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9/11/13 7:03 AM
Google Named Development Partner to #MOOC
Details of the partnership have not yet been disclosed. edX has planned all along to make its software an open-source product, in contrast to the announced practices of for-profit MOOC enterprises, including Coursera and Udacity. edX member institutions, which in some cases have made multimillion-dollar investments in course development, will not want the fee arrangements now in place for their courses to be undercut (read an account of the $50,000 to $250,000 per-course fees as reported by the Chronicle of Higher Education). On the other hand, a widely adopted open-source platform would:

the world—for instance, in Africa and Southeast Asia. As reported in the recent Scientific American special report on "Learning in the Digital Age" and elsewhere (read a summary in "The Turn in Online Education"), many students in such settings do not have Internet access and cannot be expected to pursue courses delivered to computers. Mobile technologies—particularly the advent of lower-cost smart phones—may be essential if they are to access MOOC courses readily. Google, with its market-leading Android mobile system and its Motorola phone-manufacturing subsidiary, may be in an excellent position through the edX partnership to quickly develop and optimize delivery of content-rich MOOC courses to such learners through that technology. Doing so requires skills that have tested other technology enterprises during the paradigm-changing shift to mobile computing and communications

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announcement, Anant Agarwal, the MIT electrical-engineering professor who is edX president—and a particularly forceful proponent of "planet-scale democratization of education"—said of the new Google affiliation, "[We] believe they will be a perfect partner to work with as we shape the next generation of open education and learning." He went on to note that "Google shares our mission to improve learning both on-campus and online. Working with Google's world-class engineers and technology will enable us to advance online, on-campus, and blended learning experiences faster and more effectively than ever before

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Lolly Daskal (@LollyDaskal)
9/11/13 7:03 AM
keep listening to the wisdom of your inner voice #leadfromwithin#leadership
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Mark (@clothedvillainy)
9/11/13 5:45 AM
@littleread @amandapalmer I met a girl who didn't know who Amanda Palmer was. I think I'm in love.

Global Voices (@globalvoices)
9/11/13 7:05 AM
Today's digest - In Search of a Safe Environment for India's

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Just cracked open @pomeranian99's new book and am fascinated but not surprised he starts with chess to talk about tech and the human mind

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Deb Mills-Scofield (@bluelobsternets)
9/11/13 7:05 AM
Honored RT @MarkTruelson: Wonderful article on @dscofield a woman who espouses LOVE always.Thanks @JesseLynStoner…...

How many people end conversations with clients by saying, “I love you” or giving them a hug and a kiss?  Deb Mills-Scofield does. At the end of the day, when the work is done, she ascribes to Martin Buber’sI-Thou philosophy: we exist only in the way we encounter othe

You needed to know someone in order to escape,” she says.
Her own family history has made her believe in people, not rules. 

t tell her that at the age of 22, with the cachet of her Bell Lab experience behind her, she can’t walk uninvited—and without a graduate degree—into any executive’s office at AT&T and speak her mind. Hierarchies make no sense to her; they impede innovation

Mills-Scofield grew up in Rumson, N.J., where she and her sister attended public schools, but every Tuesday, her mother took them into Manhattan to visit the museums. The girls were also encouraged to take another day off every week—to stay home and play. When the school superintendent called Mills-Scofield’s parents to express his concern about their daughters’ frequent absences, Dr. Mills asked what their grades were. “A’s,” the superintendent informed him. Her father replied, “Oh, good—it’s working!

“My favorite line to my clients is, ‘So, where is it written?’” she says. “Challenging orthodoxy is a central theme for my whole life, which is all tied up in the network. I view life as an experiment: learn, apply, iterate. That’s what your network is for.”

buildOn (@buildOnEmpowers)
9/11/13 7:05 AM
Buy the book that builds schools.

nicco mele (@nicco)
9/13/13 7:00 AM
"In an economy that has become a grim joke, nothing seems quite so bleak as the all-but-obligatory LinkedIn account."

Guy Kawasaki (@GuyKawasaki)
9/13/13 7:00 AM
South Korea’s “invisible” skyscraper under

John Hagel (@jhagel)
9/9/13 10:06 AM
Inside all of us is a longing for more - the cry of your soul, driving you to wholeness by

Houston explains in this interview that The Call might start off as bland and generic: I want to get married, or, I want a new career. The “usual things”. But at some point there’s what Houston terms a second genesis, when another level of possibility begins to crest and you realize there’s so much more to you than you ever suspected.
That’s when your life’s adventure begins.