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Making the Internet Affordable


Deb Mills-Scofield (@dscofield)
9/29/13 2:48 PM
Who is going with me? "A Cruise on the S.S. Brainstorm" @nytimes

If TED talks and Google Labs copulated and spawned a cruise for the Facebook generation, Unreasonable at Sea would be the result.
Among the first to sign up was George Kembel, a founder of the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford, known as, the influential graduate program that teaches creative thinking. “The pitch was, do you want to be a part of this learning experience about what it takes to take innovation global?” said Mr. Kembel, who brought his wife and three young sons on the voyage.
The software giants Microsoft and SAP each paid six figures to secure cabins for their executives, eager for access to fertile minds. The college students were marshaled by the University of Virginia, through its Semester at Sea study-abroad program.
Protei with a $100,000 grant from the Ocean Exchange. But for Ms. Levine, who gave up lucrative work to focus on Mr. Harada’s invention, worries about money and creative fulfillment were top of mind. “I’m not quite where I want to be, professionally,” she fretted in a team-building exercise.
Privacy was at a premium. In addition to the documentary team, which posted online updates throughout the trip, a French television crew followed Mr. Harada and Ms. Levine. The pair stood out by taking an open-source approach to their work, rather than seeking patents, much to the consternation of the profit-minded executives onboard.
“Some mentors even called us communists,” Mr. Harada said later. “I’m coming from the new world, and many of the mentors, with all due respect, they are coming from the old world.”
“Today,” he added, “what creates wealth is what you share, not what you hide.”
In addition to Protei, there were companies focused on turningcarbon emissions into building materials and plants into water filters. Each start-up onboard had been vetted by Mr. Epstein and his team in a process that resembled a college application. Once chosen, they still had to run their international businesses from the ship.
“I’ve never worked so hard in my life,” said Mouhsine Serrar, a mechanical engineering Ph.D. and the founder of Prakti, which manufactures low-cost portable cooking stoves for the developing world
On the other hand, mentors, who mostly came aboard in short spurts, found the journey refreshing. “It was my ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ professionally,” said Prince Fahad, 30, a Saudi royal who runs two high-tech start-ups from San Francisco. He boarded the ship in Cape Town, and disembarked a week later in Ghana.
an assist from Mr. Epstein, Mr. Kembel taught a popular class on creative thinking, using the Unreasonable companies as case studies. On graduation day in the student union, Mr. Kembel handed out Stanford d.School pins — a symbol, he said, of membership in its exclusive society of “wayward thinkers.” As the students linked arms and teared up, Mr. Epstein suggested that, like him, they cement their devotion by getting tattooed with the Unreasonable logo: a light bulb with wings. At least five eventually took him up on it

Roger Schank (@rogerschank)
9/30/13 6:25 AM
Atheism Added to Irish School Curriculums education's answer to every question: build a new curriculum

Jayne Warrilow (@JayneWarrilow)
9/30/13 6:25 AM
When you speak from the deeper parts of yourself you are practicing integrating your deepest truth into your...

Jonathan Libov (@libovness)
9/30/13 6:26 AM
@viticci You won’t regret it. Netgear Firmware 7 is their most forward-thinking firmware yet.

Tim Stahmer (@timstahmer)
9/30/13 6:27 AM
GOP’s three lessons for kids:… Or just 1: Hyperbole is normal.
paper, books, defining.... compromise human potential 
1. The Founding Fathers compromised on profound issues so the Constitution could be written and ratified, realizing that they couldn’t always get whatever they wanted. But you kids don’t have to because we Republicans don’t. 
The president’s health insurance law was passed by Congress and found to be constitutional by the Supreme Court, but we don’t like it. So we voted more than 40 times to get rid of it or change it, and now we are driving the government to shut down because of it.
under 2.
you go to the 1940s, Nazi Germany — Look, we saw in Britain, Neville Chamberlain, who told the British people, ‘Accept the Nazis. Yes, they’ll dominate the continent of Europe but that’s not our problem. Let’s appease them. Why? Because it can’t be done. We can’t possibly stand against th
And then there was Sheryl Nuxoll, a Republican state senator from Idaho who, early this year, sent out a mass mailing saying:
The insurance companies are creating their own tombs. Much like the Jews boarding the trains to concentration camps, private insurers are used by the feds to put the system in place because the federal government has no way to set up the exchange.

