Saturday, April 28, 2012

could it be..

been thinking about practicalities playing out next year if/when we do get more people freed up to play this incredible game.

 a lot of the ..what would we do.. is just get out of the way.

older kids and adults know what to do if given time space resources.. better than any planning ..prepping committees could set up ahead of time.

so.. was thinking just now about the younger kids.. that's what many people often ask about.. ie: i see this for hs or higher ed .. but what about younger kids..

could it be... that younger kids simply need more adults freed up to hang with them.. to hang with...?

and perhaps even more important/intriguing.. esp in this interim..
could it be.. that adults simply need more time freed up to hang with younger kids.. esp.. 5 yr olds.

 arent we just curious..?
it could be that simple.