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revolutionary movements

Revolutionary Movements and How to Start One from Paradigm Shift Productions Ltd on Vimeo.

This presentation, by public speaker Wai H. Tsang, examines some of the most powerful revolutionary movements of the past Millenium, ranging from the Revolutions in America, France, Turkey and the English Civil War; to the Chinese Taiping and White Lotus Revolutions. And from Marxism and the rise of the Nazi Party to various revolutions that have occurred in Islam. We discover two common factors which keep recurring in all of these political case studies. They are firstly, the so called Apocalypse or Prophetic Archetype (Also found in modern myths such as Star wars, Dune, The Lord of the Rings and the Matrix); secondly we keep discovering the influence of Esoteric Religion and
Mystical Beliefs.
The Talk shows why the incorporation of the Apocalypse Archetype and Esoteric Religion into the above Revolutionary Movements may have been instrumental to their effectiveness and even critical to why some of these revolutions were able to be successful in overthrowing the respective incumbent powers they challenged. The potential relevance of these ideas is discussed in relation to present times. We discover a tried and tested revolutionary template; or recipe for instigating dramatic changes in the social, political and economic realms.

protest - but problem scaling up - so don't challenge the system.
hmm - scaling across - walk out walk on.. ?
long ways to go - because revolution hasn't even started yet - we're just protesting
ngo's won't create revolutionary change.. because their charters are limiting - forbidden in their charter to define and realize a better world

fear is the main fear people use to excuse power.. or that keep us from empowering ourselves

need radical egalitarianism

schizo - what makes us mad also makes us human... near that extreme - as you borderline insane - is also excellence
relationship between insanity and creativity

schizo typos seem to be interested in magical thinking... history has been pushed forward by these
pick back up at - need a certain type of person to start a revolutionary movement.. they won't be/appear normal

not like rats.. getting shots.. for conditioning.. we are conditioned by ideas

if all the people of the world are interconnected.. then we need a way to bring people together

the existing paradigms and worldviews don't want to be replaced.. because people make money off them

1:13 - final theory of the brain? final?

the brain theory is completely fractal

we're becoming the world village - will it become a tyranny or a paradise
entire universe becoming as one - fractal

science, philosophy, religion:
philosophy -
epistemology - how do you know what you know - what is knowledge - why does philosopher think that
ontology - what is the nature of the existence of their asking those questions - materialism/idealism


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now watching: Revolutionary Movements and How to Start Onevimeo.com/39443177

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6/16/12 3:28 PM
reading about StartupBus by @EliasBiz & getting inspired! bit.ly/LllZN8 #culturebus cc @DanMezick@mccarthyjim1

looking into - what is singularity:
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6/17/12 3:18 PM
“Singularity is inevitable, yet society is carrying on as if nothing is ever going to change.”awe.sm/ggTu #futurism

what is singularity

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6/19/12 6:41 AM
Great Read: Decisions vs. Choices: Is There a Distinction? bit.ly/MrGbHq by@ThinDifference

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This is the age of resonance scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id… HT @timstock cc@harry_amon