3. The U.S. Congress has passed some hideous, immoral laws in its times, including those that have permitted slavery and that allowed for the kidnapping of runaway slaves, and even freed men, from the North so they could be returned to the South. But it’s okay if you think Obamacare is the worst law ever passed. Some of us do.
U.S. Rep. John Fleming of Louisiana recently said that “Obamacare is the most dangerous piece of legislation ever passed in Congress.” In August, Bill O’Brien, a state representative in New Hampshire, likened Obamacare, in its sheer destructive power, to “personal and individual liberty as the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 that allowed slave owners to come to New Hampshire and seize African Americans and use the federal courts to take them back to … slave states.”
You may be also be interested in: Five lousy lessons Congress is giving to kids

yeah - check out all 5

Back in 2009,  a U.S. government investigation foundhundreds of cases of alleged abuse and deaths of children who were subjected to seclusion and restraints in public and private schools over the previous two decades. The probe by the U.S. Government Accountability Office also revealed that there were no federal laws restricting the use of these disciplinary tactics in schools. State laws on restraint and seclusion vary widely; and a good number have none or they have laws that are insufficient to protect all students.  Enter the “Keeping All Students Safe Act” in 2010. To make a long story short, it still hasn’t passed; the 2013 version is languishing in committee. Why would anybody oppose legislation that prevents kids from being harmed? Republicans said it tramples on the rights of states. You know, the states that don’t think kids need such protection 

chris guillebeau - leave the restaurant

innotribe at sibos dubai 2013

We fight mediocrity, and applaud critical thinking. Innotribe is a reflection zone. Where new ideas are tossed, curated, discussed, made actionable. We want to give the best of ourselves. For doing good. For creating human connections between people. For letting people discover their hidden talents and powers. For taking people on a path of discovery, individual and collective relevance. We want everybody in the company and industry to think, to be and act responsible to increase value and wealth creation. Moving from ego-systems and creating eco-systems filled with meaning. Innotribe is a place where belonging is more important than fitting in. Innotribe is about leading from the emergent future, in support and co-creation with our markets and regions. Innotribe is a tribe for leading by being.”

For me, the biggest insight of the week was to see the interest of bankers in topics such as creative thinking and visual expression. Like in previous year, the critics challenged us programming this sort of topics. They proved to be wrong: there is indeed a great hunger in our community to re-connect with our wholeness, our oneness, and our full human being. We all are growing a higher sensory awareness and maturity. In case you did not know yet: bankers are humans too, and that is probably our biggest hope for the future

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The Current School Reform Landscape: Christopher H. Tienken

The Current School Reform Landscape: Christopher H. Tienken


HuffPostEducation (@HuffPostEdu)
9/28/13 8:01 AM
Student expelled after engaging in tug of war with

Deb Mills-Scofield (@dscofield)
9/29/13 6:35 AM
By @Digitaltonto A New Age Of Disruption - Old notions of change management no longer work because it is not ass...

However, it can happen to anyone.  As Moisés Naím put it in The End of Power, “Power is easier to get, but harder to use or keep.”  The truth is that now everybody gets disrupted sooner

For most of corporate history, scale provided benefits that went beyond just consolidation of fixed costs and negotiating power, but also included informational advantages.  Now, however, the scale economy has been replaced by a semantic economy, where information flows freely across once impermeable boundaries of firm and industry

UC Berkeley’s AnnaLee Saxenian argues that the semantic economy is not only a technological phenomenon, but a personal one as well.  Her research suggests that the “brain drain” from developing countries has been replaced by a “brain circulation” in which the worlds best minds often straddle cultures.

The bottom line is that old notions of boundaries of scale, industry and geography have become impotent.  These boundaries have been replaced by often informal connections that transcend formal structures.

The result is big data and it is incredibly disruptive.  A small startup or even an individual can rent supercomputing capacity from AmazonMicrosoft or Rackspace and put it to work on data sets from their own business activity, from public sources such or, if needed, purchase them at a reasonable cost.

so what if google.. whoever .. sees this as gift to world in shared economy.. helping prototype app

Large, established businesses can benefit as well.  In the old industrial economy adapting to changes in the marketplace meant cumbersome retooling.  Yet MIT’s Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee argue that a data driven approach can allow firms to achieve scale without mass by implementing changes instantly across the enterprise.

imagine MIT as one of the nodes for this.. more than they already are.. exponentially more...

It’s not just the amount of data that is changing, but the nature of data as well. Information used to be something separate from the real world.  We would collect it using controlled studies with small samples and then scale it up to reflect what was going on in our organizations and in the marketplace.
The point of data collection in the industrial economy was to make sure we “got it right” before we invested in action.  We’d get the smartest guys, put them in a room and they would make decisions that would determine the strategy of the enterprise.

and got it right - referred to an assumed normative system.. ie : the masses of people who have been or ate going through public Ed.
note.. most never get out of it until...
#1 regret of dying.. no?

For example, UPS has installed sensors on its fleet of trucks so that they can perform maintenance as needed instead of at regular intervals.  They also use the data to improve scheduling and reduce idling

we pay for and inestimable in and believe in this for ie: ups.. but not for the human spirit.. humanity

that they can perform maintenance as needed instead of at regular intervals.  They also use the data to improve scheduling and reduce idli

ie.. just in time v just in case v according to our clock... no?

