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ivan illich

be you bus

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thanks Al

campaign for commons

thank you Bernd and George Por

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and the be you book..
working on this:

glossary/table of contents of sorts

ivan illich

A common complaint about schools, one that is reflected for example, in the recent (book was published in 1972) report of the Carnegie Commission: In school, registered students submit to certified teachers in order to obtain certificates of their own; both are frustrated and both blame insufficient resources - money, time, or building - for their mutual frustration. 
I believe that the contemporary crisis of education demands that we review the very idea of publicly prescribed learning rather than the methods used in its enforcement.

                                                            - Ivan Illich, Deschooling Society

huge. very huge..

chris brogan

salt and pepper simplicity

Simplicity allows us to appreciate the execution more than the cleverness of our plan. Complexity is mostly about being clever, if you’ve never noticed. Simplicity is about execution.

yaacov hecht

from a convo he was having on facebook

Hava Ben-Horin Abramsky writes:
מסכימה לגמרי, מערכת החינוך התמחתה לאחרונה בהנחתות חדשות לבקרים על המורים (ועל התלמידים וההורים), בצורה שמצמיתה מחשבה חופשית, יצירתיות והנאה מהתהליך

Totally agree, the education system has specialized recently laying regularly on teachers (and students and parents), a permanently free thought, creativity and enjoyment of the process

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seth godin

more or less

so cool.

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be you house and happenings

320 east 3rd

notice. dream. connect. do.

seth godin

the facts

what is real anyway... no?
who keeps deciding these things?

for us.
for you.


correct? right?
or life changing.
does it matter?
is it awesome?

Thursday, August 25, 2011


@PaulAllison of edtechtalk ttt had us share some of our detox convo last night on his show:

thanks Paul..
thanks guys..

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

be you house

someone came into the be you house yesterday. wondering if we could help them with their ged or transcript. i'm guessing their age was upper 20's.
when i asked why they wanted a ged or transcript.. they said..

they told me that would mean i'm educated..

we spend too much time fixing things that aren't even necessary things. we're convinced that what people say (have been saying) is what is best.
we need to be about respectfully questioning everything. so that we can start doing things that matter.

what if 75% of transcripts/diplomas represent a false statement? do they? could they?
per youth i've been working with, they suggest 75% either cheat or cram before tests, so that one/two weeks later, their brain has no growth in regard to what that paper work stands to represent. and it's not just kids in school, it's everywhere. perhaps it's a coping mentality - because in our souls we know that much of it is bunk.

let's bag the time we spend on documentation to prove ourselves.
let's spend that time on getting to know people. getting to know ourselves.
let's spend that time finding what we can't not do.
let's become indispensable.
away with the papers of pretense.

seth godin

Mark Zuckerberg isn't Mark Zuckerberg

make difficult choices, do hard work that matters..

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ivan illich

oh how i wish you were alive...

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seth godin

when ideas become powerful
at work with thomas edison
1093 patents, and yet determined to steer clear of them

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will richardson

options via networks


seth godin

wasting time is not a waste


great way to garner support for your dreams...
make them happen.

cristian? hans? jessi?


Thursday, August 11, 2011

playing for change

very cool. we should do something.


richard byrne

YouTube Videos Interactive

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

steve collis

wow... thought i had signed up for Steve's post via email, and thought i had posted about his use of badges.
thanks to Bud Hunt's post - found out i had done neither.

Happy Steve's post on the rubber hitting the road - sounds like a window into the lab. (the post i got via Bud)
a bit ago - had read Steve's post on badges... best use/idea of badges i've seen.
here are the other posts in this little series. ginormous to ed - to social change.

#1 -
#2 - we can do better - bureaucracy and gamification
#3 - best use/idea for badges i've seen - visualizing the system
#4 - interdependency - the granny cloud
#5 - how the lab looks - the rubber hits the road

way to go @steve_collis
no doubt you are happy steve.
awakening indispensable people - you can't not be happy..

[funny - unable to check twitter - still can't get on - but i'm thinking now that Bud didn't post that.. i think that now Steve is the only other person i follow off feedblitz.. so when i got it i thought it was Bud's. i was thinking how strange it was that Bud just posted Steve's post... with no words of his own. yeah.]

seth godin

r&d in public

reading about how Thomas Edison did it just now..

Monday, August 8, 2011

colin ward

just finishing up the child in the city.
so many correlations to the lab.
wondering where we'd be if we'd read the book 3 years ago....
would it resonate as much? would we be further along.
nonetheless.. so refreshing to read about things you are doing/crafting.
love it. what a great resource.

died feb 2010. ugh.


seth godin

on charity

Sunday, August 7, 2011

seth godin

bypassing the leap

Noticing things and being curious about how they work is the single most common trait I see in creative people.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

anya kamenetz

oh yay...

how to get it

cathy davidson

on higher ed

domino project

meetings are our default for stalling..
   - al pittampali


Friday, August 5, 2011

noah geisel

the importance of risk taking..
via teachpaperless
Noah has risk taking as part of his rubric
easy access today to mental spaces of permission for students


seth godin

history doesn't always repeat itself

fall in love with perpetual beta...


Thursday, August 4, 2011

chris guillebeau

how to do the right thing

seth godin

the heckler

this is so huge. got this from Roger Martin's design of business as well.

and move on.

like Jaime Escalante's...
that'll do it.
have a good day.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the domino project

meetings are death - free download for 7 days