Wednesday, June 27, 2012

greg satell

Greg Satell (@Digitaltonto)
6/27/12 5:59 AM
3 Fundamental Shifts in the Basis of

incredible insight.. want to dig into the links more..
absolutely love - that it's more about emergence than deduction..
that rings of perpetual beta to me.. prototyping.. doing.
becoming - ongoingly.
the iterations creating the emergence - as the gold.

Greg Satell (@Digitaltonto)
6/27/12 6:26 AM
The Changing Game of

love the quote from zuckerberg in this one:
it's not about working to get the money - it's about getting the money to work.

smacks of gansky's mesh - future of business is sharing.

talking with kids - some of them see the term fundraising - as truly - time/talent share.. where most of us older people see it as selling butterbraids or whatever - things we don't really need - and you don't really get all the money for.

we are in a hotbed currently.. the timing is just so.. the tech, the youth, the dissatisfaction - we can turn this on a dime if we start asking the right questions.. if we start being about freeing people up - to start using their heads.. thinking for themselves... being mindful.. being..


thank you greg.. craving a skype or hangout with you..