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sebastian thrun

via @uncollege

prof thrun drops out of stanford - udacity

googles lab for wildest dreams
vie sagt mann. love it.
160000 students for ai via stanford

instead of lecturing we would quiz
principal way of engaging.. the student has to think

they prefer him on video (30000 a year) - because they can watch in lurk mode
volunteer - 2000 translators

these are not your typical stanford students

let them fail and i'd come to their rescue.
there was no purpose of weeding, no certificate to be earned
we don't set up kids for success but for failure
we don't help our students become smart
grades are the failure of the ed system
rather than grading, get everyone to a+
today, when kids get a c, we don't take the time to bring them up to an a
this medium is giving us the opportunity to do that

in response to comments - how can you teach with 160000

change the world with ed, free for world, core of a society

stop empowering the prof's and start empowering the students

in 7 weeks - anyone could build their own google. search engine..

part of this.. is getting rid of compulsion... esp in k-12.. no?

thank you sebastian, and dale and sal, and ...

love this via Sebastian:
the real question is not, what's going to happen to the uni, but what's going to happen to the people...

his company 50% female.
classes 10% female.


Hi TEDx Fans!
Employing a disciiplined and deliberate process, the TEDxFrontRange Steering Committe is proud to announce the entire lineup of speakers for the May 10, 2012 event.  Below are the names, location and organization for each presenter:

  • Eunny Jang, Loveland, Interweave Press
  • Amy Prieto, Fort Collins, CSU & Prieto Battery Inc.
  • Peter Kageyama, St. Petersburg FL, Creative Class Group
  • Christian Leobardo, Loveland, Be You House
  • Joan C. King, Loveland, Beyond Success LLC
  • Don Proffit, Trenton NJ, Proffit Projects LLC
  • Changa Hinton Leichtle, Denver, The Chanda Plan
  • Nikolaus Correll, Boulder, CU
  • Bryce Hach, Fort Collins, Homeward 2020
  • Blas Estrada, Fort Collins, Generation Prosper
  • Peter Harold, Loveland, Be You House
  • Tony Monfiletto, Albuquerque NM, ACE Leadership
  • Jim Tolstrup, Loveland, High Plains Environmental Center
  • Randy Menzer, Denver, Ameribotics
  • Neil Almy, Berthoud, Prairie Star
  • Irene Fortune, Loveland, FRONT Range on Track
  • Sierra Goldstein, Loveland, Be You House
  • John Daggett, Fort Collins, Embrace Northern Colorado
More event information, including sponsor announcements, will be forthcoming.

kool beans.. no?


sue vanhattum

MaryAnnReilly 2 great posts by @suevanhattum  Richmond #Math Salon http://t.co/jtK6Bwza &  my ideal school  Cc @monk51295

poem is lovely Sue.. grazie.

will richardson

Will Richardson (@willrich45)
1/31/12 6:29 AM
First read this LA teacher's story lat.ms/yEBCaO then, read the comments lat.ms/zQZDw2 Tests have no empathy #edchat #edreform

Will Richardson (@willrich45)
1/31/12 6:32 AM
And btw, you think this nyti.ms/x0fMml might have something to do with the edu "problem"? We learning this? #edchat #edreform

We need a program that would force members of the upper tribe and the lower tribe to live together, if only for a few years. We need a program in which people from both tribes work together to spread out the values, practices and institutions that lead to achievement.If we could jam the tribes together, we’d have a better elite and a better mass.

no forcing.. but that's what we're up to..
a quiet revolution.

douglas rushkoff

this book looks great. i love the interview.
currently reading quiet by cain..
thinking - everything that we think is a disadvantage is actually a super power.. we're just often coming from the wrong vantage point.

douglas rushkoff (@rushkoff)
1/31/12 6:02 AM
Interview: Douglas Rushkoff On Media Literacy and His New Graphic Novel huff.to/yLXJPx via@HuffingtonPost

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john hagel

evolution of design to amplify flow

via @CoCreatr

It is particularly interesting to see how the constructal law is used in a predictive manner – anticipating what the design of a particular flow system might look like and then empirically testing it in various natural settings.

rings of current convos and thinking on detox. 
simply used as a template, in a model, of how this has worked for some.

and this - of our why.. setting people free:

