Tuesday, April 24, 2012

scott cowen

president of tulane uni

reading about him and tulane in wagner's creating innovators..

talking about changing the mission of the uni - after the hurricane - to include more community engagement... how people were like - what is the uni united way now.
applications have more than doubled in the last four years and in entrance essays kids write how they chose tulane because of the community engagement (kids are not insubordinate or lazy.. they crave hard word.. but hard work that matters.. not the tedium of how we do school today)

tony asks scott
what about studetn admissions criteria. i know that the ranking of a uni is highly dependent on the average sat or act scores of the students who enroll, but in my experience, these score tell us nothing abou tstudents' abilitites to contribute meaningfully to social innovation and community service. how are you dealing with this?
scott responds:
it bothers me every single day, i know that these test scores do not have great meaning, but that's one of the metric that us ews and world reports uses and so we can't ignore it. i have this constant dilemma about the testing and how we use it here, and i haven't found a solution yet.

what are we doing.
what am i doing.

we know too much.
people are dying.. their creative, brilliant souls are dying... as we're continuing on.. under the guise of ..
in time, and ... that's the way it is.