Sunday, September 22, 2013


Mimi Ito (@mizuko)
9/6/13 10:07 AM
Call for proposals DML2014 "Connecting Practices" in Boston March…

My big education question from this week is: how do we unschedule schools? Kids cannot build their own pace when we're interrupting #edchat

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syamant sandhir (@syamant)
9/20/13 7:27 AM
‘redesigns of other people’s work is pure folly’…
Too many designers are designing to impress their peers rather than address real business problems

Sarah Kathleen Peck (@sarahkpeck)
9/20/13 7:29 AM
What do you love about your city? What will a world class city look like? @TEDCity2_0conference today.

Ethan Zuckerman (@EthanZ)
9/21/13 6:35 AM
Reports of ten day, hostages taken at Westgate mall in Nairobi. Horrific…

Chris B (@a_small_lab)
9/21/13 6:39 AM
Beautiful DIY Cardboard Storage | THE CARDBOARD #idea

"Why do they tell me to think outside of the box when they barely let me out of it?"

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Bryan Alexander (@BryanAlexander)
9/21/13 6:53 AM
Interesting collaborative concept mapping project,

Sarah Kathleen Peck (@sarahkpeck)
9/22/13 8:42 AM
I like being helpful. And useful.

Jon Whitmore (@whitmorejon)
9/22/13 8:46 AM
"In the world of #highered, we are no longer awarding … righteousness points to naysayers

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" … on a Delfonics brand クリアファイル in 2007:

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