Freedom enhances the evolution of design
This focus on the evolution of design also leads the authors to emphasize the importance of freedom. “A prerequisite, then, is for the flow system to be free to morph. . . . Freedom is good for design. Later on, the authors observe: “Freedom is what allows flow systems to configure and reconfigure themselves. It is what allows them to “get design” and get better. Without freedom there would be no design and no evolution.”

again.. like a turtle, with a shell for protection. if we take away the shell (likening this to the school system, taking away self-directed learning) we need to return the shell (or for ed, offer up conditions of freedom, ie: detox, sabbatical, ...) before the turtle (or the person) can once again own/be themselves.

ramblings from an email i sent to adam about this issue. hosting it here for now.. so i can come back to it:

im believing..there is no ultimate, no defined definition. a definition, to me, deadens, calls out a  " game over" mindset. even if it didn't deaden things.. keeps people from that daily.. aliveness and searching, noticing, etc... it's different for everyone.. and within everyone.
so.. school, or detox, ... we're just offering ideas.. right?
this is just a preface, as I then attempt to share my current view of these ideas..

in my thinking, the concept of detox is "coming out" as a strong temporary jumpstart.. a template to follow even, because our intoxication has become so bad. it's like an external setting free, even as people go in to physically rescue human trafficked victims, take them to a safe place, to begin healing. and it's become bad because of an outside force, this schooling. schooling, not as something I'll intended, but as something gone a muck, and in it's own redefinition, manifesting as a type of imprisonment. it's perpetuating it's own dependency. 

so a be you house, a detox place, rather than theorize, we offer a space to actually jumpstart that healing. currently, I'm thinking not everyone will need to go to such a physical space, but us physically modeling that, makes it easier for others to visualize how their own mind might take charge and set themselves free.

no doubt, this is personal, ongoing, daily. 
again, i see detox (and the lab) as such, we are play acting... to free us from a temporary disaster. we are physically walking through the motions of a healthy mind. detox and the innovation lab as some outside rescue, for it to see success, is that it is no longer needed.. we're re-enacting something natural. success will be people free, because of their once again, owning their own curiosity...

he was questioning the whole idea of setting people free, as opposed to them freeing themselves. as well as what detox is..

ongoing for sure.. infinite game..

seth godin

influencing our town

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festival of learning

Joi Ito (@Joi)
1/29/12 4:05 AM
Watch Festival of Learning 2012 | Day 2 on Vimeo!vimeo.com/user3515731/fe…

venessa miemis

9 personal capacities of authentic leaders

Venessa Miemis (@VenessaMiemis)
1/29/12 5:19 AM
Gifted People and their Problems [PDF] bit.ly/wX9J9z by Francis Heylighen

peter vander auwera

Peter Vander Auwera (@petervan)
1/29/12 4:51 AM
The Truth: Creativity Comes From Blending Dissonant Goals Into Radical Harmony bit.ly/wz4EbH by @freegorifero via@jorgebarba

Peter Vander Auwera (@petervan)
1/29/12 4:46 AM
RT @dachisgroup Age of Disruption? bit.ly/x0LTfi via@jorgebarba

Pasi Sahlberg (@pasi_sahlberg)
1/29/12 4:07 AM
Finland's formula for school success:edutopia.org/education-ever…

why must we insist on classroom? what do we mean by regular.. and why insist on certain means of communication...
why must we know 2^3?

cathy davidson

Cathy Davidson (@CathyNDavidson)
1/28/12 3:00 PM
The Dartmouth: Davidson pushes for greater school reformbit.ly/AC75pu

aaron cohen

Aaron Cohen (@AaronCohen777)
1/28/12 3:12 PM

I hold you and you're free.

Seth's Blog: Prepared to fail

Seth's Blog: Prepared to fail

hrund gunnsteinsd

need sting intuition and noticings..
bravery to go into unknown..

darkness scares you reckless, but in time you can see stark..


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simon sinek

just finished start with why

perfect. just what i needed.
created this - as we move on..

pieces i'd like to convo with Simon about:
p. 195, do they need a leader? marching in front, reminding of why?

jan 25 meandering thoughts

meandering thoughts from jan 25

seeing huge convergence of last four years and sharing back.
space as microscope on us.. yet walls host jetson virtuals joining in.

detox... for Roy visibility.. be you house remains for actual and ongoing
pi lab, same thing... visual in space (perhaps co laboratory), yet actual for us is ongoing music store space.

