Friday, April 20, 2012

john thackara

just finished in the bubble.
suggested by rob @rogre

was esp intrigued with some of the direction design took.. like listening to the world around us, polar bears, penguins,...
interesting that in the middle of reading, Mary Ann is in england sharing back ongoing work of cameron @casinclair - changingworld

what got me the most i think in the book - was thackara's bit on an unfinished symphony..  how it invites others in.
i tweeted it out to chris @a_small_lab who sent this back:

@a_small_lab @monk51295 ‘Mikansei’ “Incompleteness is not seen as a sign of weakness, but as a window on future opportunities.”

then brought bernd @cocreatr in - partly because both chris and bernd are in japan - thought they might be intrigued with each other's work
bernd replied
@CoCreatr @monk51295 未完成 more like Schubert's than Beethoven's Unfinished Symphony  @a_small_lab
@CoCreatr @monk51295 more principles that go with Mikansei: Shibumi Strategy by @MatthewEMay  @a_small_lab

to which i replied:
@CoCreatr: f you unfinished symphony - more chance for Mikansei: Shibumi Strategy by @MatthewEMay  @a_small_lab ?

shibumiThere are times in life when if fortunate, we experience a moment of utter clarity. We feel wide awake and connected and balanced: everything makes sense, we know exactly who we are, what we want, and why we’re here. In that moment, be it one blink or a thousand, our effectiveness is maximal. And yet our actions seem minimal, effortless even, and the experience is consummately satisfying.

posting this now makes me think of thackara's comment in the book about being optimal more than maximal - which caught my attention while reading - is it that optimal is unfinished? and maximal in a way is dead.. you've reached it then what? i don't know.. all about process over product.. ?

this all made me think of the first time i realized what musical resonance was.. the first time i heard it while playing.. then fell in love with it

so i'm thinking of perfectionism. how it stifles.
i looked up present, presentation... said it was a gift.. i never saw where it said to be sure to do it perfectly because your reputation or gpa is on the line. wishing i would have been privy to that squelching of perfectionism growing up.
i'm loving erica mcwilliams insight more each day.. be usefully ignorant.. a much better gift. when you present something that has the appearance of accuracy or perfection... it's a trifle compared to calling people in to co-create. no comparison really. the difference of an offering to be an audience or to be fully alive.

if it matters.. if what you're doing matters, it's a multi-player game.. it's that important.. and it's never finished.
everyday is a moment to be alive.. a moment for be into that symphony.. resonating with the other co-creators...

ah.. @CoCreatr

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