehttp://t.co/vqDTmkg6CK

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@jasongreen @kwerb @kevincarey1 yes and my 3 yo daughter loves sticker charts but neither one is going to disrupt accreditation.

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Problems worth spreading: https://t.co/zUsFVoYupr but with greater diversity. Add hooks, Fanon, Noddings, Freire, Haraway.

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"Barack and Me" by @rembert. The writer reflects on being w/ Obama in Selma. Absolute must read.http://t.co/SOMpRguItU

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Activities of daily living should occur within walking distance, allowing independence to those who do not drive.http://t.co/b6NcV5wyE9

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For the curious, the entire 30 minute interview with Gabriella Coleman on my personal blog http://t.co/nTGOWGAujC

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By quietly exploiting these flaws rather than notifying Apple, the U.S. government leaves Apple’s customers vulnerable to other sophisticated governments.”

Over the years, as Apple updates its hardware, software and encryption methods, the CIA and its researchers study ways to break and exploit them.

Taken together, the documents make clear that researching each new Apple processor and mobile device, and studying them for potential security flaws, is a priority for the CIA.

More recently, Cook said, “None of us should accept that the government or a company or anybody should have access to all of our private information. This is a basic human right. We all have a right to privacy. We shouldn’t give it up. We shouldn’t give in to scare-mongering.”

A few months after Comey’s remarks, Robert Litt, the general counsel for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, also appeared at Brookings. “One of the many ways in which Snowden’s leaks have damaged our national security is by driving a wedge between the government and providers and technology companies, so that some companies that formerly recognized that protecting our nation was a valuable and important public service now feel compelled to stand in opposition,” Litt said

“Obama’s comments were dripping with hypocrisy,” says Trevor Timm, executive director of the Freedom of the Press Foundation. “Don’t get me wrong, his actual criticism of China for attempting to force tech companies to install backdoors was spot on — now if only he would apply what he said to his own government. 

Number of people with graduate degrees on public assistance tripled since 2007 http://t.co/9lRDn2ppeC

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Join me on http://t.co/3QMtrGqWJL at 18:00Z to talk about the future  of Tech For Humanity  #maketechhumanhttp://t.co/DmvGAZ1tl6

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13 projects have been awarded a total of $1.2 million as part of @dmlComp's Trust Challenge. Here are the winners:http://t.co/QX6PKYTRHC

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Wikimedia sues #NSA over #surveillance http://t.co/0IOtWBRWaR

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"Change doesn't happen by itself. It happens because people get organized." —President Obama

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When the CIA has started to use the term hackathon, it might be time to retire the term, and come up with a new onehttp://t.co/en8Vs2yVp2

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"Quiet the doubt that sprouts up" http://t.co/npgnEom0tR

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on dna being mostly garbage

Watch @matthew_d_green make good points re Apple hacks. Most developers were US citizens when CIA "whacked" Xcode http://t.co/6YtiLo8eYT

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/jeremyscahill/status/575502407104331776

Yet again, it is the bungled attempts to deny and explain away that make for a good scandal, more than the deed itself.

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/csoghoian/status/575380029611212800

The line that "oh, they will just target bad guys" is so naive. Once they hack Apple devices, the cat is out of the bag. It's game on.

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/jeremyscahill/status/575504035190538240

love noam at the very end.. not denying, not avoiding, trying to understand..

Cyberculture 1940 to 2010 in French: l’utopie numérique http://t.co/q85po44fFN via @Culturemobile

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World Wide Web inventor @TimBerners_Lee did a Reddit AMA yesterday & it was awesomehttp://t.co/HaxiW3BmAx Enabled by @Nokia #maketechhuman

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@RyneClos @davidgraeber @monk51295 @nickreynoldsatw Attachment theory explanation of attitudes toward play:http://t.co/4iuvn8VZMU

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Spencer Ackerman (@attackerman)

3/13/15 7:08 AM
Pro-Guantanamo senators get to tour the detention center. UN torture investigators who want to interview detainees, not so much.

I would urge you, please, to take 5 minutes to read this. It is vital. http://t.co/Qj0LqUKlir #timetomind

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How a Rumor Sent a Teen to Prison for Murder in Vegas http://t.co/38NlL15PnS Incredibly well-reported/written piece by @chronic_jordan

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Life expectancy in #Syria has dropped 20 years during the war, from 76 years in 2010 to 56 years in 2014. Just awful.http://t.co/Zmd2i2eN9W

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/DanielWickham93/status/576443767286325251

Watch this Indian boy compute math astonishingly fast, with an unusual method. Faster than me!http://t.co/lgvt9dJwoH http://t.co/qnEbJl6pjp

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abacus hands


Oscar Reyes (@_oscar_reyes)

3/13/15 6:55 AM
Italian press reporting #Landini (of metalworkers’ union FIOM) launching Italian equivalent of #Podemos


Greg Satell (@Digitaltonto)

3/13/15 7:12 AM
Everybody Is Looking For The Secret To Success. Unfortunately, Many Chase Unicorns Instead. -digitaltonto.com/2015/everybody…

Tom Chatfield (@TomChatfield)

3/14/15 7:24 AM
@alaindebotton quite: it's disconcerting how deafening our thoughts can become when filling in other people's silences.

Alain de Botton (@alaindebotton)

3/14/15 7:19 AM
There are people we'd have forgotten about long ago if they hadn't started to ignore us.


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Democracy Now! (@democracynow)

3/14/15 7:35 AM
State Department Announces New "Long-standing" Policy Against Backing Coups youtu.be/frO1T3vZNrA

Barry Wellman (@barrywellman)

3/14/15 7:39 AM
#Networked_p 122 Helpful to think of communities as fluid personal networks rather than as static neighborhood or family groups. 1/2

janet lansbury (@janetlansbury)

3/14/15 7:37 AM
Anxiety in Kids: How to Turn it Around and Protect Them For Life heysigmund.com/anxiety-in-kid…@hey_sigmund

great and useful ..insightful...except maybe this... since most anxiety is caused perhaps from school

e. The amygdala works the same way. It can’t tell the difference between something that might hurt you, like a wild dog, and something that won’t, like being at a new school.

re enforcing the un nameable ness of that... no?

Things are only impossible until they're not. ~Jean-Luc Picard

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