14 mill is for testing... and people don't bat an eye.
look at this as testing.. as a book.. documentary to scale across.. none of it needed to jumpstart or sustain others..
this is our book... yeah

so Nic... capturing kids talking about what the connection to their cell really means..
capturing convos that go beyond classroom and core standards talks....

Steve... as deb Roy... gathering over a year..
this year Sierra, next year, we say water, birth of a town/community

what is it with soc media... ways to gather readers followers?
spend energy on your art... become remarkable by allure.. not by crafting listeners..

do more, gather attention less
want to talk to Shirky.. see if that what he really means... bag all for convo
talk to Ethan ... how to do global voices in a city

badges...rewards... that's killing Krishnamurti.
sharing your art is the reward... connections are the reward...,
hOURschool..not to rack up classes.. it just aggregates theme..
barbarous guy last night... new term that meant... just swimming in it..

look like the solution...
see a van.. instead of ..how to get rid of... what to learn from it.. need a shanty town? that people choosing to live their own... only rules.. be safe, be ethical, be awesome

doesn't this fly in the face of cog surplus?


1) missing the culture of trust.. doing it for badges.. not to share art
2) cog surplus turns teaching profession into expert learner profession. not about measuring and improving specifics for all kids.. about modeling how you self asses while swimming in convo which is true learning..
Mary cath bates... in the vulnerability of context.
why I like junto vs Ted

design top of Rialto like my dreams of virtual coffee house.
house of world. a space Shirky would take time to stop into daily.. weekly...etc

it's like what web or tech did for Carly...
what if everyone needs iep... tech is helping us communicate.. getting in us.. helping us share out... schank


beyond schank and ai..

now with ray

nature...human....tech gyrations
Nic doing ray..
Nic capturing all on being set free via no agenda.. and convo...eyes... as curric

dave cormier

dave cormier (@davecormier)
1/26/12 4:50 PM
Embracing uncertainty, and the strange problem of habituation bit.ly/xY7AHs 
New#rhizome post.

rolf potts

his bio and site

make your art a passion


tech in hiding

Martin Littler (@MartinLittler)
1/28/12 6:31 AM
#ATIA2012 Sad to hear of "huge piles of #iPads unused in school cupboards". Challenge to our industry to bring out sound educational #apps?

imagine freeing up pads and students to create their own apps.. per need

ap physics

more on ap physics from harvards eric mazur via grant higgins

Rhett Allain (@rjallain)
1/28/12 7:02 AM
Are physics AP courses like the nuclear arms race? bit.ly/x9BEPo (from@occam98)

rjallain @occam98 @monk51295 what if we build a "star wars" AP defense system?

Some very competitive high school students feel like they are locked in some life or death struggle with nameless competitors for precious few places at the “good” colleges (I plan to blog more on what a bogus notion it is that there are “good” colleges). And this plays out much like the drama of the Cold War. Just like the US during the height of the Cold War, we didn’t understand the struggle we were in, or the enemy we were competing with, yet we still felt the need to stockpile ever more powerful and useless nuclear weapons in the hopes of deterrence. ...

john burk - are you spearheading this global physcis dept?

be becoming


obtained through intuition rather than from reasoning or observation. 

my experience over the last four years, very personal, very tangible to me, very do it -ish. i've been swimming in the limpic brain, free from the presumptions, that success comes from the neocortex.
i feel very privileged to have been and to be so privy to these happenings. i've gone in spaces i often can't explain. 
they are about our why, freeing up people to have soul peace, but they are also feeding and informing that why. i feel a responsibility and an ability to share what we've learned, in a non-compulsory, yet completely open sourced manner. we feel we now know too much, of what people are craving, from these last four years. 
such as:

{innov lab at tv}: actually taking kids into a space to listen to them without an agenda. how to you free them up?
rather than simply theorizing what it would take, experimenting with live people, failing, and trying again. learn: focus on self-reflection, self-assess, only you know what matters most to you. free to do that.