The upshot is that organizations are changing the way they learn.  Rather than trying to come up with the right idea and then testing it in the marketplace, we can now run market simulations at much lower cost with much lower risk.  Rather than having to get it right, we can iterate quickly and simply strive to be less wrong over time.

wonder if Clay (& others) .. get frustrated a bit.. that they were saying this ten yrs ago..

perhaps we play catch up,..
what if we have the true .or closest .. next iteration of your disruption mentality.. all at once.
zoom waaaaay in.
what really is happening at that point of inflection.. that most don't get past...

maybe this..
a people experiment

Woman Uses Local Nuisance to Rebuild Town's Economy

Seth's Blog: The secret of the five top

Seth's Blog: The secret of the five top

Open Mic: Tehran

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Between the By-Road and the Main Road: School Reform, Pioneers, and the Heart of Things

Between the By-Road and the Main Road: School Reform, Pioneers, and the Heart of Things: American Bus Stop III: No Lemming Left Behind (M.A. Reilly, 2009) The word “pioneer” betrays a disturbing willingness to repeat th...

Embrace options to public schools |

Embrace options to public schools |

humans of new york

Dr. Brené Brown: Why Shame Is So Prevalent in Classrooms - Super Soul Su...


John Hagel (@jhagel)
9/26/13 7:17 AM
Now it starts to get interesting - Univ. of Minnesota researchers control a flying robot with the mind via @marigo

Gary Stager, Ph.D. (@garystager)
9/26/13 5:16 AM
iPad = bad choice made for wrong reason, now made worse by dopey adult hysteria…

Gary Stager, Ph.D. (@garystager)
9/26/13 7:19 AM
If you give kids devices capable of doing little more than charging with friend, they'll chat with friends. b@timstahmer @jdeq @dougpete

Mathias Parent (@mathias83)
9/27/13 7:41 AM
Crazy realistic drawing Pepsi can: via@YouTube #draw

Arianna Huffington (@ariannahuff)
9/27/13 7:45 AM
Mobile storage trucks prove school cell phone bans really aren't doing much

HuffPost Impact (@HuffPostImpact)
9/28/13 7:39 AM
The Great Philanthropy Disruption by

John Hagel (@jhagel)
9/28/13 7:48 AM
Incredibly inspirational story by @valleyhack abt @ramonapierson a woman who overcame adversity to be an entrepreneur

jerry michalski visits downtownproject vegas

Jerry Michalski visits Downtown Project Las Vegas from Downtown Project LV on Vimeo.

school w/no teachers - 42

“We don’t want to teach them stuff. We want them to find solutions on problems, because we don’t know the problem in the future. So we are creating students able to learn by themselves.”

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Why are Americans so easy to manipulate?

Why are Americans so easy to manipulate?

It is also easiest to condition people who dislike what they are doing. Rewards work best for those who are alienated from their work, according to researcher Morton Deutsch (Distributive Justice, 1985).
Behavior modification can also destroy our intrinsic desire for compassion, which is necessary for a democratic society.

reclaim open learning symposium… w/ @anya1anya @mizuko @jseelybrown @hrheingold @schmidtphi #reclaimopen #ds106radio

Seth's Blog: Words. Sentences. Paragraphs. Stories.

Seth's Blog: Words. Sentences. Paragraphs. Stories.

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Tonight You Belong to Me (Cover) - Me and my 4 y.o.


Zeynep Tufekci (@zeynep)
9/25/13 7:04 AM
School district pays to monitor student social media for "violence, drug use, bullying, truancy & suicidal threats".…

TheAtlanticEducation (@TheAtlanticEDU)
9/25/13 7:14 AM
Pressured Parents Phenomenon: a "visceral anxiety" triggered by competition between…

9/24/13 6:05 AM
80+ Presentations from Genius Hr to #Mlearning to
Check out the #RSCON4 presenter interviews #Edchat

Paul Thomas (@plthomasEdD)
9/25/13 6:54 AM
Schools Matter: Children should not be allowed to behave like…

is this for real? what?
Paul Thomas (@plthomasEdD)
9/25/13 6:54 AM
Schools Matter: The missing…

Katherine von Jan (@kvonjan)
9/25/13 6:55 AM
Join @Will_Shortz awesome puzzle tournament in Pleasantville Friday! $45 to play or $5 to watch the masters battle!

crazy.. should be the other way around perhaps..?

lisagansky (@instigating)
9/25/13 6:56 AM
Love this. On writing: 'Write with the door closed. Re-write with the door open.' Stephen King#refections #connected #audience

Ben Grey (@bengrey)
9/25/13 6:58 AM
It's amazing what can be done if you just sit for five minutes being still and focusing on one single problem/challenge/idea.

