Friday, September 20, 2013


Ethan Zuckerman (@EthanZ)
9/17/13 6:24 AM
.@judemwenda, new @civicMIT student explores civic media and "living documents"

very important element in Civic media is that it can use any form of technology. In Russia, in a small town a group of painters converged to raise the issue of potholes that were frequent in their streets. They chose a very interesting medium to convey their message. Not the traditional newspaper advertorial,or the fancy video but rather paintings. But not just any paintings, their canvas was one of the tarmaced roads riddled with potholes. They drew the faces of their elected officials on the potholes. This eventually resulted in the local government filling up the potholes

David Palange (@dapchap)
9/16/13 8:47 PM
@CathyNDavidson Saw Temple Grandin speak today. She asked "What is a normal brain?" Brought me back to This is Your Brain on the Internet.

It's like Instagram for Wordpress. Been waiting for this! Congrats @saddington on the launch of @Pressgram. #IG #WP

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Kelly Hoey (@jkhoey)
9/17/13 6:24 AM
Wow RT @endeavoringE: Turkey's ruling party forms 6,000-member social media team to promote its views via @WSJ
The Justice and Development Party, led by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is recruiting a 6,000-member social-media team to woo citizens and fight critics, party officials said.
The AKP is gradually bringing young, tech-savvy party members to Ankara to train them in classrooms to act as volunteer "social-media representatives."
The youth will be charged with sharing news and images, mainly on Twitter and Facebook, but also on Instagram and YouTube, that promote the party perspective and monitor online discussions, a party official said.
"We aim at developing a positive political language which we are teaching to our volunteers," said a senior party official responsible for organizing the campaign. "And when the opposing camp spreads disinformation about the party, we correct them with valid information, always using positive language."

@kiostark: "Simply put, MOOCs are designed to put teaching online, and that is their mistake." @brainpickings

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Did you visit our @ushahidi deployment to map alternative education? Please help us to spread the word!

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Will Richardson (@willrich45)
9/17/13 8:03 AM
Thoughts for Parents in Castle View, Colorado by @garystager #edchat

castle view?

David Weinberger (@dweinberger)
9/20/13 7:19 AM
Woohoo! @davewiner just Open Sourced the code behind his outliner. So, cool!…

Tony Wagner (@DrTonyWagner)
9/20/13 7:22 AM
Dad tries to do 8th grade daughter's homework for a week and is overwhelmed by the quantity & amount of memorization

David Warlick (@dwarlick)
9/17/13 12:25 PM
"I don't think China is trying to emulate Finland. It's trying to emulate old U.S..." Yong Zhao

Jeremy Olshan (@jolshan)
9/18/13 6:48 AM
The college savings plan that beat the hedge funds. Fantastic story from