{be you house}: actually designing a space that models or mimmicks the web, and prototypes our vision of the city. how do you help people see how the web can free us up?  [ny experience, like i was in the web] learn: focus on spaces (physical and mental) of permission, where does my freedom start, yours end, how do we crowdsource when our spaces align, and facilitate that.

{collaboratory, mile high pi in the sky}: actually crafting a kitchen table, a fireside chat, environment, in order to practice the art of conversation over the next year + with our people. alive people now. to incubate, curate, and share as convo becomes us. [suede exprience, like i was in the convo]

{buildings as resource}: actually revamping 3 (to 5) schools, so we have a model of an elementary building, a middle school building, a high school building, a community college, and a university. what they could become, if we dream together, without an agenda, other than freeing people up to be, and to create/become gatherings that matter.

i think these things will help us to build upon a culture of trust.. to build upon a common why. so that incentive and pay and rules don't have to interfere with doing something we see as priceless. no?


first web convo

one of my first encounters with the web was like three-four years ago. it was a fireside chat (podcast) with Howard Rheingold, Dean Shareski, and Alec Couros.
it was there i started thinking about the importance of considering.. who's together in a room per choice.
ever since, (or maybe before without my being able to verbalize it) i've been craving convos like that.

being a part of and listening to.. people.. think out loud.

the art of 
the art of the web connections.


so, if we're seeking 20, 50, 100 mill... how is that not ridiculous?

i see one instance alone:
 17.9 million has been granted to colorado for the race to the top initiative. one stated reason, that i heard, is that it's a reward for being top innovators in playing the data game, ie: we're playing their race to the top game well.
 so how is it that we are also 6th in the nation for suicide rate? coincidence? perhaps. but i think not. i've been in the schools.. good schools... doing well on the tests.. they seem more in need of hospice, to be quite frank. we're rewarding a tenuous people, with more of what got them there.

our pursuit, our why:
freedom (are we not the land of the free?)
freeing people up to be themselves, by creating (mental and physical) spaces of permission, so that the brilliance (art) inside each person/community can be shared.
*art: the thing you can't not do. your gift to the world. because you are the only dna capable of sculpting/crafting/being that exact (thumbprint) on us, on it.

not only is my child's, your child's, our child's, freedom priceless..
the brilliance, (those combined thumbprints), that will come out of that freedom is what will change the world, for good.

priceless.. yes.
ridiculous.. no.
the other side of priceless is that this is happening with or without that funding. those moneys would just help fast forward a revelation of our (everyone's) research, so that we free people up in a more timely and humane manner.

what if..

what if the thing that we're seeking, the cure we're sure we need, .. won't show up until we let ourselves go.. into the obscurity.. the ridiculous obscurity and possibility, that a cure is not what we need. perhaps what we need is to be set free.
perhaps in spaces of permission, over time, we'll find, that finding each other is the thing our souls crave. perhaps the thing that kept us sure about the need to find a cure, is the very thing creating and sustaining the disease, so to speak. or so to be.

the thing is...

here's the thing...
now that you've told me you want to know this... now that you've asked..
that's mentoring alongside.

that's listening, without an agenda, waiting, without a time clock.. for the curiosity (the curriculum within each person) to show up.

it's not forcing the curiosity,..
or mandating it, measuring it, presupposing it will be provable, assuming it will be our perception of an essential or a basic...

it's trusting curiosity.. to show up.
it's giving curiosity this space of permission, this timeless wilderness, where it may appear that nothing is going on, ... to show up. to just be.
in whatever form, or intensity, or duration, it so chooses. today. right now.

the vulnerability in context, in each moment, as we all are becoming. none of us ever replicable, no moment repeatable.. never the same.
yet one constant, one glad refrain...today I am alive.

what are you choosing to do with that moment. that day...

that's what we listen for.
that's what we model..
that's who we are, and who we become.

we become an ear... to that.
our gift to the world.