Sarah Kathleen Peck (@sarahkpeck)
9/25/13 6:58 AM
Story of my life right now: "Make space for your future."

Dirty Wars (@DirtyWars)
9/25/13 6:59 AM
Detaining human rights activists, blocking visas for lawyers... What do UK US govts want kept secret about their #drone wars? #everything

Marlo Thomas (@MarloThomas)
9/25/13 7:00 AM
"To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong." Joseph Chilton


Rhizome (@rhizome)
9/25/13 7:00 AM
Fantastic line-up for Seven on Seven London to be announced 10/1; trust us, buy discounted early-bird tkts today.

Doug Belshaw (@dajbelshaw)
9/25/13 7:03 AM
We're currently reflecting on some random words that "are well researched and will have a significant impact on education". #slf13 #keynote

Global Voices (@globalvoices)
9/25/13 7:04 AM
Today's digest - Humanity Defeated Again in

Clint Hamada (@chamada)
9/25/13 7:03 AM
Is this @courosa's pic in a @WIRED article? Sweet!

Milton Ramirez (@tonnet)
9/25/13 7:04 AM
Does Public Education Stink?

Aron Solomon (@aronsolomon)
9/25/13 7:10 AM
It's just an app. It's not going to redefine how we look at the world and we won't pay for it.

unless. it's not just an app.. but a link.. hypertext .. to personal fabrication..

and.. it's free via public Ed...

Aron Solomon (@aronsolomon)
9/25/13 7:12 AM
That's the default position that startups need to overcome. The key is simplicity. The enemy, complexity and BS.

Aron Solomon (@aronsolomon)
9/25/13 7:16 AM
But an app for frozen, mail-ordered sandwiches? Wow! CERTAINLY worth $3M investment!…

John Hagel (@jhagel)
9/25/13 7:18 AM
Looks like one of my childhood fantasies - the jetpack - may soon be

Morgan Clendaniel (@MClendaniel)
9/25/13 7:12 AM
Check out these amazing photos of tiny Japanese apartments (with a great story by@stan_alcorn):

Ben Wilkoff (@bhwilkoff)
9/25/13 7:18 AM
Honesty and Authenticity are to intertwined. Can you schedule an authentic conversation?#ipdgameon

David Wees (@davidwees)
9/25/13 7:18 AM
@DataDiva Self-assessment is somewhat unreliable as a measure of how much students know.

but perhaps the most reliable/authentic/useful...

AJ Juliani (@ajjuliani)
9/25/13 7:19 AM
Choose Kind Even When You Want Change via@pernilleripp

When I push my students to grow and change I do it with kindness and persistence.  I ask themto prove everybody wrong, I ask them to prove themselves wrong.  I ask them to grow and to learn from this journey.  So it is only fair I ask it of  everyone else as well.  Before we enter debates, choose kind.   Choose open mindedness, choose the higher road.  Choose to see both sides even if your heart lies on one of them.  ask for a debate and proceed knowing that there are people with pride involved, people who have invested in what you want to change.  People like ourselves who are only doing things because they believe in the good of them, not because they want to hurt others.  It is time we, as adults, choose kind like our students and give others the respect they deserve.  Even if we think they have the wrongest opinion of them all.

Fast Company (@FastCompany)
9/25/13 7:12 AM
There's a lot of talk about prototyping - here's how to actually do…

Insight Labs (@insightlabs)
9/25/13 7:13 AM
When you encounter an outlier, consider whether it is an exception or an extreme, says@Folletto -…

WikiLeaks (@wikileaks)
9/25/13 4:06 AM
Clearing Gottfrid Svarthom (Anakata) is an important victory. Thanks to all who helped, especially @ioerror for testifying as an expert.

MacArthur Foundation (@macfound)
9/25/13 7:15 AM
#Playwright Tarell McCraney named 2013 #MacFellow. Explores African American experience, evokes shared humanity

Greg Satell (@Digitaltonto)
9/25/13 7:11 AM
What Michael Jordan Can Teach Us About Big Data, Strategy And

Paul Thomas (@plthomasEdD)
9/24/13 6:03 AM
CAKE reminds us: "Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material." -- Leviticus

Cooking over open fire is equivalent of smoking many, many cigarettes a day. Greg Spencer, @paradigmproject. #awareness #2030now

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Best post I've read in a very long time. Thank you @ariannahuff // Are You Living Your Eulogy or Your Resume?

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#itlchat see @garystager and @smartinez (me) discuss Invent To Learn and Making the Case for Making in the Classroom

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The key is the idea that people's behavior is altered to serve their interest in a system - @itsDanielSuarez #MLTalks

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Miss any of the #2030Now Social Good Summit? Watch all of the speakers here  via @socialgood

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