Friday, April 20, 2012

dave cormier

on badges with doug belshaw at dml

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hmm.. dave's videos with jeff lebow and jen et al, his recent video on rhizomatic learning.. and my continued following of his work over the last four years, really helps me with this whole credentialing issue.
krishnamurti writes - partial freedom is no freedom.

what we've found in the lab.. is that we can get good things to credential out of kids (anyone) but if we want brilliance, if we want to find the thing they can't not do, the thing they will do no matter what type of reward or credential or pay or whatever, .. in order to put in that 10000 hours... to come up with something that takes our breath away..
..we need to be providing spaces of permission.. where there is nothing to prove.. nothing to credential. we're not trying to measure learning. we're simply preparing for uncertainty.

the unfinished symphony.

But that said, as more and more of a person’s life becomes available online, the need for certification will diminish, as people acquire reputations of their own. A person’s standing in a community can be recognized by members of that community, and is acquired through months and years of participation in the work of that community. Where certification is granted, people presenting certification without having acquired a reputation for work in the community will be viewed with suspicion.  - (Downes 2008)

 bunker roy - credentialing from your community.. how are the people around you doing..