[why do we keep on teaching/preaching answers to questions that no one is asking. no one will ever know if these presumed answers are, as we say, right, because no one cares enough to question them. no one is awake to their statement... their claim. could anything ever be right anyway, beyond that moment, that context...
rigor and deep practice and authentic learning ... come when we embrace this vulnerability in context, when we swim in uncertainty, in irresolution. that's what keeps us on the edge, in the edge, ..and alive, and sharp, and unknowing, usefully ignorant.
experimenting. always freed up, for the purpose, for the pleasure, of finding things out...]


there is never nothing going on... -rr

we should listen for that..

life is better if it is less about proving. more about listening and noticing,,,


imagine... free minds exploring what tech wants for us:
... the ability to lurk... lurking as a space of permission, as we learn to trust each other...
... the value of transparency... perhaps our new currency.. not how much stuff you have.. but who you are..how connected you are... what is your DNA, who is your dna, sharing that freely with others, becoming one
... the raw beauty... of being known by someone.

imagine ... free minds exploring what nature wants for us:
... the ability to take in, to swim in...the stillness and the wild and the organic chaortic rhizomatic structure of wilderness
... the value of being still enough to see what can't be seen, of being brave enough to surrender fear to something that could take you out.

imagine.. free to be...you.
free to be...us.

notice the unlikely..
and then... we have all we need..
let's get back to us.

set people free

we live in the land of the free... no?

and yet...if we zoom out and watch ourselves.. we spend most of our time perpetuating the idea that curiosity (the embodiment of a free spirit) is a crime.

not per I'll intention, but rather, per seeking good, or even, what's best... we've come to focus all our energies on a what (compulsory prescribed curric, or standard defn of success)and a how(the latest silver bullet bling incentive), as opposed to bravely and boldly calling for a new game. the game of why.
what makes your heart bleed..
at the end of the day... what makes you want to do it again.
what can you not ignore.
what can you not not do.

let's free people up to find and create and do...and be that? no?

the land of the free.. soul peace, world peace..

because..no one as anything to prove.
there is never nothing going on.

can you see it?


if you want to experience true success...

you can't have anything to prove.

funny.. since today.. success can't seem to be separated from some form of statistical (yet not true) proof, or some strategic (yet the mere definition deadens) plan..

how funny are we?

game on.. no?
let's play a new game.


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the new hive

the new hive

tony hsieh


WorldBlu (@WorldBlu)
1/27/12 4:45 AM
Tony Hsieh of @WorldBlu certified @Zappos is definitely walking the talk with his latest startup plans....fb.me/1tqlFLiqz

trace fenton


I think I just saw one part...? ended with traci bringing up the link school in co...

copy notes in here

two key beliefs:
1. people are good
2. you can't have anything to prove

biggest things in way
1. ego
2. ignorance

wondering about 2... is it more.. not knowing your why than ignorance?.. perhaps just that info.. then swimming in not knowing the rest

would also add a block.. busyness..
perhaps because of that gazelle fear.. myopic focusk

Seth's Blog: Reconsidering Gartner's Cycle of Hype

Seth's Blog: Reconsidering Gartner's Cycle of Hype

wilderness is Important...as it allows you to listen between the words.. it teaches you...
there is never nothing going on...

a quiet revolution....

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Simon sinek

in start with why...
page 145...

if you offer a 12 pt plan, not only is it about the what and how, coming from the neocortex.. so that it needs to be incentivized to happen, but it blocks vision of your why. it clogs.. making the why unclear...


dale stephens

the state of now

driven by the appreciation of the moment..


Whitney Johnson (@johnsonwhitney)
1/26/12 6:08 AM
"Great businesses invite customers to be > than fans, they involve them in future plans.@lizstrauss bit.ly/zRhn7F v @lisapetrilli

digital literacy

Bruno Andrade (@BrunoELT)
1/26/12 6:14 AM
Computer science is not digital literacyfraser.typepad.com/socialtech/201…


(less labels, more swimming, no?)


dan simons

visual cognition
via @jimfolk

wow - they looked at it for up to a second.. looking isn't the same as seeing.  daniel memmert
have to focus attention on something in order to become aware of it

are there noticers and missers among us? they're thinking no..

we need to be able to filter out distractions.. so it's good.. but ..
on occasion, we might miss something that we might want to notice..

what we see, and what we think we see..

bill gates

This year, Colorado will receive 17.9 million dollars for Race To The Top initiatives. [teacher evaluation system, math and science.] If one takes time to look at the details of the race, it’s about getting better at taking tests on such things as rationalizing a denominator. 

