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@TurnbullChris I am! Working with @moleskine exploring the creative process in a hybrid analog/digital space #IdeasNoted

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dreamingn of a dance ness

Life's too short to make just one decision, medic's too large for just one station, love is too big…

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RT @brainpicker: “Listening is an act of love.” @StoryCorps founder @daveisay #TED2015 #TED #TEDPrize

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Never forget we are at war. In the back of the head, I'm still counting off two a second. Those poverty deaths don't just happen: The System

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Pearson, PARCC, Privacy, Power, Surveillance, Trust…

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John Pilger (@johnpilger)

3/18/15 7:21 AM
Julian Assange's true 'crime' is to have initiated a wave of truth-telling in an era of lies, cynicism &

3/18/15 7:23 AM
Still in shock about the Bardo. Have been there several times; an extraordinary museum. -ac

Almost parody RT @CityLab: Take a virtual ride on San Francisco's new luxury bus

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“Setting up boundaries around work has been both a survival strategy and a huge benefit to my life…”

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I have gone from having faith in a system to having faith in my kids.

not measurement but me-assuring - not measurement by mining - to we-assuring.. to you-assuring

Walmart heirs' foundation advises hedge funds on how to profit from charter schools

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.@uclgaspac strongly represented at #UCLGCulture in Bilbao by President & Governors of #Jeju

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Chicago police commander resigns in the wake of @attackerman's incredible reporting on prisoner abuse at 'black site'

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Belts like this mean babies could be lifelogging even before they are born

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Join @Jimmy_Wales @lilatretikov and @JameelJaffer for their @reddit AMA on Wikimedia v. NSA live now:

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The One Thing That Can Transform An Idea Into A Phenomenon -

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A1.1) I think the biggest problem is the lean development/continuous deployment faddishness. #uTestBach

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A1.2) Lots of young people have stars in their eyes about what automation can do, because of it. This erodes testing culture.

CDT, by definition, means doing what works, instead of what someone wants to force you to do. #uTestBach

Context-Driven Testing means learning your craft, so that you know how to solve problems that arise in it.
The most common other type of testing is Factory School testing. This means deskilling the craft.

BTW, Factory School is also anti-Agile, in essence, yet a lot of "Agile" projects seem to embrace it.

A real tester is someone who's primary aim is to find important problems before it's too late. #uTestBach

Testing is all about discovering business risks with respect to products. It's not about resolving the risk.

1. watch yourself test very carefully, in great detail. 2. Read Jerry Weinberg books. 3. Study technology #uTestBach

Q5) asked about the most important skill a tester can have. James: test design -- modeling.

Modeling skill means the ability to abstract patterns from experiences, and to relate different patterns together.

Computers can only manipulate symbols. Someone has to decide what symbols they will manipulate and how.

Modeling of the kind I'm talking about also is called "learning." Computers can't learn for the tester

A7.1) We're in a transition time, so it's real hard to say. But the demand for my classes is stronger than ever. #uTestBach