Our county is sixth in the nation in suicide rate. Once every nine days someone takes their life. The measure we are currently using toward success, the actions we are currently using to fix problems, even to determine which problems are problems, aren’t boding us well. 

Oscar Wilde writes, Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.  

We are working on why that is so. We are seeking to set people free.

let's just try a few million toward an experiment, four years in the making, crafted by kids... all about letting them do the thing they can't not do.

let's just see. 
let's see how it might change a town, their economics, their health, their empty buildings, their homeless, their suicide rate....
their people.

march 2012:
Evidence of the first two years (be you.) of our research is shared via PBS special. Sierra, a full time lab student, shares her story. The potential when she is freed up to pick her own mentors/interest, is given space to be, and finds soul peace, finds her art.

march 2012 to march 2013:
Intermittent soulbiographies of self-reflection (detox). Sharing what happens as a person takes time to talk about things that matter. We believe this is the essence of what keeps people alive and mindful. We think this will not only be evidence, but also a model for others to start detoxing, if they are so inclined. This is the focus of our why, you free people up by turning standardized testing into ongoing self-assessing.
Also, ongoing research of detox with CSU, and students doing detox globally at Youth Voices.

march 2013:
Evidence of year three (be us.) of our research is shared via PBS(?), Deb Roy style (time lapse of video documentation over the year). Loveland, a city in Colorado, shares their story. The potential when people are freed up to pick their own communities of practice, as they practice the art of conversation, of listening. As they start sharing spaces, and find their peace, find their collective art.

bill gates

going back to this: where you talked up public school as babysitting..

wondering how many more Angela's we will find,
how many hackers just we will find,

who are just waiting for time and space, waiting to be set free, .... to perhaps.. hack aids..

750 mill to aids..
[@gatesfoundation Today Bill Gates announced a $750M pledge to @GlobalFundNews. Why? They save millions of lives: http://t.co/CqfOMKdp #BillsLetter #Davos]

AIDS and the Global Fund

The AIDS community has three big goals:
  1. Reduce the number of people getting infected. By 2015, the goal is to cut infections to 1 million per year, which would represent a 68 percent drop from the peak a decade ago.
  2. Provide drugs for everyone who needs them, so those with AIDS can live longer and more productive lives. Last year, 1.8 million people died of AIDS.
  3. Find a cure. Although there are people working toward a cure, it is viewed as so difficult that we can’t count on ever having one.

let's send a little toward setting kids free.. to be.. to hack.. to invent recipes/cures. (goal #3)
let's just try it.. let's just experiment, see what happens.

i'm convinced we'll be blown away.
even Hans Rosling will be tickled pink..

leveling out starts with freeing up..




the hacker manifesto
My crime is that of curiosity.

via @hjarche @ecram3 @monk51295 The Hacker Manifesto (1986) http://t.co/nG1CbqeD

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

matt dunleavy

cool stuff


he was on ttt jan 25

good connection no?:
Assistant Professor in Instructional Technology at Radford University in Virginia. From 2006 to 2007, I was a postdoctoral fellow in learning technologies at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the director of the Handheld Augmented Reality Project (HARP). I earned my Ph.D. in Educational Research, Statistics, and Evaluation at the University of Virginia, where I focused on the impact of ubiquitous computing on student learning and the classroom environment. Prior to completing my formal education, he lived overseas teaching English as a Second Language in Cameroon, Central Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer and then independently in Taiwan, Republic of China. I currently exploring how mobile technology and augmented reality can be used to improve academic and socio-cultural skills for K-16 school students. In addition, I am a co-founder of an augmented reality development company called MoGo Mobile, Inc. Sign up for email notifications about our augmented reality development platform at playfreshair.com


Alain de botton

Alain de Botton (@alaindebotton)
1/23/12 10:55 PM

To succeed as a TV station, you need an audience of 1m+, as a paper, 250k+, as a writer, 50k+ and as an artist, a mere 10+.


Taiaiake Alfred (@Taiaiake)
1/25/12 5:57 AM
Smashing the status quo? #epicfail #CFNG Crown - First Nations Gathering Outcome Statement - Prime Minister of Canada bit.ly/xrCSmJ

need diagram of person, teacher, classroom, city, country, all morphing into same fractal.. set them free to self direction...only the one doing it knows best... schooling the world